Honor 20 Pro camera review: second best camera phone in the world

ByAdeline Belluz 2019-06-03 497

After the world's strongest camera phone P30 Pro, we are more looking forward to the Honor 20Pro camera performance, and the 111 DxOMark score is not disappointing, and what upgrades, but also shows the Honor of the pursuit of technological innovation So, what is the performance of this Honor 20 Pro with many technologies in one.

How is DxOMark ranked second

The Honor digital series of photos has never been disappointing, the Honor 20 Pro is no exception, the 32-megapixel front camera needless to say, the focus is still to look at the rear lens. The Honor 20 Pro rear-mounted adopts a four-camera solution, which is the first four-camera mobile phone with Honor. The main camera is 48 million, using the Sony IMX 586 sensor, which is also the most common CMOS of the current flagship mobile phone. But the difference is that this 48-megapixel main aperture has reached f1.4, which can be said to be the largest aperture mobile phone in recent years, and supports optical image stabilization, large aperture can make the amount of light more, in low light and night There will be better imaging results in the photo.

In addition to this large aperture of 48 million pixel main camera, Honor 20 Pro also has a 16 million pixel 117 ° super wide-angle lens, aperture is f / 2.2, an 8 million pixel telephoto lens, aperture is f / 2.4, also supports OIS optical image stabilization, and also supports up to 3x optical zoom, 30x digital zoom. The last lens did not use the ToF 3D deep-sensing lens, but independently used a 2 megapixel macro lens with an aperture of f/2.4.

From the parameter point of view, in addition to the Huawei P30 Pro, the camera module of the Honor 20 PRO is already the strongest in the market. The Honor 20 PRO also scored 111 points in DxO and ranked second in the DxOMark ranking. It seems that the one plus 7 Pro DxO scores released a few days ago are also 111 points. In the spirit of watching the fun is not too big, let's take a look at the Honor 20 PRO and one plus 7 Pro. (You need to explain in advance, the following samples are compressed after uploading)

In the sunny day, by contrast we can see that the Honor of the 20 Pro color is more vivid, and the one plus 7 Pro is more inclined to restore the real, the overall perception of the individual thinks that the Honor 20 Pro looks more eye-catching, specific to the details Compared with the Honor 20 Pro, the leaves of the one plus 7 Pro are obviously sharpened excessively, while the trees of the Honor 20 Pro are more natural, obviously in the daytime camera adjustment, the Honor 20 Pro is better.

In the performance of the backlight, the two models are excellent for suppressing the highlights, but the Honor of the 20 Pro is better. Through the sky, buildings and leaves, it can be seen that the Honor of the 20 Pro camera is very friendly, although this Both models have achieved a bright spot, but the details of the darkness are clearly Honor. 20 Pro is better.

Next, let's take a look at the performance of the Honor 20 Pro on the wide-angle lens. As you can see from the figure below, the shooting range is wider under the same position and angle, which will have a better performance for shooting landscapes. . At the same time, in the overall perception of the proofs, the Honor 20 Pro has a strong layering and high saturation. It looks more pleasing, and the photo resolution is good. The restoration of the details and contours of the building is also very clear.

When it comes to wide-angle nature, it is inseparable from macro. Unlike the one-of-a-kind 7 Pro macro shot, the Honor 20 Pro is super macro, and everyone in the macro can have it, but the super macro is only Huawei and Honor. It can be said that in the super macro, Huawei and Honor are simply the invincible existence of the mobile phone industry, not to mention, directly look at the picture.

Unlike other mobile phones, the Honor 20 Pro does not rely on wide-angle lenses and algorithms, but is equipped with a macro lens, so the Honor 20 Pro can perform so well in macro shooting, but this will also bring some The drawback is that after the super macro is turned on, the shooting distance of the Honor 20 Pro is relatively fixed. After the measurement is about 4cm, the best imaging effect can be guaranteed. If the distance is far away, it will be difficult to focus.

Although the Honor 20 Pro's photo is better in the overall color and the performance of the leaves, it is inevitable that the problem of excessive sharpening caused by the pursuit of details can be seen from the wires below. It can be seen that one plus 7 Pro is obviously better than Honor. 20 Pro's detail reduction on the wire is even better. In order to pursue the details, it is already an old problem, and I hope that the future Honor can be improved in the OTA upgrade.

In the daytime, there is plenty of light, and the test of the camera is more about the adjustment of color reproduction. It really depends on the night scene shooting, but thanks to the large aperture of f1.4, there is a certain amount of light. Guarantee.

In the ordinary street scene, the proof of the Honor 20 Pro is very pure, mainly because the overall brightness and noise control are excellent, and the application after zooming is also very slight. And compared to the one plus 7 Pro, the Honor 20 Pro is superior in highlight suppression, just like the night scene mode.

When the night scene mode is turned on, the brightness of the screen will be further improved, and the whole picture will be more eye-catching. And in terms of resolving power is slightly better than a plus 7 Pro, mainly because the application of the leaves is not so serious, of course, the sharpening intensity is still too heavy, in the low light environment, sometimes the noise will be out of control.

The wide-angle telephoto lens is still relatively large compared to the main camera, but both support the night scene mode, and the telephoto lens is also quite eye-catching under the 3x zoom. The "return" strip on the five-ring tower can also be clear. Restore it out.

In short, the match between the two can be described as a real god fight, both IMX586, are 111 points. The Honor 20 Pro photo first impression is slightly dominant, especially on the night shot, the direct photo effect is almost the night scene mode, the overall purity is very high, but it is a bit of a sharp force. The photo with one plus 7 Pro is a feeling of faintness, and the simple surface also has powerful details, which can withstand fine scrutiny and belong to the style of tribute to true colors.

Sum up

Overall, the Honor 20 Pro pursues not only the best performance, but also the super shooting function. From the "Technology Benchmark" of the V20 last year to the "Fixed Fantasy" of the 20 Pro, the obvious change is from a bucket machine to a flagship machine with unique highlights. That is a huge improvement in the camera. It can be said that with the performance of the IMX586 and the super-large aperture of the f1.4, the Honor 20 Pro can be said to be the next mobile phone with the Huawei P30 Pro.

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