Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

HNW - 018 USB powered mosquito killer lamp: have a big-free summer!

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Summer is sunshine, ice cream and the sea. And mosquitoes. Yes, unfortunately, there is no avoiding the little annoyances of summer — especially if you like to keep the windows open. Or is there? If you are not a fan of spraying your body and surroundings with foul smelling toxic sprays, you will be very happy with a more high-tech solution to the problem — the electric mosquito killer lamp.


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What is an Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp?

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp (also known as electrical discharge insect control system or simply bug zapper) is a device that attracts mosquitoes and other bugs by emitting simulated light that allures the insects into the trap and instantly kills them.


HNW - 018 USB Powered Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Lamp

HNW - 018 USB Powered Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Lamp - BLACK


Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

How does the HNW - 018 USB powered Electric Mosquito Lamp work?

It's really simple and your mosquito troubles can be over in just 4 steps. Here's how it goes:

● Connect the lamp to any power sources (laptop, power bank, charger, etc.) via the USB cable.

● Turn on the mosquito lamp.

● Light will start emitting from the device.

● Insects are attracted by the emitted light and fly towards it.

● A powerful suction fan comes into play and sucks the mosquitoes inside the trap.

the powerful suction fan on Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

● You are free to enjoy a mosquito-free environment .

just need 4 steps to suck the mosquito in the trap

Why choose the Electric Mosquito Lamp?

There are quite a few reasons why you might prefer the new anti-mosquito lamp to conventional bug repellents: 

Powerful & efficient

The lamp emits a special kind of heat and light — 365nm wavelength is especially attractive to insects and the curved design makes sure that the purple light is emitted from all sides of the device guaranteeing a 360 degree area coverage. This means that no bugs in the vicinity will escape the trap.

the purple light and 365nm wavelength on mosquito lamp

Easy charging

The lamp is conveniently powered via a widely compatible USB port. So you can easily keep it charged from your laptop, power bank, a phone charger and more — with no worries about running out of power or the need to keep a stock of batteries for the device.

the widely compatible USB port on mosquito lamp

Simple and safe

The anti-mosquito lamp is absolutely safe to use in any area of your home including a child's bedroom and does not cause any harm to humans or pets.

It does not require any insecticides or other toxic substances that can pollute the air in your home or cause allergic reactions and is 100% eco-friendly.

The anti-mosquito lamp is absolutely safe

Unobtrusive and quiet

The lamp uses a very faint yet very effective purple light, which can get rid of the annoying insects quickly but won't cause you any discomfort. Despite being equipped with a strong suction fan (the one that traps all the bugs inside), the lamp only produces 35dB of noise, which can be compared to a gentle whisper and won't interrupt your beauty sleep.

Unobtrusive and quiet mosquito lamp

Quick to clean

Thanks to the detachable design, the lamp is super easy to clean. All you will need to do is detach the bottom part of the lamp, discard the dead insects and place it back on — your lamp is ready for action once again. What's more, this particular model comes with large capacity "mosquito storage", you won't have to clean the lamp often.

the easy clean mosquito lamp


While some mosquito killer lamps can be bulky, this model only measures 12.50 x 12.50 x 19.00 cm and you can easily bring it along on a camping trip or move it between the different rooms of your house.

the compact design of mosquito lamp

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp: yes or no

The anti-mosquito lamp is a great bug solution for those who detest the smell of repellent sprays, have allergies or simply want a less intrusive and more long-term solution to mosquito problems. It's efficient (attracts and kills the bugs), safe (uses no toxic ingredients), easy-to-use (simply charge it via the USB port), compact (take it anywhere) and exceptionally unobtrusive (low noise and calm purple light).

Another great reason to choose it is the price. You might expect a device of this sort to be on the pricier side but that's not the case at all. The lamp is available for under $15 and will quickly turn out to be an actual money-saver as you won't have to purchase short-term solutions like bug repellent sprays or incense every mosquito season.

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