Beats Powerbeats Pro: the only real alternative to AirPods will be released on May 10

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-02 696

Powerbeats Pro, the first real alternative to AirPods for Apple's ecosystem, finally have a release date. These wireless headphones are already available in the company's online catalogue, but it is still not possible to buy them. Pre-orders start on May 3, 2019 for a date of May 10.

A few days after the launch of the Airpods 2, Beats Electronics, Apple's subsidiary, announced its new wireless headphones, the Powerbeats Pro, which share many common features with the AirPods. Unlike the Powerbeats3 they succeed, they are true true wireless headphones, i. e. without any cumbersome wires.

Powerbeats Pro: wireless headphones will be pre-ordered on May 3 at 249.75 euros

The information comes from 9to5Mac, which has a solid credibility. Unless there is a real surprise, it should be possible to pre-order Powerbeats Pro from May 3, 2019. These headphones are, as a reminder, already posted on both and Apple's website for 249.75 euros, which is higher than the price of second-generation AirPods. Technically, they share several features with the latest ones, namely Apple's new H1 chip and compatibility with Siri's voice activation.


However, Powerbeats Pro are incompatible with wireless charging, but offer a longer theoretical autonomy than first and second generation AirPods: 9 hours, compared to 5 hours for the others. In terms of design, they have a holder that attaches them around each ear, making them suitable for sportsmen and women.


Finally, these headphones will be available in four colours, compared to only one for Airpods. These are the colors cream, bottle green, navy and black. But for the launch, 9to5Mac explains that only the black color will be available. For the rest, we'll have to wait until next summer.

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