Huawei FreeLace's vs Beats X: which is better?

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On April 11, Huawei held a "2019 Huawei Spring New Product launch ceremony" at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, at which HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones were released, and the 499 yuan price also impressed many people. After the release of HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones, there was a sound on the Internet, that is, whether to buy HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones or BeatsX? I believe there are not a few friends who have such questions. Xiaobian happens to have these two types of headphones in his hand. In order to answer everyone's questions, Xiaobian passes some tests and subjective feelings to see who is more worthy of buying them. 

The appearance and the things you wear

Both HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones and BeatsX are collar headphones, and the two headphones in the editor's hands are both black, and the similar design makes it difficult for many newcomers to distinguish between the two headphones. But there are still many differences between the two. First of all, the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones are symmetrical cavity design, the battery and wire symmetrical separation on both sides, so that can maintain the balance of the center of gravity, so that the wear more stable. BeatsX places the wire on the left.

Huawei FreeLace vs Beats X


In terms of material, the cavity of, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is anodized to prevent sweat erosion. The cavity material of BeatsX is not officially introduced, but according to the texture, it should be made of polyester fiber. The HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset collar cable is made of Ni-Ti alloy memory metal inside and wrapped with liquid silicone, which provides reliable protection while having the touch of baby skin.

One thing to note is that, HUAWEI HiPair Flash Link currently supports some Huawei models with EMUI9.1 and above, and needs to be upgraded with HOTA. The BeatsX connection only supports iOS 10 or later iOS, so if your phone or tablet is not upgraded to iOS 10, connect in the traditional way. 

Huawei FreeLace vs Beats X

Both Huawei and Apple have adapted their headphones to see the power of the BeatsX directly on the iPhone interface. There is also a power display interface in Huawei phones. What about other cell phone connections? Uh. Still need to be more tedious operation. And Xiaobian also found an adaptation problem, that is, after the two headphones are connected to the Samsung S10, the, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones can display the percentage of power of the headphones, while BeatsX is unable to view the power of the headphones. 

And HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones will pop up low power alerts in the phone when they are connected to other phones, and BeatsX will not tell you that I am dead. Therefore, in the process of use, if the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones do not have power, plug the headphones directly into the phone to charge, and after the BeatsX, is dead, treat it as an ornament! 

So what is the connection stability of these two phones? HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset built-in 28nm process low-power Bluetooth chip, compared with 40nm Bluetooth chip, it can not only improve the connection stability, but also effectively save non-working power consumption. When used in conjunction with Huawei's P30 series, the P30 series can intelligently monitor the required Bluetooth transmission power in real time. When the connection performance needs to be enhanced, the Bluetooth transmission power is improved by borrowing the Wi-Fi channel to ensure high quality audio at all times. In the process of use, the Huawei P30 series can not only ensure the stability of the connection, but also provide users with intelligent American sound function, and realize one-key modification tone and rhythm under the blessing of AI modification and ASR technology. 

Huawei FreeLace vs Beats X

BeatsX has a built-in W1 chip, which simplifies Bluetooth headset connection pairing and uploads pairing information to iCloud, to make Bluetooth headphones switch between devices more smoothly. In addition, the W1 chip can support a stable connection, Apple said that using the W1 chip, there will be no ordinary Bluetooth headphones on and off, but also can provide excellent sound quality.Of course, in the actual use of the process, the connectivity of both headphones can be satisfactory. It's just that Huawei can provide more features while maintaining a high-quality connection, and the editor feels that HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones make me more satisfied.

BeatsX uses a unique Flex-Form headset wire design, which is also wrapped in silicone, which makes the BeatsX easy to fold and can be carried in your pocket. After the editor measured that the weight of, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones is 27 grams, BeatsX weighs about 20 grams, both headphones will not cause pressure on the neck for a long time, but also can be easily put into the pocket.

