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DJI T16 drone released: centimeter level positioning brings plant protection to a new level

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-07 4822

On December 4, DJI launched the T16 plant protection drone. According to the official introduction, the DJI T16 plant protection drone has remolded its overall structure and adopted modular design, which has brought the unprecedented high load and wide spray amplitude of the DJI plant protection drone. The powerful hardware cooperative artificial intelligence engine technology and the three-dimensional job plan function will raise the plant protection efficiency to a new height.

DJI T16 drone  

In particular, DJI T16's new modular design greatly simplifies fuselage removal and assembly, and increases the speed of daily maintenance by 50%. Core components reach IP67 protection level, stable and reliable. The main structure is made of carbon fiber composite material, which is lightweight and guarantees the strength of the machine at the same time. The fuselage can be quickly folded, which can reduce the space occupied by 75% and facilitate transportation. The Battery and box support fast plug-out. And the job supply efficiency has greatly improved.

Thanks to its strong flight performance, DJI T16 plant protection drone has increased its liquid loading capacity to 16L and its spray amplitude to 6.5m. The sprinkler system is equipped with 4 liquid pumps and 8 sprinklers, with the maximum flow rate of 4.8l/min. In actual operation, the T16 operating efficiency can reach 150mu/h.

the sprinkler system with 4 liquid pumps and 8 sprinklers 

In addition, the spraying system is equipped with a new electromagnetic flowmeter, which brings unparalleled high accuracy and stability to the traditional flowmeter.

It is worth mentioning that the DJI T16 plant protection drone adopts a new modular avionics system, is equipped with double IMU and double barometer, and adopts the redundant design of power signal to ensure flight safety. The GNSS+RTK dual redundancy system achieves centimeter-level positioning accuracy, and supports dual antenna anti-magnetic interference technology to make work safe.

double IMU and double barometer 

What is more important, DJI T16 carries a brand-new DBF imaging radar, which is not affected by environmental light and dust, and can sense the farmland environment around the clock. Supporting two-way obstacle avoidance, the horizontal detection angle reaches 100 degrees, which is twice as high as the previous generation, and the flight safety is greatly improved. With digital beam synthesis technology, it can realize three-dimensional point cloud imaging, effectively identify complex farmland scenes in operation, and realize autonomous obstacle-avoiding flight. Radar supports terrain gradient detection. Flight on a hillside can also be simulated on the ground.


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