Experience of Nubia Red Magic 3: It's not only the cooling system that makes it powerful

ByAdeline Belluz 2019-05-13 2462

As a well-known mobile phone brand of e-sports games in China, Nubia Red Magic series has gained a certain popularity and influence in mobile games after several generations of product iterative update. After almost all of its flagship phones use snapdragon 855 platform this year, the Red Magic series products also welcome the new product with snapdragon 855 -- Red Magic 3.

This product is not only powerful in hardware performance, but also upgraded in game experience. For example, it is equipped with 5000mAh battery and a new cooling system. This mobile phone is believed to have attracted the attention of many netizens.

The appearance design of e-sports gene has rich expansion ability

In terms of appearance, Red Magic 3 still continues the style of Red Magic series mobile phones. It adopts the vector aesthetics X space battleship's symmetrical design. When you look at the back of the mobile phone, you can determine its competitive genes.

In terms of material, the phone adopts a full metal nano solid back cover and 6 series aluminum alloy frame. The rhomboid cutting of the shell of the mobile phone and the cooling hole of the game deepen the sense of technology of the mobile phone. The curved surface on the back of the phone body is polished by CNC ball knife, and the corners and sides are more rounded. The experience of holding the phone is worth affirming, and it won't hurt the hand. Especially when playing games on the horizontal screen, the mobile phone fits the hand better.

Red Magics 3 back cover 

The thickness of the Red Magics 3 is 9.65mm. The thinnest part is 6.6mm and it weighs 215g. When the increased battery capacity, the weight does not increase significantly, but the thickness is thinner, which also improves the holding experience to a certain extent. In fact, although the Red Magic 3 is still a bit thick from the point of view of the parameters, there is no obvious feeling when holding it, but the weight of 215g, holding it with one hand for a long time, may cause fatigue.

In terms of screen, the Red Magic 3 is equipped with a 6.65-inch FHD+ resolution AMOLED screen with a maximum brightness of 430 nits. The core highlight of this screen is that it supports 90Hz screen refresh rate, 240Hz screen touch click-through rate and DC dimming, which can greatly improve the visual experience during the game. In addition, the Red Magic 3 has been upgraded to 3D dual-speaker stereo surround sound and DTS7.1 sound channel, with linear motors providing an immersive 4D gaming experience.

Red Magics 3 AMOLED screen  

In terms of practical experience, the screen performance of Red Magic 3 is satisfactory, the screen color reduction degree is higher, and the picture is exquisite. Sliding screen with quick response and low touch delay indeed can greatly improve the user experience. Both on the touch and visual level, it can bring great experience.

Specifically, Red Magic 3 added a large number of lighting effect elements in the central axis area on the back. LOGO light strip was set on the central axis, and the belief LOGO light was added for the first time below the light strip, which supports both constant brightness and flicker. LOGO light belt adopts the design of dazzling-color 16.8 million color RGB light belt. In the multi-use scenarios of e-sports, games, music, charging, standby information reminder, etc., it conveys "I am e-sports mobile phone" to the people around through lighting and light effect, and at the same time, it will not affect its play in e-sports and games due to light change.

Red Magic 3 large number of lighting effect elements

In fact, in addition to using the default lighting effect, users can also use their hands to adjust it. The mobile phone is equipped with a mobile phone lighting editor 2.0. Users can preview the effect of the light in real time when adjusting it. The system is preset with the effect of interstellar belt, skyline, rainbow belt, laser wave, and the light moving with the sound. Of course, users who pursue personalization can also customize the effect of the light.

 mobile phone lighting editor 2.0

The Red Magics 3 continues the idea of the previous product in the concept of four-finger control, adding two border touch capacitance keys to the left and right sides of the phone, and the response time is still very fast. According to officials, the touch delay is only 25 Ms. Basic point-as-you-go response, at the same time, but also added a customizable fingerprint touch keys, so that users in the game is not limited to four-finger manipulation, the actual game experience is better.

four-finger control 

The setting of the mobile phone on other interfaces is quite rich. The physical keys should be available. The 3.5mm headphone jack is also retained.

In addition, taking into account the popularity of the horizontal screen game, in order to improve the horizontal screen game experience, Red Magics 3 also designed side Red Magic 3 electric magic box interface, convenient for users to connect to 3.5mm headphones, charging wires, network cable and other expansion devices. Fully release the side control space behind the horizontal screen, so that charging the wire, earphone wire will no longer hinder the hands and feet, this design is still very practical, but because e-sports magic box is not randomly attached. So we do not know what the specific effect is, by rendering the picture, the electric magic box is probably like this.

Red Magic 3 electric magic box interface 

Overall upgrade ICE2.0 multi - dimensional cooling system: noisy but very effective

As we know, since the launch of the Red Magic mobile phone, it has been paying great attention to heat management system. The Red Magic 3 upgraded ICE2.0 multi-dimensional cooling system, by forced air cooling + liquid cooling + near black body composition. It has a total effective cooling area of up to 32, 000mm, a fan speed of 14, 000 R.P.M., and a unit air volume of 0.26CFM. According to official introduction, the ICE2.0 multi-dimensional three-dimensional heat dissipation system can reduce the machine core temperature by 18 ℃.

