Honor 20 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9 vs OnePlus 7 Pro: how to choose and which one is worth buying?

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Honor 20 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro are 3 newly released flagship level smartphones. They have been well received once coming to the market. The 3 phones offer different features and highlights for us, so they may leave you scratching your head when choose among them. Here is a complete guide to help you make decision.

Honor 20 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9 vs OnePlus 7 Pro: specs


First, let’s take a quick look at the main specs of the 3 smartphones.

Smartphone name

Honor 20 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9

OnePlus 7 Pro


6.26 inch

6.39 inch

6.67 inch


Kirin 980

Snapdragon 855

Snapdragon 855


Magic UI 2.1.0



Rear camera




Front camera









8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB

6+128GB, 8+128GB, 8+256GB

6+128GB, 8+256GB, 12+256GB


Hardware configuration: Honor 20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 performs better than OnePlus 7 in terms of camera performance

Hardware configuration

In terms of processors, the OnePlus 7 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 both carry the snapdragon 855, Qualcomm's most powerful processor to date, while the Honor 20 Pro is unsurprisingly powered by the latest version of its own processor, the kirin 980.

Both snapdragon 855 and kirin 980 adopt 7nm process, with running scores of 360,000 and 310,000 respectively, which should be said to be of high processing performance.

In addition, Huawei or Honor has been touting Turbo technology since last year. It is the combination of hard and soft processing that brings the performance of the hardware to a better level. Therefore, although the Kirin 980's running score may not be as good as the snapdragon 855, the overall performance of the Kirin 980's smart phone with various "Turbo" technologies may be more outstanding.

In terms of taking photos, OnePlus 7 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 both adopt the rear three-camera scheme, which is also the mainstream configuration of mobile phones with a price of $447, while Honor 20 Pro adopts the rear four-camera configuration, which is a little more advanced overall.

Specifically, the Xiaomi Mi 9 features the "48 million main shots +16 million super wide Angle +12 million portraits" rear three-shot combination, the OnePlus 7 Pro adopts the "48 million main shots +16 million super wide Angle +8 million telephoto" rear three-shot combination, and the Honor 20 Pro uses the "48 million main shots +16 million super wide Angle +8 million telephoto +2 million independent macro" rear four-shot combination.

As you can see, the Honor 20 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9, and OnePlus 7 Pro have similar rear-facing master and ultra wide Angle lenses. The differences are mainly reflected in telephoto lens parameters and whether there is an independent macro lens.

Overall, the Honor 20 Pro's rear four shot performance is outstanding, while the Xiaomi Mi 9's telephonic lens is better than the OnePlus 7 Pro.

In terms of front camera, the Honor 20 Pro is equipped with a 32 million front camera. The Xiaomi Mi  9 is equipped with a 20 million front camera, and the OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with a 16 million front camera, so the OnePlus 7 Pro has the weakest front camera.

Design: Honor 20 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro have their own features


Honor is firmly optimistic about the perforating screen design scheme. Since Honor V20, Honor has been using the perforating screen design, and Honor 20 series is the same.

Zhao Ming, President of Honor, said at the press conference that Samsung S10+ series also uses the perforated screen design, which is expected to become the mainstream design in the future.

Due to its early release time, Xiaomi Mi 9 still adopts the drip screen design, while OnePlus 7 Pro adopts the panoramic screen design due to its obvious OPPO gene.

It can be said that the perforated screen and the drip screen, in the end, both belong to the special-shaped screen design, with obvious "defect effect", but it does not exclude that many users like this kind of incomplete beauty, however, and the panoramic screen of ultra-high screen ratio does look more comfortable.

Specifically, the Honor 20 Pro features a 6.26-inch "eye screen" (or perforated screen) with an aperture of only 4.5mm, which is the smallest aperture compared to other perforated screen designs such as Samsung's S10+. The front-facing camera is hidden below the screen, bringing a full view each time. The fingerprint unlock is placed on the side and is integrated with the power button to unlock the screen while pressing the power button.

The Honor 20 Pro has a glass back with a curved design that fits the feel. The top left corner lies vertically 4 photos, and the grip size is similar to that of a traditional 5.3-inch phone.

The OnePlus 7 Pro features a 6.67-inch curved panoramic screen, similar to OPPO Find X, which was launched last year. The screen should account for no less than 91% of the screen. The 3D curved surface transition can show a borderless visual experience.

The back of one plus 7Pro is designed with 3D curved glass, which gives the gloss effect of foggy surface. The appearance level is extremely high. Even if you touch the fingerprint on the foggy surface, it won't be particularly conspicuous. The rear position is in the center, and the whole surface is very beautiful.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is a little passive, with a 6.39-inch water drop screen on the front. It should be said that since last year, a large number of new products have been launched with the water drop screen design, and the new Xiaomi Mi 9 released in 2019 still adopts the water drop screen, which may indicate that Xiaomi Mi 9 is still struggling with the screen design scheme.

The Xiaomi Mi 9's chin is 45% narrower than the Xiaomi Mi 8's and some of the sound quality has been sacrificed for looks. It has a full curved holographic glass back cover and a rear row of 3 photos. The beauty comes from the Fibonacci golden ratio.

Price: Honor 20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 have a good cost-performance, while OnePlus 7 Pro is a little expensive

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of Honor 20 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro are both 4000mAh, while the battery capacity of Xiaomi Mi 9 is 3300mAh. It is no surprise that the Xiaomi Mi 9's battery life is controversial.

In terms of body thickness, the thickness of the Xiaomi Mi 9 is 7.61mm. The thickness of OnePlus 7 Pro is 8.8mm. The thickness of Honor 20 Pro is 8.44mm, and you can see that the Xiaomi Mi 9 has cut its battery capacity by 20% to make it thinner. The Honor 20 Pro is thinner than Xiaomi Mi 9 although they have the same battery capacity.

In terms of screen unlocking, the OnePlus 7 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 both adopt the fingerprint unlocking technology scheme, while the Honor 20 Pro adopts the "integrated design with fingerprint and side power button", which is quite unique.

Due to the increasing use of screen fingerprint technology in mainstream smartphones, Honor 20 Pro is facing great pressure. Zhao Ming, President of Honor 20 Pro, spoke with data at the scene, indicating that Honor 20 Pro's fingerprint unlock scheme has faster unlock speed and higher unlock success rate.

In terms of storage combination, the memory standard of Honor 20 series has been comprehensively raised to 8GB. Among them, Honor 20 pro offers two combinations of "8GB+ 128/256gb", Xiaomi Mi 9 offers "6/8gb +128GB" and "12GB+256GB", and OnePlus 7 Pro offers "6GB+128GB" and "8/12gb +256GB".

The same version of "8GB+128GB" is priced at $477 for the Honor 20 Pro and $492 for the Xiaomi Mi 9. It can be seen that the Honor 20 Pro is actually $15 cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi 9.

The same 8GB+256GB version is priced at $521 for the Honor 20 Pro and $670 for the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Honor 20 Pro is $149 cheaper than the OnePlus 7 Pro.

It can be seen that the cost-effective advantage of Honor 20 Pro is not only stronger than Xiaomi Mi 9, but also significantly ahead of OnePlus 7 Pro.

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