HTC U13 5G equipped with Snapdragon 855 as the new flagship of HTC

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Although the Taiwanese company does not enjoy a very high customer rating, it continues on its way and works at HTC U13 which will arrive early next year.

HTC U13 picture

That HTC is not going through particularly profitable years on the sales side of its smartphones is unfortunately a fact. Fiscal quarters certify it and, even more than this, the consideration that is given to it is much less than other competitors.

For example IFA 2018: bloggers, industry experts, journalists, all filled the halls of Huawei, Samsung, etc. and in the press room of HTC empty chairs everywhere. But we know that the company does not give up and the way to return to make numbers and, above all, to be considered by customers is to make even better smartphones and invest with innovative ideas on the marketing of these products.

In support of this last sentence, the RF Designer of the company's products, said that the internal teams are working intensively on the next top of the range that will boast the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 at 7 nm (the new nomenclature, however, will assign the name SM8150) coupled with a 5G modem. The first, we know, is a concentrate of technology that will far exceed both the performance and range of the previous - but still topical - Snapdragon 845 and the second is the famous Modem X50, successor of X24 LTE/4G, which will be responsible for making your smartphone compatible with the new fifth generation radio technology around the world.

As for the new HTC U13 flagship, we will have a design suited to the current canons ordierni with always the squeeze function and a unibody glass body at the front / rear and the metal mid frame. Obviously the Sense interface will be sewn on Android 9.0 Pie and will contain special functions especially on the multimedia side, which will be guaranteed the use of a Dual Camera.

Also the fact of having a 5G modem inside, makes us suppose that this new smartphone will not be revealed before the first quarter of 2019, HTC knows that it has to wait for the production in volumes of the new SoC by Qualcomm. Best wishes HTC, you absolutely don't deserve to be on such low floors!


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