Compare iOS 13 vs. iOS 12: Should I Update my iPhone?

ByPonyo Hall 2019-06-11 527

IOS 13, released at the Apple WWDC19 Developer Conference, brings a number of new features, such as a new dark mode, a new image light-effect adjustment, a new picture editing feature, a redesigned volume adjustment window, reminders, and a smarter, more natural Siri. Let's take a look at what has changed in the experience of the system functionality.

Volume Status window

The iOS 13 improves the volume window by using the Volume button to adjust the volume in the previous version of the system, and the volume window pops up in the center of the screen, which interferes with the view.

And the updated Volume adjustment window moved to the position on the edge of the volume key, the operation of the volume button after the display of thin strips, when the finger touched the volume bar near the position will automatically widen, not to block the line of sight is also very convenient sliding operation.

Dark Mode

Usually our mobile phone system application interface for pure white bright color, in the night sleepy when touching the phone to open the application, will often be blinded by the bright interface.

Dark Mode is a mode that will darken the main hue, and the current iOS 13 only supports system applications such as settings, calendars, and so on.

Mode can be opened quickly with 3D Touch in the Brightness control interface, and the opening time can be changed to manual or sunrise and sunset automatically on.

New image editing features

Editing features are further added on the basis of iOS 12, where filters can be viewed in real time through sliding filter effects, and the options for image adjustment are richer, such as shadows, black dots, saturation, hue, sharpness, sharpness, noise elimination, and more.

The new design of the music side

The iPhone's own music App has finally been revamped, and this update not only makes the effect of playing music more immersive, but also has the ability to display scrolling lyrics.

Speed Increase Comparison:

In addition to the new features, this iOS 13 also optimizes the system level, resulting in a number of speed improvements, such as a 30% increase in the unlock speed of the face ID and a twice-fold increase in the APP's response speed. After upgrading to iOS 13, our APP installation package volume will reduce the volume of 50%,App update files by 60%.

Software startup Speed Comparison

The size of the software installation package may not be different because it has not been adapted. Then compare and test the startup speed of the software and the game, as well as the unlock speed of the face ID.

We put the two iPhone X with the same configuration parameters in iOS 12 and the latest iOS 13 beta, respectively. After a test comparison, it can be found that the iPhone X, which is equipped with iOS 13, has no significant advantage in the startup speed of software and games.

Face ID Recognition Speed comparison

Before testing, use two mobile phones to enter the image information at the same time, and then by lifting the wrist screen to observe the top unlock mark contrast unlock speed.

In the first round of testing can be clearly seen with iOS 13 iPhone X unlock faster, in order to test more rigorous we will be two mobile phones left and right, the front and rear overlay for unlocking testing, and ultimately with iOS 13 iPhone X unlock faster, Even feeling the speed of the increase is far more than the official said 30%.

Changes and feelings in the experience

After updating iOS 13, the response logic of the 3D Touch has changed, usually when we press the screen to vibrate immediately, the window will pop up, and after the update to iOS 13 becomes the press vibration let go before the information box pops up.

The change needs to be adapted for a while, or it could signal that the next iPhone will cancel the 3D Touch feature.

This iOS 13 update after the functional append, experience upgrade is still very satisfying. Hope to accelerate dark mode support for third-party apps in subsequent releases.

Of course, as an initial preview version will inevitably encounter some bugs, such as WeChat's label bar text dislocation, WeChat search bar disappeared, and even the drip travel interface does not display the map, which makes the App almost not normal use of the problem.

Upgrade suggestion

If you have multiple iPhone devices and you have a Mac that you can use and you want to try it out, it's a no-brainer to upgrade your experience.

But if you only have an iPhone as the main machine, and want to brush into this version of iOS 13 as a daily use system, we still advise you to wait for the full version in September, because the current version is still relatively buggy, compared with the future "iOS 13 full version" is certainly not mature.

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