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Honor FlyPods Youth Edition vs. Apple AirPods: different price, similar experience?

ByNiki Jones 2019-01-22 8165

If you have a small budget and are struggling with how to choose a true wireless Bluetooth headphone, you can take a look at the comparison in today's article. We used the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition, which costs 399RMB(about $60), to compare with the Apple AirPods, which are currently on the market for more than 1000 RMB. The price difference between these two true wireless headphones is three times, so how much is the difference in experience? Let’s look at it together.

Design and wearing experience

First of all, the two headphones’ packages respectively include: the headset, charging box and charging line, of course, the two of these are standard configuration. However, the Honor FlyPods are also attached to three  pairs of silicone earbuds and a pair of shell sleeves for adding friction, which is a little bit more abundant than that.

Honor FlyPods package

In terms of appearance, the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition has a larger overall size, while the AirPods are relatively more portable and smaller. In addition, the FlyPods Youth Edition offers a wide selection of colors, making them more suitable for the young people.


 the design of Honor FlyPods Youth Edition and AirPods

In terms of the shape of the headphone body, the FlyPods Youth Edition and AirPods are both long-handle design. The difference is that the FlyPods Youth Edition is in-ear design, while AirPods are flat-head type. The two headphones have their own advantages and disadvantages.The advantages of the in-ear type are better physical sound insulation and passive noise reduction, while the advantages of the flat-head type are better compatibility and can be suitable for more people to wear.

As for the wearing experience, there is a big difference between in-ear type and headphone type. One thing in common is that both earphones are very firm. As a true wireless earphone, it doesn't fall off very often.In fact, people are much relieved about that the true wireless headphones are easy to fall off

in-ear type wearing experience 

headphone type wearing experience 

Summary: To be honest, if you want to ask what is the biggest difference between the two, then it must be the appearance of the two headphones. Stacking chips, speaker units, circuit boards, microphones, and other components in a small volume is a tricky business.In the previous FlyPods Pro version, we also saw that the Honor already has the capability of making the headphone volume close to the AirPods, and even adding something that Apple doesn't have (bone tone recognition). So the FlyPods Youth Edition aimed at making an affordable headphone with relatively low technical cost, and separate layout in high and low price.

Touch interaction and system adaptation

Touch interaction of true wireless earphones has become a standard feature, and it is no exception for these two earphones. In terms of functions, they are also common: double-clicking to summon voice assistant/pause/play music, but the FlyPods Youth Edition comes with a wider range of compatible systems, including the iPhone's Siri and the android phone's voice assistant.

double-clicking functions 

Relatively speaking, Apple is more closed, and on the sensitivity, both have good performance.

Both touch interactions are sensitive on answering/making calls. In addition, we also tested to send text messages and music play/pause, both have very few mistakes.

Summary: The touch interaction functions of the two headphones are similar, and the system adaptation of Honor is more extensive.

Sound quality and delay

Both of them are compatible with AAC and SBC in Bluetooth transmission format. There is no problem with the voice part of the analytical force.The medium and high frequency can be clear and transparent, in the pure music, such as piano and saxophone, have a limited rise in the high-frequency part, but at least they can not break the sound, while the low frequencies have a general performance without obvious sense of quantity. However, as the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition is designed with in-ear design, it has better sound airtightness than flat-head headphones, with the low frequency part slightly highlighted. Overall, both are biased in balanced adjustment mode, which can basically meet the needs of listening to music in daily life.

Honor FlyPods Youth Edition sound quality 

AirPods sound quality  

Both of the performance are also good on the delayed test, When watching video of station B, the delay is basically not felt, but some scenes will have slight delay when playing games.

Battery life

Battery life is also one of the main reasons for the difference between the Youth Edition of FlyPods and AirPods. It should be said that the FlyPods Youth Edition has enough battery life to last three to four days, while the AirPods have long been the benchmark for true wireless headphones. Considering the price difference of 600RMB, it is great to achieve this level.

In addition to the above, I'd like to add that the FlyPods Youth Edition also has IPX5 waterproof, which is not available on AirPods and would be more appropriate for exercise and outdoor scenarios. Plus, about the power display function of the headsets, AirPods can only be displayed on the iPhone, while FlyPods Youth Edition can be displayed on the iPhone and many mainstream android phones, and more comprehensive on the system suitability.

FlyPods Youth Edition IPX5 waterproof


Let's take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of Honor FlyPods Youth Edition and Apple AirPods.


Product name
Honor FlyPods Youth Edition
Apple AirPods
1. Low price;
2. Good delay in sound quality;
3. IPX5 waterproof
1. Small size;
2. Long endurance;
3. Good delay in sound quality
1. Relatively large volume;
2. Slightly stronger in-ear pressure
1. High price;
2. Less color selection;
3. not waterproof  


Back to the title, the difference in price is three times, and the differences are mainly in the appearance design and battery life. Now the main question is: can you accept the relatively large size and relatively short battery life on the price gap? In fact, in terms of price, it is not the most appropriate to put the two together for comparison. The purpose of this article is to let consumers with smaller budgets know how to choose a suitable wireless headphones for themselves.

So if you're an android user who pursues cost-effective performance, the FlyPods Youth Edition would be a great choice, while if you're an iPhone user, AirPods would be a better choice.The iOS ecosystem would make the experience of using them together even better.


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