HUAWEI FreeLace Wireless Headset Review: Makes Listening to Music Easier

ByOpalina Sanbuissho 2019-12-27 2101

[gearbest Evaluation] once upon a time, the editor was a staunch equipment party, and when listening to music, you had to pick the lossless sound source from the record, and the device had to be a HiFi player at the most, and the headphones were naturally wired headsets from traditional headset manufacturers, wireless Bluetooth headsets, and so on, all cults! But in the end, the editor was defeated by the hot weather and Beijing's crowded subway.

So looking for a wireless headset that is good enough to use has become a worry for the editor, but the cruel reality is that because the ear canal of the editor is deep and narrow, most of the in-ear headphones can not be worn securely. And the whole ear is stuffed up by the cavity where the headphones are too large, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear. So after trying most wireless Bluetooth headsets, the editor still hasn't found the one that suits him.


HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset

Good in this worry recently encountered a turnaround, Huawei released the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset, after the headset was sent to the editorial department, the editor tried it on at the first time, and found that the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset fine-tuned the 28 °bevel into the ear design, solving the above worries of the editor. So the evaluation task of HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones also falls to the body of this editor.


HUAWEI FreeLace Review: Easy to use

At present, wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market are roughly divided into split Bluetooth headsets and collar Bluetooth headsets, in which split Bluetooth headsets are mostly used for daily calls, while collar Bluetooth headphones are more likely to be used for sports or listening to music during office commuting, because compared with split Bluetooth headsets, collar Bluetooth headsets are more stable to wear during exercise. And it lasts longer.


HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset adopts collar design, the neck cable is made of Ni-Ti alloy memory metal, and the outside is wrapped with liquid silicone. Nickel-titanium memory metal has excellent elasticity, can always stay close to the neck, but also can be freely folded and automatically restored to its original state, which makes the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones not easy to winding and easy to fold. Another benefit of the


Ni-Ti memory metal is that it is light in weight and does not cause pressure on the neck to wear for a long time. After using it for a few days and using it for a long time, the headphone collar can hardly be felt in the neck, and the external liquid silicone also brings a comfortable touch. Even if it is used many times, there will be no obvious wrinkles.

A Bluetooth headset with a collar once used by a editor has encountered such a situation, that is, due to the unreasonable design of the microphone position, the radio effect during the call is very poor, resulting in a very poor call experience, and the weight is different from left to right. Causes the headset to deviate to one side. When using HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones, this problem will not occur., HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones are designed with a symmetrical cavity design, which separates the battery from the wire control on both sides, keeping the center of gravity balanced during the wearing process, making the wear more stable.


And HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset adopts dual-channel anti-wind noise structure design, through dual-channel open design, excessive wind directly from another channel out of the cavity, will not cause air vortex, greatly reduce wind noise, coupled with reasonable microphone position design, with Bluetooth call noise reduction algorithm, the call quality has been greatly improved.

See how Huawei plays new tricks with HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones

HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset has an original HiPair interface, which makes it easier to connect and charge Bluetooth to the headset. In the past, the connection had to be searched in the Bluetooth settings before it could be connected. Now you only need to plug the headset Type-C interface into the Huawei phone, and the Bluetooth connection window will pop up actively, and the initial Bluetooth pairing can be completed in one step, which greatly shortens the pairing time. It should be noted that at present, this feature is only applicable to some Huawei models of EMUI9.1 and above, and Bluetooth needs to be kept on during the pairing process.

Huawei HiPair interface is that the headset can be charged backwards using the Type-C interface of the phone / tablet / PC that supports reverse charging, eliminating the need for power and charging cords to recharge the battery anytime, anywhere. After practical use, the editor found that this function can charge headphones even without using Huawei mobile phones. But here the editor still recommends that the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset should be used with Huawei mobile phone. In addition to the Bluetooth fast matching function, after the headset is connected, the power of the headset can be displayed directly in the status bar, while for some brands of mobile phones, only the Bluetooth connection status is displayed in the status bar, and the headset power can only be viewed by the drop-down menu.

Sound quality is always the most important criterion for a headset, and wireless Bluetooth headset is no exception. HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset uses titanium-plated moving coil unit, has 9.2mm ultra-thin TPU diaphragm, and has a good hardware foundation. In terms of tuning, the overall three-frequency balance, the bass dive is powerful, the intermediate frequency is relatively full, and the high frequency is transparent but not harsh. When listening to the Ferry, the low drumbeat has a full sense of strength, which brings a good sense of hearing with Cai Qin's elegant voice. The layered "Hotel California" can clearly distinguish the sound of the band from the applause and cheers on the spot. The quality of the, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones is enough for daily use, and the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones hardly produce a "stethoscope effect" when they are used. The


Huawei also has a Hall magnetic switch built into the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset, which can intelligently identify the status of the headset, automatically disconnect during suction, and save power; when separated, quickly reconnect and enjoy music. Click to play / pause music, answer / hang up the phone; double-click to switch to the next song, and three clicks to switch to the previous one. Pressing the function button for two seconds can also wake up the phone's default voice assistant, and all of the above functions can be achieved on non-Huawei phones.


Battery built-in 120mAh capacity of, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset, combined with 28nm process low-power Bluetooth chip, can play music continuously for 18 hours at full charge and have 13 hours of voice talk time. The editor commutes to and from work plus daily use, basically charging the headphones once every three or four days. In addition, the, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset uses 3C high-efficiency lithium battery, the charging rate is 3 times that of ordinary lithium battery, charging only 5 minutes, can play music continuously for 4 hours.



HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset has become the main headset for editors to listen to music because of its good wearing experience, excellent sound quality and long battery life. With the launch of this product, Huawei will also expand its product line in the field of headphones, and these features will also make HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones more competitive.

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