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Dual-screen cell phone bursts? Microsoft announced new engineering device

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-02 761

I believe we all heard about dual-screen mobile phones, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers have tried to launch a dual-screen design. Recently, Microsoft Research Institute shared an internal engineering device on its Twitter. The back of the phone adopts an ink screen design, and the mobile phone constitutes a double screen system.

In fact, we've heard from earlier that Microsoft is currently developing a new device called Andromeda, which, according to the exposure, is a two-in-one phone with a Windows system. And a new Microsoft patent was exposed, detailing the design of the Andromeda hinge.


It's a sign that Microsoft's dual-screen phone is already "premeditated," which can be seen as a signal, a signal that Microsoft will reenter the phone market. We've heard that Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device code-named Andromeda, and we can get a glimpse of Microsoft's thoughts on dual-screen design from the prototype.


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