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Honor mini photo printer review: print photos at any time

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-05 3647

With the popularity of smartphones, the photography function has become more and more powerful, which can be used to record many interesting times at any time. In retrospect of the functional machine era, we are used to reading paper albums to recall some good times. In fact, paper photographs have an unusual significance. For example, I always have some children's pictures in my wallet. Whenever I see some interesting scenes, I will be very happy. Paper photographs are full of feelings and fun.

The new year is coming soon, and Honor has changed a lot. The products are more colorful. For example, the newly released Honor MINI printer is a new product of Honor, and it can also meet our expectations for paper photographs. Now I've got this super-fine printer first. Let's see how it works.

OK, let's first look at the design of the product.

the design of Honor MINI printer 

The box is delicate and compact, and you can see the facade design of the Honor mini printer.

the box of Honor MINI printer 

Packing list: Honor mini printer * 1, standard microusb charging line * 1, instruction sheet * 1, printing paper (10 sheets) * 1.

Take out the printing paper, and you can see a blue color card, and 10 blank printing paper.

the blue color card and 10 blank printing papers of Honor MINI printer 

The size of the mini printer itself is very small, you can see that the white smartphone body is very delicate, and the surface touch is very smooth and delicate.

According to the official introduction, Honor MINI printer uses the minimalist Nordic style design. The appearance is very beautiful.

By contrast, it's a lap smaller than my Honor Magic 2. This kind of printer, even if it is carried out daily, is also very convenient.

Honor Magic 2 vs Honor MINI printer 

At this point, I think of a good idea. In fact, the Honor MINI printer and a Honor mobile phone can be instantly transformed into a photo shoot! Take direct pictures and print out good pictures, you can go to the scenic spot to do a part-time job!

Switches and charging holes are designed at the top, and there is an indicator where you can see the current connection status.

the switches and charging holes 

Honor MINI printer uses Bluetooth links, direct Bluetooth links with smartphones, can easily complete transmission and printing. It is very convenient.

The location of the output photo is designed at the bottom, and the mini printer itself is generally flat when used, so that the photo can be output directly.

the location of the output photo 

Remove the front cover and you can put the printing paper directly into it! See here, it is estimated that a lot of people will ask: where is the ink cartridge? The answer is: no!

the internal details of Honor MINI printer 

Indeed, ordinary printers need ink cartridges. It's rather tedious. However, the Honor MINI printer uses the Zink ink-free printing technology. No cartridge is needed at all, and it also saves the trouble and cost of replacement!

The interior workmanship of Honor mini printer is also very delicate and meticulous.

It is worth noting that the blue card should be put together, and the bar code should be calibrated with the machine recognition.

The mobile phone can download the printer APP directly and operate it directly.The interface of APP is very simple and delicate, and its function is also a large modular design. Including photo printing, jigsaw puzzle, certificates, business cards, AR printing and other functions, rich and practical.Being able to print documents and photos, I feel like I've saved a lot of money.

In addition, when printing, you can also see the printing progress directly on the APP, which is very intuitive.App uses internal Bluetooth direct connection, the speed is very fast.

For the first time, the blue printing paper will be pushed out.

the blue printing paper 

Then, the photo that you print can be printed out directly!

the photo be printed out directly 

Tell you about the real feeling: it's shocking! You know, this printer is not as big as a mobile phone, but it can print color photos! Moreover, because of the fast connection, you can print anywhere and anytime, which is really very convenient! If it's a Honor mobile phone, you don't even need to download APP, just use HUAWEI Share to print without APP!

To compare the print photo: in color restore performance is very good, the grasp of the details is very good.

the print photo comparison 

The most important thing is that, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, MINI Printer is a small tool that prints out the electronic photos. It can print the baby's photos at any time. You can put them in the wallet or on the desk.

You can also record interesting scenes in your life and make a jigsaw puzzle at any time. Compared with the electronic version, the paper version is obviously more intuitive and interesting, and it is more meaningful to share with children.


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