HTC U13 Plus rumors: HTC will not launch U13 in 2019

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We hadn't heard from HTC smartphones for a while. Last I heard, the Taiwanese company still hasn't solved its financial problems. In addition, the brand's mobile division would also show significant losses. According to the phandroid site, the company has abandoned the development of HTC U13, which was initially scheduled for release around the end of 2018 before being postponed to spring 2019.

HTC U13 Plus picture

According to Phandroid, the manufacturer plans to replace the HTC U13 with "something else" during 2019.

According to some rumours, the company is even about to put an end to the development and production of smartphones to better focus on other projects.

The smartphone will be replaced by another product

Smartphone manufacturers generally launch their high-end products in the last quarter of the year, but this year it seems that HTC has nothing in its schedule.

According to the Phandroid site, the Taiwanese company is considering replacing HTC U13 with "something else". Unfortunately, the site did not provide any additional information on the nature of what the manufacturer would actually plan to produce.

There are rumours that she may be launching a mid-range model instead of her high-end smartphone, as it seems that the company's recent high-end smartphones have not been popular with consumers.

In 2017, the company launched the HTC U Ultra, HTC U11 and HTC U11 Plus, while the HTC U12 Plus was the only high-end device launched in 2018. In addition, the latter has been widely criticized for its inconvenient button system for users.

HTC: towards the closure of the mobile division?

In 2010, HTC reached fourth place in the smartphone sales rankings after Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung. Then, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer had kept this position for several years.

A few years later, the company tried to innovate by removing the mechanical buttons from its HTC U12 Plus. Unfortunately, consumers did not adopt this new design and the company continued to experience financial difficulties for five years.

Today, the company's mobile division has still not recovered. In addition, there are rumours that HTC is seriously considering stopping all smartphone development and production.


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