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Honor Magic 2 released, equipped with 9 Huawei's own R&D black technologies

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-02 3338

The highly anticipated Honor future ultra flagship Honor Magic 2 was officially released in Beijing on Oct. 31, 2018. There are four versions of the glorious Magic 2: 6GB+128GB version is priced at 3799 yuan, 8GB+128GB version is priced at 4299 yuan, 8GB+256GB version is priced at 4799 yuan, and 8GB+512GB 3D photosensitive version is priced at 5799 yuan.

Honor Magic 2 

In December 2016, the Honor Magic generation shocked the industry with its octahedral design in appearance. Two years later, as the world's first AI sliding screen full screen, the Honor Magic 2 is using the innovative butterfly five-track sliding screen magic full screen + screen optical fingerprint technology, bringing nearly 100% screen proportion perfect comprehensive screen solutions.

Nearly 100% original butterfly five-track sliding screen design

The glorious Magic 2 with a 6.39-inch magic full screen adopts the AMOLED display, the original butterfly five-track sliding screen design, and the whole body adopts a lot of 3D curve designs. Meanwhile, the 3D curved glass rear case on the back of the body adopts the advanced optical nano-scale vacuum coating technology to precisely control the propagation path of light on each layer of coating. In terms of color scheme, glory Magic 2 also brings three different styles of color scheme, namely gradually black, gradually blue and gradually red.

The glorious Magic 2 with a 6.39-inch magic full screen

An optical fingerprint for Magic 2, a 32.48 square millimeter with a supersized light-sensitive fingerprint sensor, a larger sensitive area that allows you to touch a larger area, and a soft, coordinated algorithm to increase the speed of the lock, and in a coupon state, it has to be unlocked within half a second.

light-sensitive fingerprint sensor 

A new generation of Magic UI intelligence system YOYO

Glory Magic 2 has built stronger AI capabilities from the triple realm of chip, system and AI application, enabling smart phones to truly enter the great era of deep application of artificial intelligence.

The promotion of smart phone relies on the support of AI chip. The Kirin 980 chip is equipped innovatively for the first time in the industry with a dual-core neural network processing unit (NPU). In terms of performance, Kirin 980 of 7nm process integrated the world's first CPU adopting the Cortex A76 architecture, with a 75% increase in CPU performance and 58% increase in energy efficiency. With LPDDR4X memory, memory bandwidth is up by 20% compared to the previous generation, and latency is down by 22%. The MailG76 GPU improved performance by 46% and efficiency by 178%.

The Kirin 980 chip 

In order to build a more intelligent AI capability and provide users with a more intelligent and perceptible application experience, Honor Magic 2 is equipped with a new generation of AI system Magic UI2.0. Magic UI is the re-evolution of AI. Its soul and kernel come from YOYO which integrates computer vision, natural semantic understanding, deep learning, decision-making system and recommendation system.

Honor Magic 2 YOYO 

Three front cameras and three rear cameras

Honor Magic 2 hidden front three camera adds two infrared cameras on the basis of 16 million high pixel main camera. The usage of two infrared cameras can also collect and record face information in more details. With the high pixel main camera, more accurate 3D beauty can be achieved and the background is blurred more naturally.

three front cameras 

In the aspect of rear lens, Honor Magic 2 adopts the three-lens combination mode of 24 million black and white lens +16 million color lens +16 million super wide angle lens, which can intelligently identify 60 kinds of labels and more than 1,500 scenes, meeting the requirements of photographing in various scenes. Thanks to the use of 17 mm wide angle lens, Honor Magic 2 can obtain 117° super-wide framing effect.

three rear cameras 

A number of innovative self-research technologies

In terms of mobile navigation, Honor Magic 2 adopts AI dual-frequency GPS navigation and is equipped with Huawei's self-innovated Hi1103GPS chip. Combining with the Hi1103 of Huawei's original AI star selection technology, the positioning accuracy is improved by 100% to 15m compared with the 30 meters of normal navigation. Currently, only five star precise positioning and navigation mobile phones of honor Magic 2 and Huawei Mate 20 series have passed the certification of thiel laboratory worldwide. Honor Magic 2 also offers HiGeo navigation engines, which combine localization techniques, adaptive learning, and global road network models to provide a more accurate navigation experience in complex terrain, signal clutter, and even signal-free tunnels.

A number of innovative self-research technologies

In the field of rapid charging, Honor Magic 2 is one of the first mobile phones in the world to pass the Rhine safety quick charging 2.0 certification. It adopts the new super quick charging technology developed by 10V4A, which can charge 50% in 15 minutes.

rapid chargin gof  Honor Magic 2 

Also released with Honor Magic 2 is a "sound key" -- Honor FlyPods wireless earphones. The Honor FlyPods Pro is the first AI intelligent wireless earphone to be launched for Honor. It features bone voice recognition and can unlock the phone one step by saying "hello YOYO" and complete voice commands. The other two products to be released include HONOR Watch Magic, a slim, long-endurance HONOR Watch series, and HONOR Waterplay 8-inch edition.


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