Huawei HiSuite - Program to synchronize with PC developed by Huawei

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-26 4104

The HiSuite program is a proprietary utility of Huawei, which has a wide functionality that allows you to easily synchronize mobile devices running the operating system Google Android with personal computers on Windows OS.

The kit includes a ADB driver that allows you to connect smartphones and tablets to the PC and choose the connection mode (media device (MTP), HiSuite mode, removable media, camera (RTR)). It is worth mentioning the fact that with the help of HS you can connect not only the devices of Huavey company, but also smartphones of other manufacturers (for example, HTC).


With HiSuite, you can easily manage any user data on your device, whether it's photos, music or videos, synchronize and edit your contact list and calendar, send and read directly from your PC SMS and MMS messages, as well as Make screenshots of smartphone and tablet screen, regardless of Android version and having root rights on the device.


However, in addition to synchronization, the utility solves another important problem that most mobile gadget owners face, namely the problem of data backup. With the help of Huawei HiSuite you will be able to make backup copies of all important data, including the application in one click.


A convenient task scheduler is built into the utility to perform scheduled tasks.

System requirements (for PC installation)

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64bit


Free hard disk space: about 500MB




Supported screen resolution: > 1024x768pix, 16bit

Installation of the program

1) Download the archive with the program and install it on your computer.


2) Turn on USB Debugging mode in the smartphone settings


3) Run the HiSuite utility on your computer and the HiSuite Daemon client will automatically install on your smartphone. Otherwise, it is necessary to download and manually install on the smartphone HiSuite Daemon.


Download Hisuite from the official website (For Windows and MacOS).


P.S. The program supports Russian language, which can be selected in the process/after the installation is complete.

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