DJI Osmo Mobile 3 vs Snoppa ATOM: which is the best vlog stabilizer for you?

BySigismondo Eisenhower 2019-10-16 6812

There are many kinds of stabilizers in the market, but the response and good reputation among the consumer groups are mainly concentrated on two products. Snoopa ATOM and Osmo Mobile Mobile 3. Today, we took these two models as a comparison.

 DJI Osmo Mobile 3 vs Snoppa ATOM

Snoppa ATOM design and features

There are three buttons in the control area on the front of the fuselage. On the left side is the joystick, which is used to control the direction of the pumping. When entering the menu interface, the function can be selected. On the left is the menu button and the shooting button, which is different from the red dot of other similar products. ATOM uses the corresponding function icon next to the button to make notes. Below the rocker button is the power button, and the button is turned up to turn it on.


Snoppa ATOM design 

The PUSH logo on the robot arm is a folding button. Pressing the fold button will fold the pitch axis to achieve the folding function. The Snoppa ATOM after folding is only half the size of the unfolding. This structure is very portable and fits into the backpack. You can take it away at any time, and you don’t have to take a big bag to die. The pan/tilt can realize 360 full-angle free rotation; long press the trigger button to enter the tracking mode; the custom button can be set to any function, for example, double-click to turn on the wireless charging function.


The left side of the fuselage is a 3.5mm audio device interface, which can be connected to headphones, bees and other commonly used radio equipment. Further down is the button to adjust the focus, the zoom function can be realized by pushing the button up or down, and the button operation is more accurate than sliding on the screen. The M-shaped button is a horizontal and vertical screen switching button. Different platforms often have different requirements for the format of the video. Some require a horizontal screen and some require a vertical screen. With this one-key switching function, it is convenient. Switching operation. The function of the power button will not be described, and the slide-up will be turned on, and the slide-up will be short-pressed.


In addition to its rich function keys and expandability, Snoopa ATOM also supports access to a tripod. If you like to take time-lapse photography, then it is the only artifact. The anti-slip rubber designed on the body is more convenient to hold.


With powerful hardware, you must have supporting software support. Snoppa ATOM's supporting software is called Snoppa. Open the software and select the device connection to use it. The utility multi-function button turns on the shooting option, and you can select the function you want with the joystick button.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 design and features 

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is similar to Snoopa ATOM, but this is not important. Consumers are more concerned about the practicality of the product.


 DJI Osmo Mobile 3


DJI Osmo Mobile 3 grip is different from the 90 degree vertical of the previous design. Its grip has a forward tilt of 15 degrees, and the photographer can hold it more naturally and comfortably. The mobile phone clip has been redesigned, and the mobile phone can be put into it more easily. DJI has posted a label in the direction of the camera, and the user can insert the mobile phone according to the direction.


There are three operation buttons, which are the joystick for controlling the direction of the gimbal, the red camera/recording button, and the function button M. The multi-function includes long-pressing the switch, single-pressing the battery, double-clicking to switch the horizontal and vertical screens, and three-stroke sleep.


The folding function can be realized by holding down the folding shaft, and the folded size of the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 will be greatly reduced, and it can be carried away in a backpack or a pocket. When the trigger button is not released, the pan/tilt will remain in the lock mode and will not follow the movement of the handle. In the sport mode, the gimbal following speed will be faster, which is more suitable for the captured picture. Next, I will actually show the hand based on the official new features.


On the right side of the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is a Type-C charging jack and USB expansion hole that can be used to externally connect various devices while providing power to the phone. This time, DDJI Osmo Mobile 3 finally joined the support of Type-C interface. Today, with the popularity of Type-C data interface, there is no need to bring more cables with it.


The supporting software of DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is called DJI Mimo. After connecting the mobile phone, you can select the function mode you want in the app, and then shoot the video/picture.


After a day of shooting comparison, the performance of the two stabilizers is very good, the richness of the App features, the stability of the shooting picture, the portability and ease of use are evenly matched. However, I couldn't help the author's careful comparison. Finally, I found a little difference. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 did not have 3.5. mm interface, can not be connected to the audio device, but Snoppa ATOM can be connected to 3.5mm headphones and microphones.

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