Disaster! Galaxy Fold launch date postponed: These 3 fatal problems must be solved

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For Samsung, the Galaxy Fold's postponed market launch is already a marketing disaster. Especially since Huawei is already waiting in the wings with his folding phone and Samsung could pre-empt. As if that wasn't enough, the Group now has to get a grip on the display bugs even in record time.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Actually, the Samsung Galaxy Fold should have been unveiled to a number of journalists at Bonn Telekom headquarters this Thursday. But after Samsung summarily postponed the original market launch (May 3) of the innovative fold handset, Samsung and Telekom's joint launch event also burst.

In the PR spokesperson, this sounds like this: "While many testers reported on the enormous potential of this new smartphone, scattered tests showed that the device still needs to be improved for the best possible usability."

Because of Huawei: Samsung threatens marketing disaster

That's how you can put it. The truth, though, is that not only are a few improvements needed to the Galaxy Fold's display-for Samsung, the blown off market launch is a disaster. And for two reasons.

For one thing, Samsung has given many of its critics ample arguments, which have often criticized the cellphone manufacturer for frequently launching innovative models ahead of Apple and other manufacturers, but that often still lacks market readiness . So now happens with the Galaxy Fold, with which the Koreans have obviously taken over. Or even with the "fire smartphone" Galaxy Note 7, which even had to be completely withdrawn from the market in 2016 due to battery problems.

Nothing has yet been lost for Samsung, of course. If the global conglomerate manages to eliminate the Galaxy Fold's display bugs within the next few weeks, nothing should stand in the way of a market launch in June or July.

Huawei's folding phone Mate X will arrive in July

But there is a second reason why Koreans should hurry. While Samsung had to postpone the launch of its folding handset, rival Huawei, of all people, announced an official launch date for the Mate X shortly after. Huawei is apparently on schedule. The Chinese manufacturer's folding smartphone is due to arrive as early as July-and could thus become a serious marketing problem for Samsung. After all, Huawei Samsung won't leave the stage alone. Not even to be imagined for Samsung bosses would be if Huawei even launches the Mate X ahead of Samsung.

Both companies are putting up an acrimonious race for the favor of smartphone buyers anyway. Samsung is under increased pressure from Chinese suppliers such as Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi, which can sell technically highly equipped devices at combat prices.

Samsung has to solve these 3 problems

The stakes are high for Samsung. Especially since it looks as if the group has not only one, but three problems to solve with the Galaxy Fold.

1. The Galaxy Fold has an ominous protective film that is installed on the plastic display and must not be removed. However, some testers were not told this, so the screen of the smartphone was then completely unusable. Here, Samsung needs to improve, for example with a hint.

2. Components installed under the Galaxy Fold display are said to have caused bulges and bumps on the screen during initial tests, as reported by cnet.com. This, too, is an impairment to the user experience.

3. Both interior displays of the smartphone are apparently not perfectly coordinated. So the left screen flickered on a test for no apparent reason.

In addition, the test of the US portal "The Verge" was noticeable when scrolling(see test video) that one side of the screen was moved faster than the other. So Samsung still has a lot of work to do in ensuring that both sides of the screen harmonize with each other.

What does that mean for buyers?

Exactly when Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Fold is yet to be determined. A new date is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. If you want to buy the folding smartphone, which costs around 2000 euros, you should think carefully about whether you want to strike with the first generation of Samsung or whether you want to wait another one to two years. Currently, the Galaxy Fold looks more like a rather immature prototype, which is also very expensive.


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