Battle Royale: Apex Legends soon for Android and iOS?

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-19 704

Since Fortnite at the latest, the game genre "Battle Royale " has appeared in the specifications of almost all game developers. With "Apex Legends ," EA now also has a formidable throne candidate in the program. However, a version for Android and iOS is still missing-but this is likely to change soon.

Although the game mode "Battle Royale " has been a part of shooters in basic features for over 20 years, it was only made really popular by the world hit Fortnite of Epic. Fortnite has been giving Epic incredible (and steadily rising) sales since the end of 2017, so it was only a matter of time before all the major game developers wanted to secure a slice of the Battle Royale pie in one form or another.


While Apex Legends from Electronic Arts may not be Fortnite's first challenger, it currently seems that it appears to be one of the most promising. So far, Apex Legends is only available for Windows, Xbox One and the Playstion 4, but the rumors surrounding a release for Android and iOS are condensing. If the success of Apex Legends continues and does not contradict the political/strategic reasons of the respective platform holders, a release for the Nintendo Switch would also be conceivable.


From a technical point of view, Fortnite is already demonstrating that cross-platform gaming is not a problem even for games with shooter mechanics. A solid base for the rumours surrounding the release on Android and iOS is being contributed by EA CFO Andrew Wilson, who has already hinted in an earnings call in late 2019 that expanding to new platforms is a high priority. Since Apex Legends practically ran under the radar until the release, it can be assumed that the upcoming extensions will probably only be announced at very short notice. We're tapping in mid-2019.


According to the latest reports, Apex Legends already booked 25 million players a week after the release (February 4, 2019). Thematically, Apex Legends is located in the Titanfall universe and unlike Fortnite, the player can choose from a number of different classes, currently these eight are available for selection. By the way, it always plays in teams of three. And like Fortnite, you can download Apex Legends for free.

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