In practice, the editor did not feel the stethoscope effect of HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones, but felt the stethoscope effect in BeatsX. In addition to the stethoscope effect, in the subway or outdoor environment, BeatsX radio problems, resulting in the call, the other party simply can not hear what you are saying. And too much wind outside makes you unable to hear what is said on the other side.Of course, Xiaobian only wants to use their own BeatsX is only a case!

Huawei FreeLace vs Beats X


However, this is not the case when using HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones, because HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones are designed with a dual-channel wind-noise protection structure, and through a dual-channel open design, excessive wind is discharged directly out of the cavity from another channel. It will not cause air vortex, greatly reduce wind noise, coupled with reasonable microphone position design, combined with Bluetooth call noise reduction algorithm, so that the call quality is greatly improved.

The things that connect to the phone

How many steps does it take for a Bluetooth headset to connect to a mobile phone? Once we needed to turn on Bluetooth, and then put the headphones into the ready-to-pair mode, search for the headphones before binding the headphones to complete the connection. Now Huawei and Apple have brought us more convenient solutions. HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones original HiPair interface, the fuselage built-in Type-C connector. After turning on the mobile phone Bluetooth, the headset will be inserted directly into the mobile phone, the mobile phone will actively pop up the Bluetooth connection window, only one step to complete the initial Bluetooth pairing. BeatsX built-in W1 chip, when connected to the iPhone, first turn on Bluetooth, and then press the boot button for 1 second, then the iPhone will appear the connection window of the headset, click on the headset to complete the connection, the specific connection method can refer to the following figure.

The sound quality and the battery life

HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones use 9.2mm ultra-thin TPU diaphragm, with balanced tri-band. When listening to the "Ferry", the deep drum sound has a full sense of strength, coupled with Cai Qin's elegant voice, with a very pure sense of human voice. The live version of "Hotel California" can clearly distinguish between the band's voice and live applause, with a sufficient sense of space.

BeatsX is naturally the same Beats style, low frequency and heavy, the first listen will be shocking, but after listening to a long time will feel the head. Excessive low frequency masks the intermediate and high frequency sounds, and the three frequencies are scattered, making the layers and details of the song very vague. If you often listen to boring songs such as electric or hip-hop, then the effect of BeatsX may be very good, if you listen to a very "omnivorous", HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones to better meet your daily needs.

Huawei FreeLace vs Beats X


In terms of battery life, the, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset has a built-in 120mAh capacity battery, which can play music for 18 hours after it is fully charged. BeatsX can give users up to eight hours of battery life. In response, Xiaobian connected two fully powered headphones to Huawei P30 Pro and iPhone 7 respectively, turned on NetEase Cloud Music to choose "Ferry" and set the volume to the highest level. An hour later, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones still had 90 per cent power and BeatsX 83 per cent. According to this power consumption, set the volume to the appropriate volume, and the duration of the battery life is in line with the official propaganda.

Huawei FreeLace vs Beats X

Charging, HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones with 3C high-performance lithium battery, charging rate is 3 times that of ordinary lithium battery, charging for 5 minutes, can play music for 4 hours.The BeatsX uses Fast Fuel technology, which can be played for 2 hours after 5 minutes of charging when the power is insufficient. The editor uses up the batteries of the two headphones, then uses the phone to charge the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones, and uses the 5V1A Apple's own charger to charge the BeatsX. It takes an hour to fill your phone with HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones and 45 minutes to fill your BeatsX. This is because the power of reverse charging on the phone is certainly not as stable as the charger, and the HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset lasts 10 hours longer than the BeatsX, so it is expected to be 15 minutes slower.


If you're a committed Apple family bucket user, there's no other reason to choose BeatsX. If you are an Android user or have only one iPhone, the editor recommends choosing HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones for $499 to buy headphones that have a longer battery life, can also be recharged using the phone, and are more adaptable than the BeatsX. Of course, if you don't need money like a editor, buy both!


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