Expensive Samsung Galaxy Fold may disappoint you with so many problems exposed

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Samsung thought surely dazzle the few reporters to whom he provided in preview a Samsung Galaxy fold. Unfortunately for the Korean giant, the first opinions were much more mixed than expected.

The Galaxy fold is a new step in the Smartphone world. Whether or not you like the brand, Samsung is attempting with this device a first foray into the foldable screen phones and probably knew it should wipe the plasters. But the brand did not expect the different testers to have the tooth as hard, to the point of being forced to push the world out of its device for several weeks.

Galaxy fold  

A screen that attracts all looks (and problems)

The journalists first attacked the plastic film covering the Galaxy fold. By taking off what appears to be a banal protection, the foldable screen becomes unusable and mark Gurman, of Bloomberg, made the costs, stating that Samsung had not warned of such behavior.

Galaxy fold  

Joanna Stern, for the Wall Street Journal, experienced the mishap of plastic film and goes much further explaining that with such a product, Samsung makes " beta-test a prototype ". She refused to write a full test of the phone which " clearly, was not ready ».

The device tested at the verge also has another problem, manifested in the form of a bump appearing at the bend, despite careful use. Samsung has resumed its test device for investigation.

For others, the first element that has attracted attention is obviously its double screen and its relevance in daily use. Chris Velazco ofEngadget notes that the latter is " beautiful and crisp ", however, displaying a pixel density and a slightly lower resolution than the Galaxy S10.

The folding is seen when leaning on the side of the phone, but did not seem to interfere with the daily use of the mobile. Dieter Bohn for the verge goes so far as to say " that it disappears once you look at the Galaxy fold well in front " and compares the 7-inch screen to that of an iPad mini, with much thinner borders ».

Galaxy fold  

The 4.7-inch front panel has a lot of difficulty generating the enthusiasm of the testers. Android Central says it's perfect for reading a notification, but " Samsung or gboard keyboards are just frustrating ." The verge goes further by stating that it is " impossible to type on ".

Hardware and software design: very good ideas sometimes poorly executed

Hardware and software design: very good ideas sometimes poorly executed

The design was also discussed during these grips. Nicolas Lellouche for 01Net estimates that despite its imposing dimensions (17 mm thick folded for 263 grams at weighing), " the motive is extremely well finished " and its very narrow format makes it say that " No Smartphone is marrying as well as the contours of a hand ».

Galaxy fold Hardware and software design  

The verge confirms this good impression in hand and rents the reactivity of the fingerprint sensor placed on the button Bixby, but plague against it and makes him say that activating the voice Assistant inadvertently " is exactly the purpose of Samsung ' to push people to use it.

Finally, the journalists tested the porting of the applications from the small to the large foldable screen. Engadget regrets the " too low number of applications " optimized for use on the 7-inch screen. For Gmail, Spotify or Google maps, the result is nevertheless very convincing and the passage from the small to the big screen is immediate, keeping the same reading position.

The software offered by Samsung is also praised for its relevance. " A great surprise " for 01net, which rents as the entire press the multitasking functions allowed by the Galaxy fold. " We can see the advantages that the possibility of having multiple applications open on a large screen will bring ," notes John McCann for techradar.

On the performance side, all the articles welcome the technical data sheet and the fluidity of the interface as the quality of the six integrated cameras, and borrowed there again at the Galaxy S10. " The fold cameras are largely awesome too, although this should not be a surprise ," says Engadget.

An unequal device that has the merit of proposing a new concept

In the end, the Galaxy fold is a device that still seems to question the various journalists. The latter however do not advise them yet to their readers, the asking price of 2 000 € being too high for a v1 still very experimental on certain points.

« Even if I would never buy the Galaxy fold and would not recommend anyone else to do it, I will continue to think about it concludes the verge, when 01Net is more enthusiastic, explaining that "the Galaxy fold manages to amaze lovers of new technologies that we are”.

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