Do you want me to be on duty during the Spring Festival holiday? Fortunately, it can make me relax a little bit.

ByJonah Eagan 2020-02-01 592

To tell you the truth, I love my editing work, not only because it allows me to express my views, but also as the first step in realizing my personal ideals. However, her presence brings me closer to the "second step".

This "she" is none other than the Surface Laptop 3 that allows me to type this paragraph quickly. I am reluctant to use the pronoun "it" for the things I like, because it always gives me a sense of distance from Laozi. And her warm metal touch makes you very willing to put your hand on the keyboard and want to turn the distance into a negative number, especially when you need to output certain words.

Because of the nature of my job, I sometimes need to follow up on unexpected events, even if you are sitting on a bullet train at this time. At the original pace, I had to take the heavy 4kg game book out of my backpack for my work. The Surface Laptop 3's only 1.5kg weight not only allows you to easily take it out and use it, coupled with the ultra-thin body, it can even be perfectly placed on the small table of the bullet train, so comfortable that you are more willing to do more things you want to do.

Of course, these characteristics alone are not enough for me to say those two words to her: love.

The image is very beautiful.

When it comes to digital electronics, I'm more of an appearance party, which is why I love Surface Laptop 3.

Surface Laptop 3, the new product in the entire Surface line, is the only one with a traditional laptop design, and unlike the previous two generations, Microsoft has added a 15-inch version for her. The front of this version features a 15-inch touchscreen at 3:2, which is 0.6 inches smaller than the traditional 15.6in, but in return for a more "slim" body, a more receptive body, a larger screen experience and more information display area. make you more efficient in writing and filling out documents. Personally, this "deal" is well worth it.

Surface Laptop 3.

Surface Laptop 3 has a 2K screen resolution of 2496 x 1664, with a clear and delicate display and moderate color saturation, which is quite good for the naked eye. It is worth mentioning that if you look closely, you will find that the screen of Surface Laptop 3 is almost flat, leaving a lot of room for touch operation.

Surface Laptop 3 full screen display area.

Traditional 15.6-inch notebook full-screen display area.

But the 15-inch version brings not only a bigger screen, but also a different fuselage. The B side of this version, the side on which the keyboard is placed, has been replaced with metal, which not only makes the B side look more integrated with the screen, but also makes the laptop easier to resist oil and sweat stains. In addition, the metal fuselage is not equal to a significant increase in weight. Surface Laptop 3 maintains the fuselage weight of 1.5kg while using metal material. 1.5kg is what kind of weight, at least I carry her to work every day without any problems, sore shoulders do not exist.

B side of Surface Laptop 3.

By the way, the metal material of, Surface Laptop 3 feels very comfortable, although it looks a little cold because of the low temperature in winter, but fortunately it is not piercing to the bone and appears to be a little warm and moist. It's actually a wonderful feeling. In addition to the material, Surface Laptop 3 is also more friendly in terms of the very important interface of the laptop.

Surface Laptop 3 interface.

There is a USB interface, a Type-C interface and a 3.5mm headphone interface on the left side of the Surface Laptop 3 fuselage, but unfortunately, this Type-C interface does not support Lightning 3 protocol and cannot be connected to hardware such as video cards. In addition, there is a USB interface on the power adapter. This number of interfaces can meet the basic needs, but if you have a specific need for the number and type of interfaces, it is recommended to have an expansion dock.

There is only one touch-type charging interface on the right side of the fuselage, and the charging wire is fixed by magnetism. Personally, I like this design very much. On the one hand, it is light and easy to plug and unplug. On the other hand, even if you accidentally kick the charging cord off or step on it, you don't have to worry about the charging cord dragging her laptop to some "wrong place" to reduce unnecessary property losses.

Surface Laptop 3.

To sum up, although the change in the appearance of Surface Laptop 3 is not radical, it still retains the flavor it should have. with the iconic "Tian Brand logo", you can recognize it as a Microsoft product at a glance.

She has a strong heart.

