Best Huawei Smartphones 2019: which to get?

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In a few years, Huawei has managed to establish itself as a global brand, just like Samsung or Apple, overcoming prejudices against Chinese manufacturers. Today, the brand offers a wide choice of smartphones on all price ranges: the new P30s, or the Mate 20, P20, and more affordable solutions such as the P Smart 2019. This guide is there to help you find your way around.

Huawei is now the world's second largest manufacturer of smartphones. While the conquest of the United States is hurting a little, in France, the brand's customers do not need to import their smartphones and benefit from fully translated software, after-sales service and full compatibility with the French network. Arguments that benefit the brand.

Huawei has a subsidiary that has established itself well in our country: Honor. More affordable and aimed mainly at young people, the latter offers alternatives to Huawei's high-end products at a good price/quality ratio.

The standard range: the P series

Huawei P30 Pro: almost perfect

The Huawei P30 Pro is the ultimate version of the new flagship. Its design, based on the previous year's design - particularly with its borderless screen and water drop-shaped notch - is nevertheless of good quality and very pleasant to hold. It includes a 6.47-inch OLED panel with a Full HD+ definition of 2340 x 1080 pixels with attractive curved edges, a Kirin 980 SoC coupled with 8GB of RAM for top performance under Android 9.0 Pie with EMUI, as well as a 4200 mAh battery for a more than comfortable daily autonomy.

Huawei P30 Pro

While this boosted version is slightly more powerful and autonomous than the normal P30, it is also better in pictures with its triple sensor module 40 + 20 + 8 megapixels, accompanied by a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor. To know everything about the Huawei P30 Pro, we invite you to read our test where it received a score of 9/10.

Why choose the P30 Pro?

▪ Its AMOLED display is sublime

▪Its versatile and efficient photo sensors

▪His stunning portrait mode

▪And an autonomy above the rest

Huawei P30: compacted power

Although it does not benefit from all the additions of the Pro version (wireless charging or the curved edges of the screen), this Huawei P30 remains an excellent alternative at a lower price. Slightly more compact, it features a 6.1-inch OLED display, still with a Full HD+ definition of 2340 x 1080 pixels, which is very well made. Also powered by the Kirin 980, it still carries only 6GB of RAM, but that's more than enough to enjoy a perfectly smooth user experience, as well as to run all the greedy games in the Play Store.

No ToF sensor for this P30, no x10 zoom, but it still offers an excellent triple sensor of 40 + 16 + 8 megapixels. Finally, its autonomy is reduced with a battery of 3,650 mAh. On the other hand, it still allows you to enjoy a very acceptable endurance. If you need more information about the Huawei P30, do not hesitate to consult our test where it also received a score of 9/10.

Why choose the Huawei P30?

▪Its compact design

▪Its magnificent OLED display

▪Its high daily performance

Huawei P20 Pro: the alternative

Although it is now part of the previous generation, the Huawei P20 Pro remains a good alternative. The camera has a larger OLED display (6.1 inches), a longer battery life than its little brother and offers the first triple photo sensor on a smartphone. Another great choice today.

It is powered by the Kirin 970 with 6GB of RAM, a configuration that still allows you to enjoy a perfectly smooth user experience under Android 9.0 Pie with the EMUI interface, as well as running all the games in the Play Store. Our test will give you more information about it.

Why choose the Huawei P20 Pro?

▪Triple photo sensor ready for any occasion

▪An impression sensor at the front

▪Large OLED display

Top of the range: the Mate series

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: the triple square sensor

Huawei gave us a new vintage of Mate at the end of 2018, including the Mate 20 Pro. It looks like a high-end smartphone (6.39-inch curved OLED tile with Quad HD+ definition, notch, glass back, neat edges) as well as the components that go with it (HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor, dual NPU and triple photo sensor).

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is full of features, even if they can sometimes be gadgets (being able to use the Mate 20 Pro as a wireless charger is fun, for example). It easily ranks among the best smartphones according to our test.

Why choose the Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

He excels in all categories

Its Kirin 980 processor is one of the most powerful

The pictures are crazy!

Huawei Mate 20: a drop in an ocean of pixels

Smaller than the Pro version, the "normal" Mate 20 is still a high-end smartphone with great qualities. We appreciate its 6.53-inch IPS LCD screen edge to edge scratched by a minimalist notch, its powerful HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor (the same as the Mate 20 Pro), its triple photo sensor taking beautiful pictures with the help of the AI and especially its good range.

Why choose the Mate 20?

▪It has a neat design (and a small notch)

▪Its triple photo sensor

▪Its comfortable autonomy

Affordable: the Smart series

Huawei P Smart 2019: the right value for money

Huawei also offers "Smart" versions of its flagships, sacrificing performance in order to be much more affordable. The P Smart 2019 is the new iteration of this new year, it is a complete entry-level solution that will satisfy most of your uses. Powered by a Kirin 710 and 3GB of RAM, it offers a perfectly smooth user experience under Android 9.0 Pie with the EMUI 9 interface and will even launch some 3D games from the Play Store.

Huawei P Smart 2019

The rest of its features include a 6.21-inch Full HD+ screen of good quality, a 3,400 mAh battery that gives it a correct autonomy and a dual 13 + 2 megapixel photo sensor that allows you to take beautiful shots in good lighting conditions.

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to consult our test where it received a score of 8/10.

Why choose the Huawei P Smart 2019?

▪ Its good quality/price ratio

▪ Correct performance with the Kirin 710

▪ Android 9.0 Native Pie with EMUI 9 interface


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