Hisense Reading Mobile A5 Review: cut off troubles and enjoy reading

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[Gearbest Review] how long has it been since you read a complete book? For a few years, when we pick up the unfinished "ordinary World", we may already be full of tears. The joy of reading is wonderful, in which the taste may only be able to understand, adhere to reading, can really enter the "Golden House" and "Yan Ruyu" in the book.

Of course, the emergence of all kinds of electronic products has had a great impact on traditional paper reading. Many people have begun to use smartphones to brush short videos, chase dramas and even play games. How many people are still sticking to the little thing of reading? As a Beijing drifters youth, daily subway commuting can see different people's commuting road, a long journey, mobile phone is the best companion, this is an iron rule that is difficult to change. But for other people, reading is their habit from beginning to end.


Hisense reading phone A5

There is a common phenomenon of reading with traditional smart phones. If you use it for a long time, your eyes will be very tired. If you don't pay attention to your eyes, you may even have some problems such as myopia. In order to solve this problem, smartphones began to have low blue eye protection certification, on the other hand, there are reading phones. As a deep cultivator of reading mobile phones, Hisense has made efforts in this field for many years, bringing users generation after generation of reading products. On October 23, Hisense's new generation of reading phone A5 was officially launched, bringing a new choice for readers. How does it perform? Let's take a look at it together.


Hisense reading phone A5 Turns into a wonderful ink in ink

Hisense reading phone A5 is equipped with a 5.84in HD professional eye protection luminous ink screen, with a narrow frame design, it has become one of the top ink screen devices in the proportion of screens. And in the final analysis, Hisense reading phone A5 is essentially a mobile phone, so it can bring users a more comfortable one-handed holding feel, compared with the traditional e-reader, the holding experience is better. The skin-friendly material used on the back brings the delicate feel of a baby's skin, and the touch of this material is not as cold as glass or as heavy as metal, even if it is used in winter.


Hisense reading phone A5 and traditional smartphone

Frame part reflects the intention of Hisense reading mobile phone A5. Compared with the traditional smartphone, the volume key and lock screen key on the right change the position, which can provide a better interactive experience for readers. Click the volume button to turn the page, which is very convenient. The left side is equipped with a continuous line of AI Mo Zhi key, which can be operated quickly. At the bottom is a charging interface and a 3.5mm headphone hole, which is convenient for users to use. The back of the fuselage is particularly simple, except for a camera and flash, there are no other openings, delicate feel with the "Hisense" logo, without a trace of redundancy.


When we light up the screen of Hisense reading mobile phone A5, the texture of a paper book comes into view. Maybe we haven't read a paper book for too long, and we have a feeling that we haven't seen it for a long time. The A5 ink screen is displayed by reflecting external light and transmitting the contents of the screen to the human eye. The screen does not glow during the day, so there is no blue light, so it is naturally more eye-protecting when used. When used at night, A5 glows through a front soft diffuse light source, the brightness of the eyes is 50% lower than that of ordinary LCD, and the content of blue light is also reduced by 90%. So from this point of view, even if it is night reading, A5 can also protect the eyes, not dazzling.



Hisense reading phone A5 night effect

For different users of multi-scene reading, Hisense reading phone A5 to achieve visibility in the sun, the stronger the sun, the clearer the screen, the display effect is better than the visual effect of ordinary smartphones. From the display effect of our Hisense reading mobile phone A5 in the sun, this effect is very obvious. Even in strong light, the words on the screen can be seen clearly and very clearly. In addition, Hisense reading phone A5 built-in intelligent soft light reading lamp, support 2048 intelligent adjustment, automatically form a soft photosensitive mode, more comfortable reading, more eye protection compared with the traditional mobile phone screen.


Hisense reading mobile phone A5 display effect

In the sunIn the construction of e-book content, Hisense Reader Mobile A5 cooperates deeply with six high-quality content platforms: gearbest Reader, Palm Reader, QQ Reader, Migu Reader, Reader and people's Reader, which can provide readers with massive content resources and read whatever they want without being bothered by the books they want to read.


In order for users to read better, the Hisense Reader phone A5 also adds minimalist mode, which can be accessed by gently sliding up from the screen interface. Minimalist desktops follow a concise and capable interaction and visual design style, remove all redundant elements that interfere with users, and highlight reading attributes. There will be weather and reading time information on the first screen, and you can also select WiFi, ringtone / vibration, Bluetooth, data; the second screen is a shelf on which you can click on the last book you read, and the third screen is more social, with options such as WeChat, moments, Subscription account, collection and other options to meet the needs of different users.


AI reading wisdom of Hisense reading mobile phone

AI Mo Zhi key is a major feature of Hisense reading mobile phone, A5 has also been inherited, can provide more ways to play for reading enthusiasts. In some scenarios, the short press of the ink intelligence key can provide specific functions or operations, while the long press can activate the voice assistant, so it is not bad for us to try to open the "gearbest Reading" APP, experience with voice. Next, let's take a look at what Mo Zhi keys have to play.

