Concept phone of Xiaomi 10: four rear cameras + front hole-digging double cameras

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Xiaomi 9 has been listed globally at present, after several months of efforts, Xiaomi finally realized the unlimited supply of this product, but Xiaomi 9 is not strictly a perfect phone, many people also want to wait and see for a period of time, for example, waiting for Xiaomi 10, then what will xiaomi 10 look like?

Xiaomi 10

According to online information, the Xiaomi 10 will have four rear cameras and two cameras on each side of the phone. For symmetry, each pair will have a small white flash below it, while the Xiaomi logo will be moved to the bottom of the body. Judging from the aesthetics, the appearance level of the Xiaomi 10 is much higher than that of the Xiaomi 9.

The front of the Xiaomi 10's screen will feature a burrowing camera. Unlike the Samsung S10+, the two cameras sit symmetrically side by side at the top of the phone's screen, and the two cameras aren't connected. Xiaomi has prepared two circular holes of the same size for it. It is hard to say that the design is perfect, but at least the theory of symmetry is skillfully used by Xiaomi.

In terms of the design style, the Xiaomi 10 adopts a flat design principle, which is also in keeping with Xiaomi's constantly upgraded system style over the years. The flat design makes the phone look very thin and light. It is like a beautiful mirror when held in the hand. If it corresponds to the flat icon text on the theme of the system, the beauty of the phone will be enough.


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