Galaxy Watch Active vs Galaxy Watch: What are the differences?

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-30 964

Samsung launched its new smart watch, Galaxy Watch Active, on Wednesday. As rumors predicted, this is a much more sports-focused device and has a fundamental difference with some of its predecessors like the Galaxy Watch or Gear S3: it has no rotating bezel, the one that has made Samsung's watches so famous.



The Galaxy Watch Active has a design closer to the Gear Sport launched two years ago. Unlike today's Galaxy Watch which came with screens in 1.2 and 1.3 inch sizes and 42mm and 46mm bands, Active only comes in one size, with a 1.1 inch screen and 20mm band.


This gives us a clear signal: this watch is made for boys and girls alike, and has the goal of feeling more comfortable on your wrist so you can wear it with you all day, and use it in your daily activities. Yes, the original Galaxy Watch too, but to be honest, that watch is huge and feels big all the time.


In fact, one decisive detail between these two watches is their weight: Galaxy Watch Active weighs 25 grams and Galaxy Watch 42mm 63 grams -- both weights calculated without a bracelet.


What can it do for you?

According to Samsung, the new Galaxy Watch Active can measure up to 90 different types of physical activity. Both devices have heart rate meters, and of course they can count your calories, distances and stress. The Galaxy Active in our analysis a few months ago could only measure 21 indoor exercises for a total of 39 total activities.


Unlike Watch, Galaxy Watch Active can also measure blood pressure. Both watches have Samsung's Health app for complete monitoring of your activities and both are compatible with iOS and Android.


This new watch has 5ATM water resistance, and unlike Watch, it also meets IP68 standards and the military standard MIL-STD-810G, which ensures greater durability of the device. 


In the absence of battery testing, both devices generally have the same operating system and app store, although the experience changes because the new watch does not have the rotating bezel. You won't find an LTE version of this either.


The biggest difference is probably in price: Galaxy Watch Active has an initial price of US$199 and Galaxy Watch sells from US$349.


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