Huawei FreeBuds vs Honor FlyPods: Which is better

ByFields Corrielus 2019-09-16 8601

With the glorious release of the latest FlyPods real wireless headphones in November, while Big Brother Huawei released the FreeBuds real wireless headphones in June, which of these two internal competitors is better after half a year? Follow me to find out.

Huawei FreeBuds vs Honor FlyPods: Appearance

Huawei FreeBuds headphone charging box uses a lying-in glasses box design, the box body slender edges round, polished to make the charging box feel excellent. Open the charging box, the headset is prone embedded in the headset box, the back of the headset and the ear plug handle is also polished and polished, and the word "HUAWEI" is printed on the outside of the ear plug handle. Pick up the earphone, the earplug vocal cavity part because it needs to accommodate a lot of components, so it is larger than the ordinary standard headset, making the earplug handle appear very slender. The front end of the outlet is designed to tilt into the ear. The two pieces of metal near the outlet are used for earphone charging. The earplugs look twice as large as the standard earplugs. Huawei FreeBuds has black and white colors.



The Honor FlyPods headset charging box uses airpods lighter design, the box body is smooth and round, except to make the charging box more square, and print the word "honor" on the front of the charging box, the rest of the shape is similar to the airpods charging box. When you open the charging box, the earphone in the box is inserted face to face vertically into the charging box. The vocal cavity of the half-exposed earplug can be seen as a half-in-ear design. If you take out the headset, you have to say that the earphone is different from the airpods, that is, the handle of the earplug is wider. It is not a cylindrical earplug handle, but also the earplug to the curved inside of the earplug handle, in a concave shape, but also so that the headset can be put into the ear. Then the Honor FlyPods color options are bluish blue and white, the high-end version of the FlyPods pro also has a red color match.

Huawei FreeBuds vs Honor FlyPods: Battery life

The Huawei FreeBuds headset lasts three hours at a time, up to 10 hours in conjunction with the charging box, which means it can charge the headset a little more than twice. In terms of charging speed, the headset can be used again for 90 minutes when charged for 15 minutes in the charging box, which can be used for emergency use, and it still takes about 1 hour to fill it. The charging interface of the charging box is the type-C interface, and it takes about 2 hours to charge the charging box.

The Honor FlyPods headset also lasts three hours at a time, but with a charging box, it can last up to 20 hours, twice as long as the FreeBuds. In terms of charging rate, the charging box is also about an hour to charge the headset, it only takes 100 minutes to charge the charging box, the charging box uses a type-C interface and also supports wireless charging.

Huawei FreeBuds vs Honor FlyPods: Sound quality

Huawei FreeBuds headphones use v4.2 version of Bluetooth transmission, moving coil plus moving iron dual unit sound unit, but also equipped with active noise reduction function, so the earplug voice cavity will be larger, under the blessing of active noise reduction. The environment for listening to music will be much better, and the sound will be more reductive, and the dual-unit sound combined with the ear-in design will make the low frequency of the headphones more shocking.

The Honor FlyPods headset uses the latest version v5.0 Bluetooth transmission, which is more stable, uses 13mm's moving coil voice unit, and finally supports its own HWA transmission protocol on Huawei products. When your mobile phone adapts to the HWA protocol, there will be special optimizations for sound quality transmission similar to Sony's ladc, Apple's acc and Qualcomm's aptx hd. In ordinary use, the tone color of the headset is transparent, the sound range is wide, the three frequencies are basically balanced, because it is a semi-ear design, so the denoising and bass aspects are relatively weak.

Huawei FreeBuds vs Honor FlyPods: Operation

Huawei FreeBuds headphones in Bluetooth adaptation is very simple, just open the charging box, choose to connect to the Bluetooth function of the phone can be connected to the Huawei FreeBuds, and then simply remove the headset can be automatically connected to the adapted phone. The power of the headset displays only the approximate battery capacity indicator on the phone, and there is no real-time percentage display. In the aspect of control, the touch area on the inner surface of the earplug is used to realize the control function. When you double-click the headphones on both sides, you can answer / hang up the phone, pause / play music and wake up the voice assistant. The rest can only be operated on the mobile phone.

The Honor FlyPods headset will appear in the same way as when airpods connects to iPhone when Bluetooth adapts to phones with magic UI2.0 and EMUI9.0 systems above. When you open the charging box, the Bluetooth adaptation card will automatically appear on the Bluetooth phone in the range, click directly on the connection on the card, and the percentage of remaining power in the headset will be displayed in real time on the phone. In the aspect of control, the touch area on the inner surface of the earplug is also used to realize the control function. When you double-click on both sides of the headphones, you can answer / hang up the phone, pause / play music and wake up the voice assistant. The rest can only be operated on the phone.

Huawei FreeBuds vs Honor FlyPods: Wearing

Huawei FreeBuds headphones are worn in the ear, install skin-friendly silicone headcaps, wear headphones, with the active noise reduction function, so that the music in the headphones more deep into the brain. Headphones support IP54-class dustproof and waterproof, fearless whether it's sweaty sports or drizzling trips. However, the earphone belt into the ear for a long time will appear the feeling of ear canal rise, affecting the experience of wearing for a long time.

The Honor FlyPods headset is worn in a semi-ear style, which is slightly worse in noise reduction and sound transmission when listening to music, but it is better than the headset to support call noise reduction technology, which can bring high-quality call effect while on the phone. The small vocal cavity of the earplugs, coupled with the "swan neck" design, makes the headphones comfortable and firm. Headphones also support IP54-class dustproof and waterproof, easily coping with moisture, sweat and light rain.


Huawei FreeBuds headphones are Huawei's real wireless pilot products in the first half of 2018, bringing a breakthrough in domestic headphones for real wireless headphones, which currently sell for less than 699 yuan. The Honor FlyPods headset is a more complete product, and the experience of airpods, is also the latest work in the second half of the year. In contrast, Xiaobian more recommended Honor FlyPods, although the price is 100 yuan higher than FreeBuds, that is, 799 yuan, but its technical content has been greatly improved, the overall use experience is better.

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