CAT smart watch review: Closely related to excavators

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As the carrier of sensors, wearable devices have become a key part of science and technology and healthy life. In many scenarios, smart watches can replace many of the common features of mobile phones. This time, the CAT smartwatch comes from a brand name, and the appearance, dial and function of the Caterpillar watch is different from that of the smartwatch that is often seen on the market.


CAT smart watch 

CAT and its recent launch of a smart wearable device-CAT smartwatch. When it comes to CAT (Caterpillar), you should be familiar with it. Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery and mining equipment, and a leading brand of heavy machinery for more than a century.

So what is the hard core performance of the Caterpillar smartwatch? Besides being able to see the time, what are the unique highlights and advantages of CAT smart watches? Let's take you to experience this new excavator-related product.

CAT smart watch  

The appearance of construction machinery blowing black metal wind

1. Black fuselage shell

The appearance of the CAT smart watch, the overall watch body is painted in black, the dial diameter is 46mm, after wearing the hands, you can directly feel the texture of the metal transferred to the hands. Stainless steel black bezel polishing work is quite solid, the weight is more pressure, very suitable for strong arms of male users to wear.

CAT smart watch Black fuselage shell 

2.1.39 inch touch AMOLED screen

The front of the Caterpillar smart watch is embedded with a 1.39in touch AMOLED screen, the bezel has a metal scale, and the CAT classic LOGO logo is designed directly below the dial. Screen display effects and transition animation are delicate enough, at the same time, the daily operation of the finger is also quite convenient, sliding, clicking and other actions are within reach. In addition, the technology of the combination of dial calibration and detail is also in place, which provides waterproof and dustproof function, which is very suitable for outdoor work.

3. Built-in loudspeaker

The CAT smartwatch has speakers on the left to make it easy for users to interact intelligently with the watch. After the actual experience, the loudspeaker volume of the watch is very bright, which also makes it easier for the robot to complete the intelligent speech recognition function more accurately in the noisy working environment.

4. With physical buttons

The right crown of the CAT smart watch has three physical keys, which feel round and delicate, and the touch of the pressing section also has the flavor of a mechanical watch. The middle button is the main button, the long button can be turned on, and the short button can realize the screen flameout function. The above button can adjust the volume, the short button can return to the next menu, and the button below is a one-button to start the voice search function.

There is also a small hole at the bottom of the voice search button. This hole is a microphone hole, which is mainly used to pick up sounds. On the back of the watch, a heart rate sensor and a 4 PIN magnetic charging interface are designed.

physical buttons 

5.TPU strap

The strap of the CAT smartwatch is made of soft TPU and has a good skin texture. In addition, you can see that the design of the limit hole is much larger than the average smartwatch, so that wearing it outdoors for a long time is more conducive to perspiration and ventilation. The watchband has the function of quick disassembly, and it is also convenient for you to replace the watchband.

6. Replaceable dial

The most interesting point of CAT smartwatch is that the display screen can change the dial at any time, long press the dial can enter the dial selection interface, left and right stroke after the choice of download dial can be directly switched. Surprisingly, every time you switch the dial, the hands and numbers have a dynamic effect, and the dial immediately has a sense of flexibility.

7. Dial control method

The dial controls the four directions of logic corresponding to different display functions, the specific operation is very simple, the finger from top to bottom can display "weather conditions", if connected to the network can automatically complete positioning, to provide local weather conditions. From the bottom up, you enter step mode, where you can see the number of steps, distance, and calories consumed on the day.

You can view the Information Notification from left to right, and go to the Features menu from right to left. A total of nine features are available in the Features menu, namely, Learning Center, CAT Care, Voice search, Settings, Weather, exercise, Health, clock, and position.

Among them, the commonly used motion monitoring functions provide "motion detection", "motion recording" and "workplace exercise". In terms of health monitoring, the CAT smartwatch provides four functions: "heart rate measurement," eye exercises, "drinking reminders," sedentary reminders. "

motion monitoring functions 

8. Step counting and heart rate detection

Different from the traditional smartwatch, CAT smartwatch adds three functions: "workplace exercise", "eye care exercise" and "sedentary reminder". This is very sweet for the health of the robot, who usually sits in the cab for a long time and makes repetitive movements. The three practical functions all help to alleviate the fatigue of the robot's eyes and lumbar vertebrae and improve the blood circulation of the lower body.

CAT smartwatch step-by-step method at a glance, fill in the basic personal data and target steps can automatically record the relevant data, set up through the sliding dial interface to timely understand, the number of steps per day and the progress of the last seven days.

In terms of heart rate testing, the CAT smartwatch does not monitor the heart rate in real time, but requires us to enter the "health" function "heart rate test". After clicking, the heart rate sensor begins to monitor, and the heart rate test results can be displayed on the watch screen in about one minute.

Closely related to the work of excavators, reminders and inquiries are available

CAT smartwatches not only provide smartwatch health and reminders, but also some professional content related to the excavator profession, which can be of great help to the day-to-day work of the robot.

1. Can watch the excavator learning video

We enter the "Learning Center" interface, you can see the "excavator manual" and "CATTV" two functions. Switch up and down in the CAT TV video, there are four small videos to watch, so that the machine intuitive and vivid understanding of the CAT excavator's latest four intelligent features, such as slope control system, auxiliary operating system, as well as how to save fuel efficiently and other key information. The excavator manual can query the excavator manual document uploaded in the background, and for those who are familiar with the operator, viewing the manual document at any time can quickly understand how to use the excavator and how to operate the excavator.

In addition, the InfoCenter can push four types of information for the robot, namely, the text class, the picture class, the video class, and the APP download class. Users pass through the repayment reminder to set their own repayment time, amount, after the maturity of the system to remind.

2. With voice search function

The addition of voice search has undoubtedly added more play to the CAT watch, and smart voice is now integrated into a variety of hardware products. When we press the voice search button directly and say "what's the weather like today" to the watch, the watch will soon be able to voice the current weather conditions. In addition, you can also query the excavator maintenance reminder and repayment time through voice, which is faster than finger control.

To further "torture" the watch's smart voice, CAT smartwatches can respond very quickly and accurately to basic questions such as "what's Christmas," what's the day after tomorrow, "and" what's a mouse? " I tried to make up for the day-to-day routine of the robot. When I was working on the steering wheel, I could actually use the voice button to do more without having to slide the screen.

voice search function​ 

3. There days standby time

Finally, let's talk about the life of the CAT smartwatch, which has a built-in 600mAh battery that can last for three days without opening the Internet connection. This is pretty good for a smartwatch with a color screen.


In addition, the charging of CAT smartwatch can be divided into two ways, vertical roll placement and direct charging. The interface between the charger and the watch adopts magnetic suction, whether it is placed on the desktop or directly adsorbed to charge, the picking of the watch is very convenient.


The overall workmanship of this CAT smartwatch is solid and reliable, and the wearing style fits well with the professional rigour of the mechanic. A variety of CAT theme dials provide users with a rich sense of playability and fashion, while intelligent functions not only have a range of functions, such as viewing time, weather, real-time heart rate monitoring, step statistics, voice search, etc., but also add health reminders.

It can be said that CAT smartwatch maintains the durability of the mechanical brand and is a highly professionally symbolic wearable product. Customized design not only has a sense of personality and fashion, but also reflects the unique characteristics of the work scene of the product.

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