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Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet review: take your workouts further with a waterproof sports band

ByGB Blog Official 2018-09-26 11079

Huawei are well-known for their smartphones. But just like other primarily mobile companies, they are branching out into other areas — and mobile fitness accessories seem to a popular category — hence, we already have the Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet.


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the design of Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet

Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet: classic design

The Huawei Honor 4 does not stand out much when it comes to design — you get the popular sporty rectangular body that sits well on your wrist and lets everyone around instantly be aware of the fact that you work out. The band is made with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which makes it quite snug on the wrist and the band will also feel soft against your skin, not causing any discomfort.

the TPU band of ​Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet


HUAWEI Honor 4 Bracelet - BLACK

HUAWEI Honor 4 Bracelet - BLACK


The bracelet sports a 0.95 inch AMOLED high-resolution colored display that is really easy to navigate and you will see all your fitness data clearly displayed in all sorts of lighting.

The bracelet does come in a nice selection of colors: you get the soft pink, the trendy deep blue and the classic black.

​the colors of Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet

Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet: sports features


Something that one would appreciate in any fitness gadgets is its ability to take on everything that you can. With the Honor 4,you can easily do your laps in the pool, jog in the rain or enjoy a relaxing shower after a workout without worrying about taking the watch off. As you see, it's not just your standard splash protection, you can take the bracelet as deep as 50m down.

the waterproof of Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet 

HRM heart rate monitor

The bracelet comes equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor that will give you real time feedback about your well being and progress during your workout. This way, you will be able to adjust the intensity of your exercise routine as you go and make sure you neither underdo it nor overdo it.

the HRM heart rate monitor of Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet 

All key data on display

We've already mentioned the convenience of having the 0.95 inch AMOLED display on your wrist. Here's the information you will be able to see on the small screen in detail: time, date, steps, distance and calories. Thus, with just one quick glance, you'd get plenty of info on your workout.

Sedentary and hydration reminder

We've all heard about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle – but old habits die hard. And when you are working on a project, it may be hard to stop yourself in time and have a break. Luckily, the Honor 4 comes with a sedentary reminder that will take the matter off your hands and send you timely notifications when it's time to get up from that office chair. Drinking enough water is also an important element of a healthy lifestyle — on average, you are recommended to drink half a gallon of water a day. Once again, though, we often get too busy to pay attention to how much water we are actually consuming. The handy device on your wrist will keep that "in mind" and make sure you stay efficiently hydrated.

Sleep monitor

Quality sleep is important as well — and, quite often, no matter how many hours we allocate for rest, our sleep quality is just not there. Here's where the Honor 4 comes in again: you will be able to learn about your sleep patterns and make the necessary changes to make your sleep better.

the sleeping monitor of Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet 

Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet: large battery and Bluetooth 4.0

In addition to being a reliable fitness tracker, the Honor 4 enhances the capabilities of your phone. Thanks to the fast and steady Bluetooth connection, you will be able to get message and call notifications on your wrist, so you won't have to keep your phone close by at all times.

the Bluetooth function of Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet: 

In order to make sure you are not interrupting your life to recharge your fitness bracelet, the Honor 4 comes with a 100mAh battery giving you 14 full days of use (without the sleep monitor) and 6 full days (when using the sleep monitor).

the battery of Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet: 

Huawei Honor 4 fitness bracelet: price and verdict

You can get the Honor 4 for under $50( $45.99 if you can get it now on promotion on GearBest)  — and that's a pretty good offer for a waterproof fitness bracelet that can do a lot. Is it a groundbreaking new gadget? No. But it is a stylish, practical and feature-rich fitness companion that can complete any workout routine whether you are swimming, hiking, climbing a mounting, pumping iron at the gym and more.


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