Beware of this first false mobile version of Apex Legends

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-19 1039

A first mobile version of the game Apex legends has been spotted. But it is obviously a fake application, a simple malware intended to deceive the players.

(CCM) — the scam was updated by the cyber security experts at checkpoint. Hackers offer to download an Android or iOS version of Apex legends. This is actually a malware. Remember that to date, no mobile version of the game phenomenon exists.


In a few days, Apex legends has beaten all popularity records. From now on, more than 25 million players face each other on this new Battle Royale presented a potential rival for Fortnite.


It was to be expected that such a success would quickly attract pirates and crooks of all kinds. This is done, with the discovery of the first fake mobile app from apex legends, updated by the experts at checkpoint. The latter revealed to the independent that they discovered a fake mobile version of the game, which is said to be available on Android and iOS. In reality, it is a malware intended to fraudulently broadcast advertisements on the victim's phone, and to install other malicious software there. This fake app spreads through links placed in fake video tutorials of Apex legends on YouTube. Again, this is only fake, put online only in order to deceive the credulity of the young fans of the game.


Players with a supposedly Android or iOS version of Apex legends should be very cautious. To date, the game is only available on PC, PS4, Xbox one and Nintendo switch.

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