Honor V30 Pro comprehensive review: a powerful 5G phone offers good value for money

ByGoraud Mazanec 2019-11-27 1647

The Honor V30 and V30 Pro were just released yesterday. The phone features dual-mode 5G, Kirin 990 chip, RYYB filter and multi-dimensional camera matrix image upgrade. Moreover, the Honor V30 series phones only start from $469, which makes it become one of the most affordable 5G phones so far. How about the performance of Honor V30 Pro? Is it worth buying? Let’s show you a comprehensive review about it.

Honor V30 Pro 

Honor V30 Pro: main specs


6.57-inch LCD punch hole screen with 2400 x 1080 pixels


Huawei Kirin 990 5G



Rear cameras

● 40MP main lens (f/1.6 aperture);

● 12MP film lens (f/2.2 aperture);

● 8MP telephoto lens (f/2.4 aperture);

Latest “Camera Matrix” photography algorithm

Front camera

32MP (f/2.0 aperture) + 8MP (f/2.2 aperture)




Support 40W fast charging and 27W wireless fast charging; support 7.5W wireless reverse charging

Operating system

EMUI 10 based on Android 10


8GB + 128GB; 8GB + 256GB

3.5mm headphone jack


Fingerprint sensor

Side-mounted integrated power key and fingerprint sensor


Support 4G and dual-mode SA/NSA 5G network

5G solution

Kirin 990 5G chip


162.7mm x 75.8mm x 8.8mm




8+128GB: 3899 yuan (about $554)

8+256GB: 4199 yuan (about $596)

Dual punch-hole full screen design

The Honor V30 Pro adopts dual punch-hole full screen design and it continues the choice of LCD materials.

Honor V30 Pro 

Thanks to the non-flicker nature of LCD screens, there are many users who love LCD screens. And compared to the OLED screen, LCD is ahead in detail resolution at the same resolution, so Honor has always chosen the LCD screen.

Honor V30 Pro screen specs

Screen size


Screen to body ratio


Screen resolution

2400 x 1080 pixels, FHD+



Screen quality

NTSC 96%, support DCI-P3 color space

Display effect

Rhine low blue light certification

Visually, the three sides of the screen of the Honor V30 Pro are approximately equal in width, and the black edges and chin parts are handled at a relatively good level. There is a narrow hidden speaker opening on the front of the phone, and interestingly, the antenna opening of the Honor V30 Pro is specially designed to the edge of the speaker, symmetrical to the antenna opening at the bottom.

Honor V30 Pro 

At the top are openings for distance sensors and noise reduction microphones, and the card slot is moved to the bottom of the phone. Because the LCD screen currently does not have a mature off-screen fingerprint scheme, the Honor V30 series uses capacitive fingerprint + power button design, one second long press can call out the voice assistant, long press shutdown.

Honor V30 Pro 

In fact, when people hold the phone, the thumb will naturally be attached to the side frame of the phone, and the capacitive fingerprint has long been technologically mature after many iterations, and the theoretical unlocking efficiency is higher than that of optical fingerprints. 

The back of the Honor V30 Pro is a rectangular three-camera group, with three cameras arranged vertically, plus flash light on the right. On the back there are only the "HONOR" at the bottom and the "MATRIX CAMERA (Multidimensional camera Matrix) at the camera, DUAL OIS (dual Optical Anti-shake) / CINE-LENS (film Lens).

Honor V30 Pro 

With the combination of 3D glass backplane and Radian processing, even the 6.57-inch large screen phone can still maintain a soft feel in the hand, and the Honor V30 Pro is stuffed into the 4100mAh's large battery. Available in three colors: glamorous Sea Star Blue, Phantom Night Star River and Icelandic Phantom. On the whole, the use of AG frosted process glass to improve the overall texture, anti-skid and anti-scratch can not be contaminated with fingerprints. It can be seen that the appearance of the honorable V30 Pro is still neat.

5G is more than fast

As Honor's first dual-mode 5G phone, Honor V30 Pro has the greatest advantage in supporting the most complete NA/NSA 5G band in China: N41 / N77 / n78/n79/n1/n3 (6Band 5G). In contrast, some single-mode 5G phones only support 4-band. The key point is that the n1/n3 band belongs to the domestic operators in the future focus on the construction of the frequency band, the frequency of the two bands is relatively lower, coverage and penetration capacity is also better.

