Computex 2019: AMD released Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs

ByJordan Hobbs 2019-05-27 477

AMD officially released the Rui Lung three-generation processor at the Taipei Computer show 2019, gossip less, take a look at the parameters together.

Suzy Fung represents the Zen 2 architecture of the Reebok 3 generation processor, the IPC elevation 15%, and the cache doubles.

Computex 2019

The first to play is the R7 3700X,8 core 16 thread, the main frequency of 3.6Ghz,boost frequencies 4.4GHZ,36MB the total cache, the most powerful is the power consumption is only 65W, to the standard i7-9700K.

Next up is the R7 3800X, also 8-core 16 threads, the base frequency 3.9Ghz,boost frequency 4.5GHZ,36MB total cache, 105W TDP, the standard Intel i9-9900K.

The final appearance is the R9 3900X,12 core 24 thread, the base frequency 3.8Ghz,boost frequency 4.6GHZ,70MB total cache, 105TDP, to the standard i9-9920X.

R7 3700X sells for 329 U.S. dollars, about 2266 Yuan, R7 3800X sells for 399 U.S. dollars, about 2748 yuan, R9 3900X sells for 499 U.S. dollars, about 3400 yuan. Suzy announced that the new processor will be officially sell on July 7.

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