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Huawei band 3e has officially released: your professional running coach

ByNiki Jones 2019-01-04 3281

On November 23, 2018, Huawei officially launched a new generation of smart equipment - Huawei band 3e. It provides two-method wearing: wear on wrist and wear on shoes. At the same time, it provides two ways of starting: long press to start or start running through the Health App when it was worn on the shoelace.


HUAWEI Band 3e Smart Bluetooth Bracelet Sports Smartwatch - PINK

HUAWEI Band 3e Smart Bluetooth Bracelet Sports Smartwatch - PINK
$25.28 $22.99    


Huawei band 3e 

Huawei band 3e is called "running wizard", which can provide professional running posture guidance and monitor 7 running posture to make running more scientific. The specific 7 running postures include: foot strike pattern, landing impact, ground contact time, eversion excursion, swing angle, stride-frequency, step length, etc.

the 7 running postures of Huawei band 3e 

According to the official introduction, Huawei cooperated with CISS to develop a high-precision attitude fusion algorithm, which makes running distance accuracy as high as 97%. And Huawei band 3e has a built-in six-axis sensor, providing professional monitoring and reducing the energy loss caused by unreasonable running posture, so that you can run more easily. At the same time, Huawei band 3e can provide running posture improvement suggestions by monitoring running posture, so as to improve running efficiency and reduce injury risk at the same time.

running posture improvement suggestions by monitoring running posture 

 Huawei band 3e supports 50 meters waterproof, no fear of swimming, washing hands, getting wet and other scenes, allowing more freedom of movement. It also has long-lasting battery life: 14 days of typical usage with one charge and 21 days standby time.In addition, Huawei band 3e supports sleep monitoring and telephone-connected alerts.

50 meters waterproof 

 Huawei band 3e is already on sale at $22.99 on GearBest.


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