Bose SoundSport Free vs Apple AirPods: SoundSport Free is better

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Bose SoundSport Free and Apple AirPods Both headphones belong to the design of true wireless Bluetooth headphones + charging boxes, and there are some differences in the user community. Today, let's take a look at the difference between the two and who can be better.

Bose SoundSport Free vs Apple AirPods

Bose SoundSport Free vs Apple AirPods: Appearance

From the design point of view, Bose SoundSport Free (hereinafter referred to as SoundSport) and Apple AirPods (hereinafter referred to as AirPods), are the use of true wireless Bluetooth headset design, left and right ears are separated independently, there is no wire connection. Bose SoundSport Free offers three color options, black, blue and orange. AirPods has only one white color, and SoundSport has more choices in terms of selectivity.

In other words, SoundSport uses a "pea" design similar to SONY WF-1000X, while AirPods has a "bean sprout" design. There will be a significant difference when wearing this. You can choose according to your preferences. However, as far as the editor is concerned, AirPods is more recognizable, but because a lot of people wear, can not help but feel a little vulgar. So SoundSport is more personalized.

The weight of the two headphones is not much different, and the ultra-light weight does not even feel the existence of the headphones in the wear. In terms of system support, both iOS and Android platforms are supported, AirPods is better for iOS, and SoundSport is perfect for iOS and Android.

Bose SoundSport Free vs Apple AirPods: wearing experience

As mentioned just now, because of their extremely light weight, they basically do not feel the weight of the headphones in wearing them. Because the AirPods is designed as a whole, there is no additional rubber package in the ear, so it is easy to fall off when running. SoundSport uses the ear rubber material design, in the ear part is equipped with similar QC30 shark fin auricle support rubber, wear more firmly, even in the case of fitness running is not easy to fall off. At this point, SoundSport is stronger than AirPods.

Bose SoundSport Free vs Apple AirPods: charging boxes

Both headphones need to be used with a charging box. In addition to storing headphones, both charging boxes provide the ability to charge headphones. When not in use, take it off and put it into the box, the ear will charge itself, and then wear it in a fully charged state.

Bose SoundSport Free vs Apple AirPods

The AirPods charging box adopts the minimalist design, which is smaller than the SoundSport charging box. The workmanship of the two charging boxes is exquisite, and the AirPods uses a sleek surface design. The front of the SoundSport charging box has a solid button, press the button to open, there is a storage box under the button power indicator, a total of 5 white LED. Take out the headphones and the lights on the headphones turn blue and are now ready to be matched. Download the Bose Connect APP from the phone and automatically connect the headphones.

AirPods charging box integrity is very strong, no protruding physical keys appear on the box, making people feel more comfortable. Although the physical buttons in the SoundSport charging box appear to be more technological in shape, the huge size of the headset has reduced the score a lot, and the AirPods headset box is simpler and better looking.

Bose SoundSport Free vs Apple AirPods: Sound quality

The experience of sound quality is more subjective, if you are a "fungus" user, usually listen to music is for a short period of relaxation, then the sound quality of both headphones can satisfy you. Overall, the sound quality of the two headphones is similar. Many netizens are more disappointed with the sound quality of AirPods, in fact, Xiaobian feels OK. AirPods maintains Apple's "boiled water" sound quality, not amazing, not shocking, but it is this insipid feeling of water that makes you comfortable even if you listen to the song for a very long time. Because Bose SoundSport uses the silica gel material design in the entrance ear, at the same time has the "shark fin" the support, can completely fit the auricle, therefore may create one kind of ear type earphone to reduce the noise feeling slightly, in the heavy bass aspect performance is also more prominent. It should be noted that SoundSport does not have active noise reduction function, in the actual sound quality can be said to be slightly stronger than AirPods.


In terms of endurance, SoundSport headphones and boxes can be fully charged for 20 hours. In actual use, the editor feels that the performance of the headset has exceeded expectations, and the headset can be used for about 4 hours. After completely running out of power, you can listen to music for more than 40 minutes in just 15 minutes in a charging box, which is fine for people who often go out or travel, even if they can't recharge in time. AirPods's endurance performance has been very good, headphones can basically last for five hours, in the charging box can be recharged 3-4 times, the overall performance is also very satisfactory. In terms of endurance, the performance of the two is basically the same.

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