Compatibility of Google Fuchsia OS

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-10 1314

For now, Fuchsia OS can be installed on the new Pixelbooks. It's a fully developer-oriented test where almost nothing works, but at least it lets us glimpse that it will work on laptops.

In the test you can also see how the interface adapts to the screen and switches between desktop mode and mobile mode, so there would be no impediments that also work on mobiles and tablets. While it is true that what we have seen to date of the kernel is oriented to devices with a large amount of memory.

Compatibility of Google Fuchsia OS

Thirdly, it is said that Fuchsia would be ready in 2021 to launch on the first "connected home device". That is, a smart loudspeaker or some kind of wizard. Being a modular system Google would have designed it to adapt to the different types of devices they have in place. After this initial phase, it would come to other products such as laptops.

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