Black Shark 2 vs Red Magic 3 gaming phones

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With the rapid development of mobile games, many young people want to get a good game experience. So a powerful flagship phone is particularly important. However, powerful products often lack exclusive optimization for games, which can not help users get the ultimate experience when playing games on the flagship phone. For this reason, game phones have emerged, which aim to bring the best experience to game players through the top hardware configuration and extreme software optimization.

When it comes to the category of mobile games, Red Magic and Black Shark are indispensable. Both of them are the top mobile game phones on the market and are often compared by netizens. After the launch of Qualcomm snapdragon 855 mobile platform, the two manufacturers have released new mobile games, namely Black Shark 2 and Red Magic 3.

I believe many players will have doubts. Both of them are core flagship mobile phones with a large number of game optimization solutions and configurations at the flagship level. So what are the differences between them? Today we'll take a closer look at the two mobile games to see who is the real king of games.

Black Shark 2 vs Red Magic 3

Which features better design?

After continuous update and iteration, Black Shark and Red Magic have basically formed a fixed style in the appearance design, with angular shapes, RGB lights and other elements full of e-sports appearing in these two phones. The Black shark 2 has a glass + metal back with an "S" shaped Logo on the back. The Red Magic 3 e-sports phone, on the other hand, has a classic all-metal back with a central LED strip.

As for the front, the two phones basically share the same design philosophy. Black Shark 2 and Red Devil 3 esports uses the full width screen. Both sides have black edges, and the screen size is 19.5:9. Both phones also have roughly the same width at the bottom, so your experience won't be that different when you hold them horizontally.

But there are some small differences in screen size. The Black Shark 2 has a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen, while the Red Magic 3 gaming phone has a 6.65-inch AMOLED screen. For gamers, the bigger screen will obviously lead to better game performance, so the Red Devil 3 e-sports mobile phone has an even greater advantage in this regard. Of course, in order to reduce the strobe phenomenon of OLED screen, both phones have built-in DC dimming, which can minimize the damage to eyes when playing games for a long time.

We spend the most time looking at our phone's screen each day, so the screen is obviously the most important thing. The two phones have different highlights in terms of screen. For example, Black Shark 2 adopts a built-in independent image processing chip to analyze the content of the screen in real time and adjust the display parameters accordingly to restore the real color of the screen. The screen of the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone supports the refresh rate of 90Hz, which greatly improves the display effect of the screen in daily use and the process of the game. In the process of sliding, you can also feel the delicate and smooth texture.

The larger screen gives a wider display, but some players worry that the larger screen won't hold well enough. Thanks to the excellent design, the thinnest part on the side of the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone is only 6.6mm, so you will feel thinner and lighter when you hold it. And Black Shark 2 used a founder design, the thinnest place of the whole phone is 8.77mm.

Since both phones are full of hardcore game phones, they both weigh more than 200g. In our actual test, the actual weight of Black Shark 2 is 210.95g, which is a difference of about 5g compared with the official 205g. The actual weight of Red Devil 3 e-sports mobile phone is 215.54g, which is not much different from the official 215g.

As for the standard configuration of game mobile phones such as the switch button of game mode and dual speakers, both Black Shark 2 and Red Devil 3 e-sports game mobile phones are equipped with it. Now most of the players will still connect 3.5 mm earphone to play games, but there are some surprise. Black Shark 2 has cancelled this interface, so when using Black Shark 2 when playing games, we can only connect the earphone through the connector, but Black Shark prepared converted for us.

Of course, in terms of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone is still worthy of praise. This phone puts the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top right position, and it will hardly block the operation when held horizontally.

Both mobile phones are game mobile phones with high recognition in appearance design. And after a period of continuous development, the two phones have formed a unique style. However, in my opinion, the bigger screen size and thinner grip of the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone will definitely bring us a better gaming experience.

Black Shark 2 vs Red Magic 3

Which is the best in the game experience?

Gaming phones are mostly top of the line in terms of specs, as are the two we have in our hands. In addition to the standard Qualcomm snapdragon 855, both phones come with a maximum 12GB+256GB version, which is enough to hold most mobile game devices on the market. But there are some differences when it comes to details like the battery. Black Shark game mobile phone 2 has a battery capacity of 4000mAh, while Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone is equipped with a 5000mAh battery. For heavy gamers, a larger battery capacity is obviously more reassuring.