Honor V30 Pro 

During the mobile phone evaluation, coincided with the opening of the first World 5G Conference, the author also brought this dual-mode 5G mobile phone to the scene.

Scenarios spawned by 5G, such as telemedicine, low-latency live streaming, remote driving and cloud games, have been able to provide on-site user experience, while 4K and 8K ultra-high-definition video can directly have a profound impact on Internet content. It is a consensus that the mass production of Internet speed will lead to qualitative changes in interaction, and a 5G mobile phone is a convenient terminal for seamlessly connecting the above scenarios.

Newly upgraded camera setup

Another highlight of the Honor V30 Pro is the multi-dimensional camera matrix, which features a 40 million-pixel SONY IMX600 RYYB super-sensitive camera + 12 million cine lens + 8 million telephoto lens.

The CMOS used in this 40MP main lens is different from the normal RGBG arrangement CMOS, uses RYYB's Bayer pixel arrangement combination and pixel four-in-one function, and replaces the traditional RGB sub-pixel arrangement with red, blue and yellow sensors.

RGBG array vs. RYYB array 

Because the yellow sensor will absorb both red and green light, the CMOS with RYYB can get 40% more light than the traditional RGB array, resulting in clearer photos in a dark light environment, raising the ISO to 409600 in one fell swoop. The ability to capture light has become the biggest advantage of the Honor V30 Pro in shooting.

After switching to night scene mode, the overall brightness of the picture will be significantly improved, the most important thing is that the photo can get more dark details, especially when shooting at night, the night scene can show excellent clarity.

Honor V30 Pro Default Mode 

Default Mode

Honor V30 Pro 3x Zoom 

3x Zoom

Honor V30 Pro 5x Zoom 

5x Zoom

Zoom and wide-angle shooting are still supported in night scene mode. Thanks to excellent light intake performance, the Honor V30 Pro can not only be photographed at night, but also the picture can still be clear enough with zoom magnification.

It should be pointed out that in the night scene mode, the pixel four-in-one technology outputs 10 million pixels of night photos. Through the single pixel 2.0μ pixel and Kirin ISP powerful image processing, the samples with high sensitivity and low noise are obtained.

Honor V30 Pro night scene mode 

In a complex light environment, the Honor V30 Pro is still able to capture the details of the picture.

Honor V30 Pro samples shot in a complex light environment 

From the samples shot in daytime, the Honor V30 Pro still maintains a good color performance, and the higher purity of the picture is the only intuition of the phone.

Honor V30 Pro samples shot in daytime 

The addition of dual optical anti-shake takes the camera performance to next level. Both the 40MP primary lens and 8MP telephoto lens support OIS four-axis optical anti-shake, which can effectively improve the image quality in the handheld state. Moreover, it is particularly important for video recording.

In addition, the 4K ultra-clear delay photography and two-scene video with 12 million pixel film lens, can meet the requirements of video lovers. The Honor V30 Pro customized 16:9 scale sensor is also naturally more suitable for video shooting. With the blessing of hardware-level HDR, you can also get a better experience of recording video with dark light.

Of course, what is striking is the dual front cameras with a combination of 32 million-pixel HD main camera and 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens. Of course, automatic lighting can be provided when shooting at night.

Honor V30 Pro dual front cameras 

The high pixels of the front lens and the support of the natural beauty algorithm make the facial lines under the lens softer. The front fill light enhances the selfie light according to the different scene, which is also a more practical function.

Honor V30 Pro Kirin 990 5G chip performance

The realization of the 5G function lies in the Honor of the Kirin 990 series chips, in which the Honor V30 Pro is equipped with Kirin 990 5G chip, the industry's first 7nm+EUV process of 5G dual-mode SoC.

Honor V30 Pro Kirin 990 5G chip  

In performance mode, the Honor V30 Pro scores 476,480 points on AnTuTu benchmark test and 3876 single-core score and 12734 multi-core score on Geekbench. 

The highest 8GB+256GB storage, 16 core Mali-G76 GPU and self-developed da Vinci architecture NPU, Honor V30 Pro scores high benchmark test points. Of course, the running score is only for entertainment, or it still needs further test in actual performance.

Honor V30 Pro benchmark test points 

The Honor V30 Pro Sequential read and write score is 1462MB/s, 433 MB/s, proper UFS 3.0 configuration, today the mainstream flagship models basically use UFS 3.0 flash memory, for 5G phones smooth read and write speed is more necessary.

