Google Fuchsia OS:Is this the new Android?

ByZim Watson 2019-05-10 440

A recent report talks about Fuchsia OS as the successor to Android and that within five years it would replace it. However, in response to CNET, Google has referred to Fuchsia simply as "one of its many open source experiments".

Fuchsia is a major project within Google as indicated by the amount of people and resources being allocated, several of them former Google veterans dedicated to Android. The information we receive comes to an end but what we know is that it will be an operating system designed for all types of devices, from laptops to sensors connected and whose goals are to strengthen the use of voice, AI and create a modular system with instant apps and more frequent updates.

Also an operating system with ease to adapt to the location and activity of the user, a structure that caused some internal dispute over privacy according to Bloomberg. Cobalt could provide internal statistics with a high level of detail, but after all Google is also one of the first to want its new operating system to be secure and respect privacy.

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