FiiO M5 review: is it a smart watch? No! it’s a Hi-Res music player

ByFields Corrielus 2019-06-27 14683

The FiiO M5 portable player was first unveiled at the new product launch in March this year, when FiiO deliberately packaged the M5 as the next generation of its popular Bluetooth decoders and ears to put the BTR3 in the next generation, boosting the appetite of the audience.

It was not until the official announcement that people saw what the little machine really looked like, a fusion of the BTR series and the M series.

For FiiO BTR series, I believe many ordinary consumers will not be unfamiliar, such as the previous BTR3 Bluetooth decoding ear, the purchase of users is no longer a small number.

As a result, it is not difficult for us to see what kind of audio products ordinary consumers want to choose, the price is close to the people, the size is small, conducive to portable, excellent sound quality and modeling also had better have a sense of design, sounds like some "I want it all" outrageous feeling, but in fact, these requirements, FiiO BTR series can basically meet, it has such excellent comprehensive strength, it is no wonder that it will get a lot of praise in the market.

By the way, the orthodox upgrade of the BTR series, BTR5, will be available soon, and it will attract a lot of consumers.

One might ask, since the FiiO BTR series is perfect and good enough, what does the FiiO M5 portable player exist for? In response, FiiO officials also made a special map to explain the relationship between M5 and BTR series. With the X axis as the function and the Y axis as the sound quality, then the M5 is ahead of the BTR series in functionality and slightly weaker in sound quality than the flagship Bluetooth decoding ear amplifier BTR5.

FiiO M5 

In fact, you can think of the M5 as a versatile BTR series, which can be used not only as a Bluetooth decode headset, but also as a very small and portable player, no matter whether it is used with a mobile phone or independently.

"at the functional level to give the average user the most perfect experience," I think this is the value of the existence of M5.

The M5 has a fuselage size of 45.3mm x 42mm x 13.7mm and weighs only 38g. It is very pocket in hand and the portability is self-evident.

Not only that, the official package also directly attached to the clean water shell back clip, which allows you to hang the M5 anywhere you want to hang, daily use of the street is very convenient.

Personally, this kind of small and delicate digital products tend to have a good first impression, and so does the M5.

The fuselage design of metal frame and double-sided glass enhances the texture of the product itself, and the small fuselage also carries a 1.54-inch HD touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240. you can still get a good look and feel on such a small machine.


Not only that, the addition of the touch screen also makes the operation experience of the M5 very intuitive, sliding and clicking, the difficulty of getting started is very low. I believe that when you get the M5, you do not have to read the instructions to basically know how to use it.

FiiO M5 

As I mentioned above, the M5 is not just a small portable player, it is also an excellent Bluetooth decoding headset, local playback and Bluetooth reception, which can be said to be an important use of the M5 at the same time.

In Bluetooth reception, M5 supports five kinds of Bluetooth coding, including SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC, while Bluetooth transmission supports SBC and LDAC Bluetooth coding, which is helpful for matching mobile phone products or connecting wireless headphones.

FiiO M5 

Just like this, on the back of the glass backplane of the M5, you can also see two certifications of the small gold label and the wireless small gold mark, which is another player product with two small gold marks at the same time after the M11.

For my part, I'd love to match the M5 with my OnePlus 7 Pro, which has no earphone holes, and all the M5 is just a complement to this missing. Through LDAC's Bluetooth coding mode, I can use wired headphones to hear high-quality streaming content on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

After talking about Bluetooth reception, then we have to talk about Bluetooth transmission.

This feature is currently available in most players, but because of its size, most of the machines that really allow users to use it are small devices.

I've heard a lot of such demands: "I don't care about sound quality, but I just want a small machine to listen to music." the advantage of size makes this kind of player really portable. You can still listen to music without a mobile phone. For example, in a fitness scene, the mobile phone is actually a very distracting device, and where to put it is also a problem.

Naturally, the FiiO M5 includes such a group of people for the user community, and the attached clear water shell clip shows its special portability. Not only that, the official launch of the M5 with the exclusive silicone strap, users can wear the M5 on their wrists like a watch, its system lock screen interface is also designed to be a dial, and has five styles to choose from.

FiiO M5 

This not only solves the problem of carrying, but also can be used as a watch to look at the time, killing two birds with one stone.

More interesting is that in the M5 system settings, you can freely set the orientation of the M5 system interface, because its own screen is square, so no matter which direction will not bring display problems, and the purpose of this function, in fact, according to the actual use of the user habits to adapt, we can see that FiiO in this detail is quite attentive.

Not only that, it is built-in pedometer function in the system, it seems that FiiO really want the user to wear it at any time.

FiiO M5​ 

FiiO M5 portable player built-in 550mAh battery, battery life of about 12 hours, the data will change according to the use of users, basically meet the needs of a week is sufficient, but a little pity, M5 does not support any fast charge protocol, fully charged for more than 2.5 hours.


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