Let's take a look at the actual running score. The final score of the Black Shark mobile game 2 is 363,705 points according to Antutu, while the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile game phone, also equipped with snapdragon 855, has even reached 400,000 points. Then we also used Master Lu to test it. It is not difficult to see from the results that the Red Devil 3 e-sports mobile phone is still in the leading position in terms of hardware running points, with a score as high as 430,000. In addition, the Red Devils 3 e-sports mobile phone is also higher than the Black Shark 2 in terms of system fluency.

Because both phones have top-of-the-line features, the frame rate for the actual game is stable. We use "peace elite" to test the frame rate. Under the highest picture quality, both black shark mobile phone game 2 and Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone can maintain full frame operation, without the phenomenon of stuck.

In the process of the game, we also found two mobile games to optimize the game experience. For example, there are touch buttons on the side of the body of Red Magic 3 e-sports game mobile phone, which can be mapped to aim or design buttons when running Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. In addition, the back of the body of Red Magic 3 e-sports game mobile phone can also be mapped to a button. This kind of experience is still unique to the Red Magic. Moreover, the experience of "eating chicken with five fingers" is similar to a gamepad, which can generate a feeling of "playing games with gamepad" in the process of operation.

A similar feature has been added to Black Shark mobile 2 thanks to the all-new Black Shark Magic Press control technology. In the process of running the game, we only need to press the screen again to achieve the corresponding independent key mapping. In this way, we can achieve the "four fingers eat chicken" without lifting the finger. The only regret is that such a design may lead to a slightly thick body.

Another experience in the game is the 4D vibration. As the mobile game of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds gradually gets hotter, the "4D vibration" function has become a standard feature of mobile phones. In my actual use, the Black Shark game mobile phone 2 only supports the vibration feedback of the pressure-sensitive screen, that is, there will be a prompt in the process of repressing the screen, but the simulated "recole force" cannot be felt in the state of shooting. The linear motor of the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone can simulate the vibration according to the gunfire, and the performance is obviously better.

Which has better heat dissipation effect?

The body heat performance is also very important for whether a game phone can bring the best experience for the players. If a phone's heat dissipation performance is not good, the mobile phone will become very hot when it is being played. As a brand new mobile phone game, Black Shark 2 and Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phones have good cooling optimization solutions. Here we will see the cooling performance of these two mobile phones.

Compared with previous generations of products, Black Shark 2 and Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phones have upgraded their heat dissipation, and from the results, their heat dissipation effect is better than the previous generation of products. But there are some differences.

Compared with the previous generation of Black Shark Helo, Black Shark 2 is equipped with a "tower-type whole-area liquid cooling system" in its interior. The system adopts a dual-drive liquid cooling assembly of liquid cooling plate and liquid cooling tube, in which the liquid cooling copper tube contacts SoC directly and is transmitted to other regions through the liquid cooling tube. But the heat map shows that Black Shark 2's heat is still concentrated in the upper part of the body, and the SoC that generates the most heat is clearly visible in the image, so you will feel slightly different temperatures when holding it. But it can be acceptable with the temperature slightly higher than the body temperature.

The improvement in heat dissipation of Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone is very obvious. This mobile phone adopts the new "ICE 2.0 multi-dimensional heat dissipation system", in which a solid fan is added inside the body and supplemented by a liquid-cooled copper pipe to dissipate heat, and the heat generated by SoC is discharged through the air duct outside the body. Judging from the results, the physical fan design of the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone brings excellent cooling effect. After the game, the temperature of the whole phone is even lower than that of Black Shark 2. And thanks to the all-metal back design, the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone has a more even back temperature without overheating in one spot.


Red Magic3 e-sports game mobile phone and Black Shark game mobile phone 2 are both top game mobile phones at present, which have their unique features in game experience. First of all, the Red Magic 3 e-sports game mobile phone runs 30,000 points higher than the average hardware, through unique optimization. Coupled with 4D vibration, larger battery and strong wind cooling cooling, it brings excellent game performance.

Through comparison, the two mobile phones are not one-sided in comparison and have their advantages in different aspects. But for serious game players, I think the Red Magic e-sports game 3 mobile has more advantages. First of all, the Red Magic 3 has original optimization, strengthen the power of snapdragon 855, plus a long period of time to play games "ICE 2.0 multi-dimensional three-dimensional heat dissipation system" for players with great experience, which is enough to make it a better mobile phone game. If the next generation of Black Shark mobile games can enhance the performance of SoC, while improving the ability to dissipate heat, I believe it will also make players more delighted.


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