Dyson V11 wireless vacuum cleaner review: a smarter cleaner with LCD screen

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With the improvement of popularity and the richness of product categories, it is obvious that more and more friends pay close attention to and buy Dayson products. But if we choose one of Dayson's most representative products, it will be cordless vacuum cleaner. In fact, it was the early success in the field of cordless vacuum cleaners that helped Dyson open the door to the consumer market step by step.

Recently, Dyson updated its flagship cordless vacuum cleaner and launched a new series of V11 products. In the face of such a highly focused and mature product line, what improvements can Dyson bring in the use experience?

Highlights of design

This time I'm experiencing the V11 Absolute version of Dayson (hereinafter referred to as V11), the top-fitting version of V11, which has a richer suction head combination than the Fluffy version.

Dyson V11 wireless vacuum cleaner  

If you know V10 before, you'll find that V11 has a very similar look. The v11's overall design does come from V10, including horizontal dust collectors, push-pull cleaning designs, and so on. On this basis, V11 has also made many improvements.

Dyson V11 wireless vacuum cleaner overall design  

The most striking difference in appearance is that V11 adds a circular LCD screen. This screen can show the current working mode of the vacuum cleaner and indicate the remaining working time of the machine. You will also be prompted when the machine needs to be maintained and clogged.

circular LCD screen 

Automatic mode: Intelligently adjust power and running time according to different ground types (it needs to be paired with high torque carpet sucker)

Powerful mode: the strongest suction, to deal with stubborn dust and deep removal of mites, lasting 5 minutes

Energy-saving mode: 60 minutes ground operation time, suitable for daily cleaning

The three modes will be distinguished by different colors on the screen. The LCD screen actually makes the working mode visualized. What's more valuable is that it can be displayed directly on the screen now without estimating the remaining usage time, so that we can plan our cleaning work reasonably.

The LCD screen

LCD screen is definitely a very useful design. I used to use a vacuum cleaner without a screen without any problems, but after experiencing V11, I really feel much more convenient. The reason is that now we are used to interacting with electronic products through the screen, which can provide more intuitive information.

There is also a slight change in the appearance of the V11: the filter part at the bottom of the V11 adopts a translucent design. On the one hand, the state of the filter can be clearly seen. On the other hand, the design and the transparent dust collector are more compatible. The function of the filter is to avoid secondary pollution caused by the air discharged during cleaning. Dayson said that V11 can filter 99.97% of the dust as small as 0.3 micron.

the filter part translucent design. 

Dyson V11 functions

Besides the appearance, the interior of V11 has also gained many improvements, first of all, the improvement of suction. Officials say the V11 is equipped with Dyson's strongest digital motor, a three-stage impeller and a 40% boost in suction.

The increase of suction is a solid improvement for the vacuum cleaner. In addition, the large suction can make the machine more flexible in the automatic mode. From our experience, when V11 passes through different floor surfaces in automatic mode (e.g. from hard floors to carpets), we can feel a significant change in suction.

Dyson V11 suction 

V11 is equipped with seven different suction heads (2 ground + 5 accessories), you can match according to different use scenarios. Dayson officials also provide guidance on the use of different suction heads.

seven different suction heads 

High-torque carpet suckers are the most noteworthy, which Dayson says is the strongest cordless vacuum cleaner they have ever had. Specifically, high-torque carpet suckers have built-in micro-sensors, which can intelligently perceive brush bar resistance, and real-time interconnect with microprocessors in digital motors and lithium battery packs, and then automatically adjust suction between hard floors and carpets. The automatic mode is also an improvement of V11 compared with V10.

Dayson calls this system DLS dynamic load sensing system, which can help us to clean without frequent replacement of suckers and working modes. Therefore, the combination of high torque carpet suction and automatic mode can be said to be the best match for this V11 experience.

Some of the sweeping robots I've experienced already have similar automatic cleaning modes, and it's commendable to experience this feature on cordless vacuum cleaners this time.

The attraction increased, but the duration did not shorten. The V11 is also equipped with larger batteries, with ground operation time increased from 40 minutes to 60 minutes. However, the charging time will also be longer, from 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours.

V11 is still equipped with charging storage two-in-one mount. After fixing it on the wall, it is convenient for us to take and discharge the vacuum cleaner, and the commonly used suction head can also be installed on the hanger for easy replacement.

Dyson V11 buying advice

Compared with V10, we think that V11's improvement in display screen, suction and automatic mode will help to make the experience of vacuum cleaner more relaxed. Such improvement may not be so "cool" on paper, but the change of actual experience is very obvious. Of course, this means that you have to pay a higher purchase cost. At present, the price of V11 is $818, which is $148 more expensive than V10.

From V7 to V11, Dayson cordless vacuum cleaner has formed a very subdivided product line, the price range also covers $298-$745. As one of the flagship products, V11 needs to satisfy a variety of usage scenarios, and its functions should be as complete as possible. This also means that its experience is redundant for many users, which is naturally not suitable for those who want cost-effective products.

Dyson V11  

But if your budget is adequate and you want to experience the top cordless vacuum cleaner products, Dyson V11 may be the best choice. So I suggest that if you already have V10 in hand, you can continue to use it safely. If you are still using older vacuum cleaners, V11 may bring a lot of new experiences.

Finally, I want to talk to you about a topic. Some readers often asked me  whether they should buy a floor sweeper or a vacuum cleaner. The use scenarios of these two products do overlap, but there is a big difference in positioning. The floor sweeper is more suitable for basic ground cleaning, and requires a high level of home environment (the area should not be too small, not too much miscellaneous). If you need to clean in different places (including cleaning the bed, cleaning the car, etc.), the vacuum cleaner will be more flexible in use.



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