Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC Traveller review

ByFields Corrielus 2019-07-02 2522

I took work with me on vacation the other day. It offered itself, it was a flight - so why not test the Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC presented at the CES 2019. Active Noise Cancelling is such a story, which is often used by train drivers or passengers. In the best case, the outside noise is well attenuated so that you can enjoy a relaxed listening experience. If you look around the airports of the world, you will not be able to avoid comparing the Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC with a BOSE QC 35 II - because this is an extremely popular headphone with outstanding features. At the moment it costs around 280 Euro and is already in my possession. Ideal for a comparison - but only later, because the Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC deserves an independent look.


The Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC TRAVELLER, which I had on my ears for many hours as a test, is an over-ear, so it encloses the ears. This is a must for me personally, I haven't had an on-ear that I could wear for a very long time without the pain of the auricles. From the beginning, I found the memory foam pads with protein imitation leather cover very pleasant on the ears. The shielding even without activated ANC is rated by me as "good".

 Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC Traveller

For the headband, Beyerdynamic uses spring steel and a padding, the headphones can be adjusted in several sizes, in my case they fit securely, but not with too much pressure on the head. The Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC TRAVELLER weighs 283 grams. Great: The listeners can be folded in the "around the neck" state so that they lie flat on their shoulders, so they don't disturb vertically:

The battery lasts up to 45 hours, but without activated ANC, with ANC you get up to 24.5 hours, I can confirm that. The headphones support A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP and SPP for Bluetooth and aptX LL, aptX, AAC and SBC for audio codecs. In Bluetooth mode the used audio codec (aptX , aptX Low Latency, AAC or SBC) is announced by voice when you start the audio playback for the first time after switching on. This is only the case for media playback, not for telephoning.

 Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC Traveller

The Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC TRAVELLER can be connected to two sources, the whole thing is quickly done via Bluetooth. Jack? On board. What I think is extremely good is the sound personalization that Beyerdynamic also offers with other headphone models. There's an app for that. The app provides a hearing test. In as quiet an environment as possible, the wearer hears different sounds at different frequencies. He must indicate how long he hears these tones. Based on the result, the test takes about 6 minutes, the listening experience is then adjusted if desired. In the app you have a slider, how much you want to use your own sound profile.

Music simply sounds better when you use your own profile, Beyerdynamic recommends 50 percent adjustment, but of course you can also go all-in or choose less. As with the Amiron Wireless: a difference that can be heard in the truest sense of the word. Without the sound adjustment, I have a nice sounding headphone, but after the adjustment I have one that is tailored to me. I listen to music better and more intensively thanks to the fitting, which improves the badly heard frequencies, among other things. That is always age and ear-dependent.

 Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC Traveller

I can't say anything bad about the sound of the Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC TRAVELLER - at least with an adjusted profile, even in quiet environments activated ANC seems to give even more fullness - and I'm otherwise more of a fan of deactivating ANC in quieter environments. If I had to whine, I could perhaps demand a touch more bass without an equalizer, which is missing in the last instance when you're on the road in very bass-heavy genres. Nevertheless: sound placed by the bank, both in speech and music. Round tip for headphones: Hours by Crimer. Great mix of treble and medium bass. I am satisfied with the result!

What might take some getting used to is controlling the right earpiece with a wiping gesture. So the gestures are really easy to perform, but there should be people who prefer hardware buttons, since touch surfaces on headphones may tend to perform functions when the listener is straightened up that you don't want at this moment. The LAGOON ANC has an integrated smart feature that pauses media playback in the remote state and thus saves energy. If you remove the headphones, the media playback pauses.

 Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC Traveller

If you put the headphones back on, playback starts again. If the LAGOON ANC switches itself off unintentionally, for example if you lean very far forward when wearing the headphones, you can restart playback manually as usual by double-tapping the touch interface. Wiping gestures are simple and a Smartphone Assistant can also be called up and questioned - the headphones have a microphone in the housing on the right so that it can also be used for making phone calls. Works with good sound when the network is right - but the headphones can't help it if it's not good.

Otherwise: Beyerdynamic dispenses with flashing lights on the outside of the receiver and uses light guides in the shells instead, which function as a user interface. The battery of the Lagoon ANC is replaceable. However, this must be done by qualified service personnel. Ear cushions can also be replaced. ANC is available in two levels, triggered by hardware buttons.

 Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC Traveller

The first stage is recommended for medium noise exposure, which can be at home or in the office - the second stage is intended for the airplane etc. Beyerdynamic does not explicitly state that the headphones should NOT be used for sports. They are placed as durable, robust headphones, but without a formal protection class (e.g. IPX). Sure, if you don't sweat a lot, you can use it, but for me personally it's much too big and impractical when running, so that I still reach for other listeners.

Compared to the Bose QC 35 II, I have to say a few words. ANC in particular is a story that is important. Yes, in my opinion the Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC TRAVELLER is really good at active noise cancelling, both in airplanes and on the road (yes, me as a pedestrian, logically not as a driver). However, I have the feeling that the Bose filters out a small tick of natural ambient noise. Better is the wrong word, "different" would fit better, depending on your ears, the adjusted sound and your subjective perception.

The Bose QC 35 II is a bit lighter, but that didn't make any difference to me personally. But what is perhaps to be considered: The Bose still has the old Micro-USB connection, Beyerdynamic uses USB-C. You also have to compare the price, the Bose is simply a round package, you have to say that. Now you can get it for 280 Euro, sometimes even cheaper. The Beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC TRAVELLER is of course a lot newer, but is currently also available for 399 Euro. Regardless of the price: For me it's a round package that deserves to be listened to when you're on the road in these price ranges.

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