The two size versions of the Surface Laptop 3 correspond to different core configurations. The 13.5-inch version comes with ten-generation Core i5-1035G7 and i7-1065G7 processors, and the 15-inch version has a choice of AMDAMD Ryzen5 3580U and AMD Ryzen7 3780U. The Surface Laptop 3 I have in hand is equipped with a AMDAMD Ryzen5 3580U processor with a Radeon Vega 9 graphics card, supplemented by 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD. So, what is the specific performance of this set of configuration?

Surface Laptop 3 PCMark 10 run points.

In the practical application test, the basic score of, Surface Laptop 3 in PCMark 10 is 3845, including 7116 for basic function, 5906 for productivity and 3671 for digital creative content. Such a score means that normal office, running PS and so on can be handled perfectly. But there is one thing that, Surface Laptop 3 is not a game book. If you have very persistent requirements for games, special games might be more suitable for you.

Of course, this does not mean that Surface Laptop 3 can not control the game, to deal with some of the more popular online games or no problem. In my previous book, "Surface Laptop 3 experience review: presenting an innovative self in tradition," her game performance was tested. Surface Laptop 3 in the power and "best performance" mode, "Watch Pioneer" in the premise of high picture quality, the number of game frames can be stabilized at about 56 frames.

Surface Laptop 3 hard disk read speed.

The read and write speed of the hard drive as an ultrabook, Surface Laptop 3 is very important, which determines whether she can quickly load files, apps, etc. In the AS SSD Benchmark speed measurement, the notebook's solid state drive got a high score of 1899 points, the sequential write and read speeds reached 1550.49MB/s and 546.81MB hands, respectively, the access read time was 0.048ms, and the access write time was 0.039ms.

For a product that focuses on mobile office needs, this performance is enough to cope with daily work.

Try it. Hold out your hand.

Surface Laptop 3 has a 15-inch touch screen with a flat screen design that gives you plenty of room to touch. With hardware, software is indispensable, and the Windows 10 on this laptop is specifically optimized according to her touch characteristics.

Call up the notification bar.

For example, if you swipe the left edge of the screen to the right, you can call out the multi-taskbar and create a new desktop. To some extent, this function is a bit like "History", you can see the web pages that have been opened before, and you can slide from the right border of the screen to the left. You can call up the management notification bar, and you can view notifications, turn on or off some functions, and zoom in or out the page with two fingers. Can be used to select or select all desktop icons, the touch response is very sensitive, even if some icons are small, can also be accurately clicked.

Call out the multi-taskbar and create a new desktop.

Based on these touches, I can bring some smartphone habits to Surface Laptop 3, especially when you are looking at files, browsing Weibo and browsing the web. However, when I open multiple pages or programs, if I want to return directly to the desktop, either downsize the page or click the button in the lower right corner. If Microsoft can add a feature similar to "slide back to the desktop from the bottom edge of the screen" later, it will undoubtedly increase the touch experience of Surface Laptop 3 or even Surface Pro 7.

Surface Laptop 3 touchpad.

More than once before using Surface Laptop 3, I thought touchscreens were "boring" for the Windows 10 platform, but when you use it, you find that the combination of touch + Windows 10 is actually quite interesting, and after so many years of smartphone "training", there is basically no learning cost. Coupled with a touchpad made of matte metal or an external mouse, the use efficiency will be significantly higher than the single use of one of the functions.

For laptops like the Surface Laptop 3, sometimes you really need to reach out bravely to open the door to a new world.

Write at the end.

The Surface Laptop 3 houses a 15-inch touchscreen, a AMDAMD Ryzen5 3580U processor, an "orthodox" Windows 10 and an exquisite black body in the 1.5kg 's thin body, which combine to create a very comfortable user experience. In my opinion, the configuration of, Surface Laptop 3 is not the strongest, but it is definitely the most comfortable to use. Stop it. Love.

If you, like me, often need to deal with temporary documents or often need to move to work and "travel" around with your laptop on your back, then Surface Laptop 3 will certainly be able to help you handle more things and be a boost on your way forward.

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