Honor V30 Pro gaming performance

In the game test, Honor of Kings turned on the highest picture setting, and found that the picture was stable at 60 frames in the real-time frame rate detection of Gamebench. The surprise of the Kirin 990 series was the stable frame rate display throughout the process. There are basically no frame drops or frame rate fluctuations.

In another Game for Peace game that users play more often, the HDR HD picture quality is matched with the ultra-high frame number setting, and the whole test result is 40 frames (full frame 40 frames). After third-party unlock, the game effect can reach 59 frames.

During the actual game playing experience, the Honor V30 Pro keeps in a moderate heat state, and its built-in ultra-thin heat pipe of 8nm, the largest diameter in the industry, plays a full role in liquid cooling. When the game is running for 30 min, use a thermal imaging instrument to record the fuselage temperature of the Honor V30 Pro.

Honor V30 Pro gaming performance 

Honor V30 Pro: battery and charging

During five hours of heavy use, Photography test (30 minutes), video playback test (60 minutes), social test (30 minutes), instant messaging (30 minutes), web browsing (30 minutes), game tests (60 minutes), online music (30 minutes), E-book (30 minutes), In the end, the remaining power of the glorious V30 Pro is 52%, so the 4000mAh battery is enough for daily use. 

In addition, the Honor V30 Pro also supports 40W super fast charging,  27W wireless fast charging and wireless reverse charging. The performance of the 40W fast charger and 27W wireless charger is as follows:

Honor V30 Pro: battery and charging 

Honor V30 Pro: battery and charging 

The 40W wired fast charge charges 67% in half an hour and the 27W wireless charge charges 32% in half an hour. The charging performance of the two results is also excellent in the flagship phones, and the addition of reverse wireless fast charging also makes the phone more practical.

Upgraded Magic UI 3.0

Finally, let's talk about the part of the system, Magic UI 3.0, which has been strengthened at the level of privacy protection, and users can choose the definition of permissions on their own. But what we want to talk about today is the easy-to-use nature of Magic UI, in the use of a variety of small details emerge in endlessly, can facilitate users in the daily use of convenience.

Upgraded Magic UI 3.0 

For example, in the aspect of display, the introduction of dark mode and the customization of the display effect of the mobile phone, and the user has high custom permissions for the theme, wallpaper, font and other elements, and the notification corner of the desktop can also be designed to be hidden with one click. Manufacturers for users to launch the UI will be difficult to adjust the situation, the right to give the choice to the user is also a good option.

Upgraded Magic UI 3.0 

In addition, traditional artistic abilities such as intelligent screen recognition, off-screen fast shooting and fast muting have also been preserved, which also continue the user's understanding of the "ease of use" of Magic UI, including, in fact, negative one-screen and YOYO voice assistants. Honor is turning the mobile phone into a convenient task initiating terminal, a voice-controllable intelligent connection terminal. You may be familiar with Honor Smart screen and Honor MagicBook notebook. The easy-to-use features of, Magic UI 3.0 are also more suitable for future multi-device interaction and switching.

Honor V30 Pro​ 

Honor V30 Pro: price and availability

The Honor V30 Pro 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 3899 yuan (about $554), and 8GB + 256GB version is priced at 4199 yuan (about $596).

The Honor V30 Pro will start the pre-sale from December 5 and officially go on sale on December 12 in China. Presently, the global sale date of it is still unknown, but the good news is that the Honor V30 smartphones have been available now on Gearbest, so you can head to the Honor V30 page on Gearbest to check more details.

Bottom line

From dual-mode 5G support to the top performance of Kirin 990 5G processor, the Honor V30 Pro shows the strength of the 5G terminal benchmark. In addition, the huge jump in imaging, Matrix Camera multi-dimensional camera matrix, but also strengthened the shooting and video recording level of hard power. Honor V30 Pro has done well enough in the key specs that consumers expect. And in the system and other software level, Honor has maintained a consistent level of ease of use.

When 5G becomes more popular, it will be very difficult for mobile phones to operate as a single device, and the Honor V30 series, which is one of the benchmarks of dual-mode 5G at the current stage, is not only the starting point of all intelligent scenarios, but also the most convenient 5G intelligent terminal.

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