In WeChat, Sina News, Sohu News and other applications. Short press the ink smart button to collect the articles, and you can start a second reading in the Intelligent Assistant's "read later". It is very convenient, when you are reading, you suddenly have other things to deal with, and later reading will appear to be very user-friendly.

In the case of mobile phone breath screen, double-click ink smart keys can display screenshot notes on the ink screen, and can also switch notes by double-clicking the screen, which is convenient and practical. In addition, when we listen to music, short press the ink intelligence key can also pause / play music.

In addition, in the message screen, lock screen, desktop, short press the Ink Intelligence key to start the set application, which is equivalent to one-click direct access. For example, if we set it to WeChat, you can directly enter the WeChat APP, by clicking the Mo Zhi key, so you can associate the commonly used APP, and your life efficiency will be greatly improved. Mo Zhi key also has the role of call recording, in the course of the call if there is important information that needs to be recorded, as long as click on the Mo Zhi key can be automatically recorded, is it very practical?


Security is also important

As a reading phone, A5 not only has a more suitable ink screen for reading, but also integrates more security capabilities. Hisense reading phone A5 supports both face and password unlocking methods, in which passwords support digital passwords, mixed passwords and pattern passwords, which meet the unlocking needs of most people. Of course, the author also recommends that we use facial unlocking, compared with the password unlocking faster, the experience is also better, can also bring good security protection.


Of course, face unlock can deal with some simple unlock needs in life, if it is related to the payment level, in order to better protect the property security of users, it can not be realized at present.

Among the security options, Hisense Reader phone A5 supports payment protection, SOS emergency help, application lock and other options, which can provide multiple security protection for users. Of course, do you have a familiar feeling about these? In fact, this is the content of the Android system, so other Android smartphones also have A5, we do not have to worry about experience and security issues, which is consistent.


In order to better protect the privacy of users, Hisense Reader A5 also has a private space function, users can move private contacts, call records, information, pictures, audio, video, documents, applications and other content into the private space. In addition to setting a regular password, the private space also needs to set password protection questions for the first time to prevent users from forgetting their passwords. With Hisense Reader phone A5, you can make your secrets more private.


Can it only read?

Many people wonder if Hisense can only read mobile phone A5. The answer is of course not. Hisense Reader Mobile A5 focuses on reading, and other functions can also be used. after all, this is a mobile phone. It is equipped with the Android system, can run mainstream applications, and even has a built-in camera that allows us to take pictures and take selfies. Of course, although it is shown in black and white on the A5, it is transmitted to other devices in color.



In addition, it also supports social networking, we can download WeChat, QQ, Weibo and other social applications, A5 can run, and even WeChat video calls can be completed, very interesting, but due to the characteristics of the ink screen, this operation is inevitably a little strange.



If you particularly like to play, Tik Tok or games these APP it can all run, but the painting style is fresh, of course, you can try it after reading. In this way, people can also show off to the people around them, "I have browsed the black-and-white version of Douyin, I have played the black-and-white version of Happy Xiaole, do you have it?"

And the reading of Hisense Reader Mobile A5 is not limited to the several APP, we mentioned earlier. If you like Jinri Toutiao and other new media, you can also get a good experience. After all, reading is boundless, but the carrier is different. While reading, many people also like to listen to music, A5 built-in high-fidelity HI-FI chip, through hundreds of training, can bring panoramic dynamic lossless sound quality, make reading more comfortable, experience better.

It can also incarnate a personal memo, set poems, words, maxims, etc., as a lock screen, and display clearly every time you take out the phone, even if it doesn't show up. Can bring readers more fun, spare time to memorize a few words, memorize a few maxims, unwittingly can improve themselves. This function is matched with the student mode and can be turned into a small helper for students to learn. Through the student mode, you can limit the installation of applications, Internet access time and Internet access, as well as the use of prefabricated learning applications, you can effectively monitor the status of children using mobile phones, parents can give their children a try.


Hisense reading phone A5 can also act as portable battery, it is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, with its own power-saving features of the ink screen, compared with ordinary smartphones, the reading life is better, when the WiFi, reading light is turned on to the minimum or maximum, the A5 can read continuously for 62 to 93 hours. You can even match a OTG cable, which can be used to charge other devices, depending on how you want to play.


Written in the last

Hisense reading phone A5 as a product for reading users, with ink screen, hardware eye protection, rich applications and other features to provide readers with a more comfortable reading experience. Compared with some e-readers, A5 can also provide rich social and entertainment capabilities, whether it is making phone calls, texting, QQ, WeChat, Douyin, quick-hand short videos, it can all hold.

Of course, due to some of its own problems with the ink screen, the fluency of the A5 still needs to be further adapted, and it will take a while if you are a user who has just transferred from a color screen smartphone. As for users who are used to using readers or reading mobile phones, Hisense Mobile A5 can bring you a good reading experience.

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