Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro: Huawei introduces rechargeable wireless headphones

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-22 1045

After several months of waiting, the Freebuds 2 Pro have finally come out in China. And they have several strengths to spare in the face of competition.


The success of Apple AirPods did not fall into the ear of a deaf. Since then, each major manufacturer has been going from his small model, either by playing a drop on the tariffs, or by incorporating a new technology. Huawei has visibly adopted the second approach with its Freebuds 2 Pro, which are finally available in China.


You will not be really caught up in the design, since the latter are quite largely inspired by the model of Cupertino's firm. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, they are delivered in a charging box compatible with the induction Chargers.


But that's not all. The Freebuds 2 Pro can also recover from the battery thanks to the Huawei mate 20 Pro, which allows "reverse recharge" of the device. In clear, the Smartphone charges your headphones in wireless!


A function that certainly concerns the owners of the device, but which proves to be truly innovative, and that we would like to see democratising. Apple, which is still waiting for the AirPower wireless charger, should enjoy.


This original feature falls to a peak, since the autonomy does not announce itself exceptional. It will take 2h30 to empty the battery, but the box is still capable of charging it five times, which equals more than 12h of use.


The Chinese firm also insists on the presence of a module exploiting the bone conductivity, which allows to adjust the equalizer according to the voice that speaks to them. The report indicates that this can even allow biometric identification on Chinese payment platforms like WeChat pay and AliPay.


Sold 999 Yuan, equivalent to 130 euros, it is not known yet when they will be available in other markets. But we're curious to try them.

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