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Huawei Honor 10 Youth Edition review: a flagship level AI smartphone

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-30 3605

It is obvious to all that the performance of Honor in these two years is excellent, and this year is Honor’s year of technological explosion. After the launch of Honor 10 in April, the sales have been booming. Half a year later, Honor released the Honor 10 youth edition on Nov.21, which features the high-quality selfie and beautiful looks.

First of all, let's make a general introduction. Honor 10 Youth Edition adopts 6.21 inch pearl screen design to achieve 90%+high screen ratio. It has 24MP AI HD selfies with f/2.0 large aperture, 13MP dual rear cameras, Kirin 710 processor, and GPU Turbo 2.0.


HUAWEI Honor 10 4G Phablet - Global Version - BLACK

HUAWEI Honor 10 4G Phablet - Global Version - BLACK
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Honor 10 Youth Edition: design

Honor released four colors for Honor 10 Youth Edition including Gradual Red, Gradual Blue, Bell Blue and Night Black. Honor Youth Series has always been the main fashion trend, which is very in line with the personalized needs of the young people. The four colors of Honor 10 Youth Edition Gradual Red, Gradual Blue, Bell Blue and Night Black will undoubtedly have wider coverage.

Among them, the four-surface design of Honor 10 Youth Edition is highly ergonomic, and 3D lithography technology is added to show a dazzling effect, especially in the light, giving a cool feeling.

the design of Honor 10 Youth Edition

The front is a 6.21-inch 2340×1080 FHD + display screen. Although the screen is large, it has a 5.2-inch grip of traditional mobile phones. Honor 10 Youth Edition does not use big bangs, but the design of Pearl screen, which makes up more than 90% of the screen. Above is a 24 million AI camera, which looks like a pearl.

the design of Pearl screen 

Of course, the Honor 10 Youth Edition is really impressive in appearance. Friends who attach importance to the look will not get disappointed.

Honor 10 Youth Edition: camera performance

Honor 10 Youth Edition is equipped with a 24MP front camera, which is the same as the  Honor 10. The F/2.0 large aperture and LCD ring compensation technology make the selfie more outstanding.

the 24MP front camera 

Based on AI algorithm, according to the different shooting scenes, the background can be virtualized in actual selfie-taking, while the portrait is prominent. The portrait will not be too dark because of the backlight, and the portrait will be treated for skin beauty.

dual rear AI cameras with F/1.8 super large aperture 

At the launch meeting, the official also gave a comparison of the self-timer, which showed that the effect of the Youth Honor 10 version was very good.

On the back, the honor 10 youth edition has 13MP dual AI cameras with F/1.8 super large aperture, which increases the light intake by nearly 50%. In addition, Honor 10 Youth supports 22 categories, more than 500 scene labels for AI scene recognition and automatic photo tuning.

dual rear AI cameras with F/1.8 super large aperture 

For the general population, this can basically satisfy all the scenes of daily life and work, whether during the day or night, it can be competent. In near-static photography, the virtual transition between the subject and the background is very natural, and the image effect of portraits and objects is quite outstanding.

In night photography, it support AIS hand-held super night view function. Its output quality is still clear even holding it for 6 seconds. Even if there are no professional photographic skills and professional equipment, it is easy to take good pictures of the night scene. You can post them without photo retouching.

night photography 

After turning on the AIS handheld super night scene, the details of the photos have been greatly improved, and the noise points are less but clearer.

Honor 10 Youth Edition: CPU performance

Honor 10 Youth Edition is equipped with Kirin 710 chip, which is manufactured by TSMC 12NM process with eight cores and a maximum frequency of 2.2GHz. It gives a flagship experience and can meet the daily needs of users.

Kirin 710 chip 

Among them, the "scary technology" has also been upgraded - Honor 10 Youth Edition is equipped with the GPU Turbo 2.0. Soft-hard collaboration can speed up graphics processing, with 4-6GB high-speed memory. Performance and fluency continue to break through.  "King Glory", "Stimulate the Battlefield", "Yin and Yang Master" and other large-scale hand games can be run smoothly on the phone.

the GPU Turbo 2.0 

Among them, take the most popular "King Glory" as an example, under the highest quality operation, the frame rate basically keeps floating between 60fps. Of course, it is unavoidable for any mobile phone to heat up by playing games for a long time, but the heat level of the youth version of Honor 10 is acceptable. As a whole, it is still good for gamers

In terms of endurance, Honor 10 Youth Edition has 3400 mAh batteries, with 50% of the power left in a day, including 20 minutes of playing King Glory, which consumes about 4% of the power, which has met the requirements of heavy users.

Honor 10 Youth Edition is equipped with the EMUI 9.0 system. The theme display is youthful and colorful. The overall interface and fluency have a good experience. At the same time, it also has WLAN + Intelligent dual-channel function and AI technology intelligent adjustment system. In various scenarios, such as network switching, high-speed rail, elevator, and anti-counterfeiting base station, it can run smoothly. The security can also be guaranteed.

the EMUI 9.0 system 

Honor 10 Youth Edition: other features

Honor 10 Youth Edition has an eye protection function. It has passed the German Rhine TV low blue light technology certification. It can effectively filter harmful blue light leading to eye fatigue, adjust color temperature and brightness, and care for eye health. It's more suitable for users who takes a long time to work without rest.

At the same time, Honor 10 Youth Edition retains the 3.5mm headphone interface. Its data line interface is USB 2.0. The SIM card type slot 1 is nano SIM card and the slot 2 is nano SIM card or micro SD card. The slot is on the top right of the phone.


Honor 10 Youth Edition has a full screen, an attractive look and a 24MP AI selfie camera. It is a great attraction for young users. AIS handheld super night view, GPU Turbo 2.0 technology and AI visual ability also make the Honor 10 Youth Edition better. Therefore, Honor 10 Youth Edition is relatively worth buying. Those who are interested in it do not miss it.


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