The built-in fan of the mobile phone is forced air cooling. Through the combination of natural convection and forced air cooling, the fan is an IP55 water-proof, high-efficiency, low-power and silent centrifugal fan. The metal on the back is equipped with dustproof air inlet and outlet, which can increase the air convection heat transfer inside and outside the mobile phone.

Under the protection of vector control technology, the fan can automatically switch the different gears of high, medium and low to meet the needs of different scenarios. Its power consumption is about 40mA. In terms of the experimental data, the noise at a distance of 30CM is less than 32dBA, which can give consideration to both heat dissipation and sound effect experience. However, in actual experience, if the fan is turned on when playing the game, the rotation of the fan can still be clearly perceived. This feeling is very impetuous, but it is also very effective. If the game is played for a long time, there will be no obvious heating problem.

dimensional cooling system 

And, of course, it also has something to do with the cold part of ICE2.0. Red Magic 3 is equipped with a liquid-cooled heat dissipation copper tube device. When the temperature of the mobile phone rises, the water vapor in the heat dissipation copper tube will take away the heat along the "vacuum belt". When the water vapor cools down and liquefies, it begins to circulate back along the wall capillary structure to keep the CPU at a lower temperature.


The snapdragon 855+5000mAh battery surpasses the iPhone gaming experience

As a flagship product of gaming experience, the Red Magic 3 series has been upgraded to the latest snapdragon 855 platform, focusing on core experiences such as screen effect, battery life, video and audio, and heat dissipation that are widely concerned by gamers. In terms of battery life, in order to ensure sufficient game time, the Red Magics 3 is equipped with the maximum capacity of 5000mAh battery of the current snapdragon 855 flagship phone sold, and supports 27W PD quick charge.

Using Antutu, we can see its point is 3,800,000. It didn’t make great difference for five consecutive times, showing that the ICE 2.0 plays a role. It is worth a surprise that, even after repeated runs, the phone's hand temperature has not significantly increased, it seems that the phone has been able to meet the normal cooling demand only by relying on liquid cooling.

The most laudable is the performance of mobile phones in terms of power, with five consecutive high-voltage runs, with an average power consumption of only 2% per time, which is enough to stand out from each other. In theory, it can last for a day and a half for moderate use. It even meets the needs of users for a day for heavy use. It has to be said that the 5000mah large-capacity battery really functions.

In the specific game experience, we tested the mobile phone running King of Glory and modified Peace Elite. In the state of high-definition display, character stroke, multi-thread and high frame rate, the frame rate is stable at about 60fps, the game is very smooth and the touch response is fast; As the fan is turned on, users do not feel the temperature rise of the phone. Similar to the hand temperature, the heat dissipation effect is also very high.

In Peace Elite, I focused on the experience of five-finger touch. User enters the game mode, slide left on the mobile phone, you can call out the HUB interface, control the detail, here the five fingers touch keys can be customized Settings, according to the habits, I set the cell phone and left of the L for d, R set to shoot at the upper right, and back the fingerprint area is set to jump, experience, the overall effect is very good. 

Of course, the 4D vibration sensation that has been widely used in e-sports mobile phones was not absent this time. Red Magic 3 added a direct drive 8V linear motor into the mobile phone, with response time as low as 1.2ms. At the same time, different vibration modes are designed for different firearms, blasting, weapons, etc., supporting 1000+ game sound effects and 400+ game scenes.

48MP Sony CMOS funny photo inherits family gene

In terms of photography, Red Magics 3 continues the Nubia mobile photography gene. As a main e-sports game mobile phone, its still adopts the family Neovison engine, 586 by 48 million pixels Sony took IMX COMS rear camera, 1/2 inch larger sensor, F / 1.7 aperture, 80.32 ° wide-angle, 0.8 mu m large pixel light-sensitive particles, 0.1 s extreme focus, 6 p, PDAF phase focus, and double color temperature LED.

48MP Sony CMOS funny photo 

In the aspect of microdistance, it is accurate in focusing and has excellent virtual effect. In the aspect of dark light shooting, the sample picture of Red Magics 3 is also very clean, even if the surrounding environment is dark, the overall effect of the sample can still be guaranteed, although there are still some noise in the dark part, at least the details of the picture are still in. It is worth mentioning that Red Magics 3 inherits the photo function of the Nubian camera family, which is very playable and can take samples of various styles at hand. Generally speaking, the photo performance of Red Magics 3 can be satisfactory.


Red Magics 3, as a game phone, its hardware configuration is enough to stand out from the crowd, the upgraded ice2.0 heat dissipation function allows the whole machine to basically bid farewell to the influence of fever, to ensure the stability of performance. Although the fan will still have some noise impact after the fan is turned on, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for the game experience. In addition, the excellent screen with high refresh rate can also bring users a good experience. The geek's appearance design conforms to the competitive positioning, and even the weak camera function of the game phone can be taken into account in Red Magics 3. After the experience, it is difficult to find the obvious shortcomings of this phone.

After several iterations, it has to be said that the Red Magics series of mobile phones have grown, and the starting price of $432 also makes the phone more competitive in the market. Of course, for  a game phone, users are naturally willing to buy a high-storage version. Perhaps the $521 version of 8GB can meet the expectations of most game enthusiasts, but at least Nubia has lowered the threshold for flagship phone access. Users now have more choices.


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