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Huawei band 3 Pro review: 4 outstanding features about it

ByLinky Johnson 2019-03-30 4642

On March 14, Huawei officially released Huawei band 3 series smart bands including Huawei band 3 and Huawei band 3 Pro. Huawei band 3 Pro excels in appearance, health monitoring and exercise patterns. After using it for a period of time, I really think Huawei band 3 Pro is quite excellent, and it is the best smart band in the same price range. If you want to buy a smart band, you can add Huawei band 3 Pro to the list of alternatives!

Design: 0.95-inch super large color screen & Nordic minimalist design

The Huawei band 3 Pro is equipped with a 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen on the front with a resolution of 240*120. And it adopts the modern and popular minimalist design style as a whole. The breath screen is very beautiful and shocking. The metal frame outside the screen adds texture.

Huawei band 3 Pro design 

In terms of interaction, Huawei band 3 Pro uses the "full touch + Home key" operation. Specifically, the screen above Huawei band 3 Pro smart band can be slid and clicked; the bottom is set up with a virtual Home key, you can press and return to the main page of the bracelet interface. Huawei band 3 Pro smart band is almost accessible, convenient and fast.

Compared with traditional wrist devices, one of the highlights of smart band is the replaceable dial. Huawei band 3 Pro has three built-in dials. Whether for traditional dials, business meetings or sports and leisure, there are special dials to help you cope with work/life/entertainment, and more Huawei band 3 Pro dials can be obtained through OTA upgrade. 

After reading the above introduction to the appearance of Huawei band 3 Pro smart band, I believe you have had a preliminary impression of it. So, how can smart brands help us in our work and life? Huawei band 3 Pro gives the following answers:

Extension of mobile phone function: Message reminder, Step measurement, etc.

Smart bands are connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth, and message reminders on smart phones can be displayed on the bracelets in time. For example, in meetings or driving process, you can see it on Huawei band 3 Pro without pulling out your cell phone. Moreover, thanks to the 0.95-inch super-large screen, Huawei band 3 Pro can display more Chinese characters on one screen and you can read them at a glance.

Huawei band 3 Pro Step measurement 

Similarly, the smart band can transmit the detected motion data back to the mobile phone in time to ensure the accurate measurement of the amount of movement. Huawei smart band has a built-in six-axis inertial sensor, which can accurately measure steps, distances, calories and so on. Of course, the above two points are the common features of smart bands. So, what are the unique skills of Huawei band 3 Pro?

Rich Sports Mode : Outdoor running and swimming

First of all, we have to say that Huawei band 3 Pro has rich sports models: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor bicycle, free training, swimming pool, and open water.

Spring has arrived, and I believe many people are beginning to return to running/walking outdoors. It should be emphasized that Huawei band 3 Pro supports independent GPS; that is to say, Huawei band 3 Pro can locate outdoors in real time without connecting to mobile phones. After connecting the mobile phone, it synchronizes the location information into Huawei Sports Health APP and draws the motion trajectory. From the test chart above, we can also see that Huawei band 3 Pro not only draws the road map, but also displays a series of data such as time, pace, step number, etc. in detail to help you learn the action route in time, especially for long-distance runners.

Huawei band 3 Pro independent GPS 

Not only that, Huawei band 3 Pro has a 50m sports waterproof function. That is, you can wear it while swimming / bathing (diving is not good). The swimming pool mode is also very powerful. It not only helps the wearer automatically record the number of trips and time, but also can detect swimming strokes. Huawei band 3 Pro can measure breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. And the speed and SWOLF are powerful.

Health monitoring: Real-time heart rate and scientific sleep management

The monitoring speed of Huawei smart band 3 is fast. Compared with other smart bands, Huawei band 3 Pro’s heart rate monitoring function not only measures faster, but also extremely accurate, with automatic refresh over time.

Huawei band 3 Pro provides real-time heart rate monitoring of 7*24 hours, and can also be used for guiding sleep and scientific sleep monitoring. In addition, Huawei band 3 Pro fully supports the Heart Health Research Program of 301 Hospitals in China. It provides one-stop service for arrhythmia through the cooperation of Bracelet accurate heart rate monitoring function and heart health research APP.  

Huawei band 3 Pro real-time heart rate monitoring 

Huawei smart band 3Pro uses the HUAWEI TruSleep Sleep Monitoring Technology to monitor sleep quality from wrist movement displacement and heart rate changes, which is more accurate than that measured by inertial sensors alone. From the picture above, we can see that Huawei band 3 Pro can not only measure deep sleep/light sleep, but also measure rapid eye movement together, make a scientific analysis, and give the meaning behind each number to help you sleep better.

In addition, Huawei band 3 Pro also has a series of functions such as remote control photo taking, mobile phone search, sedentary reminder, intelligent alarm clock, Alipay scan code, NFC bus payment and so on. Among them, independent GPS and NFC bus payment are unique to Huawei band 3 Pro, while Huawei 3 smart band does not have those functions.

To sum up, Huawei band 3 Pro not only achieves good appearance, but also achieves powerful and usable functions. Rich sports modes and heart rate measurements help bring all-round health protection to the wearer.



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