Huawei Honor Band 4 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 3: which smart band is better and what are the main differences?

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Fitness bands are becoming more and more popular — and we are seeing new and better smart bracelets on the market every year. In this post, we take a look at the two latest releases, the Huawei Honor Band 4 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, and see what upgrades the two fit bands have to offer.

First, let's have a quick glimpse at the specs of the two smart bands side by side.

Huawei Honor Band 4 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 3: specs
Product name
HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smartband
0.95 inch AMOLED colored touch screen
0.78-inch OLED touch screen
Shape of the dial
Case material
Band material
50 meters waterproof
Battery capacity
Standby time
15 days
20 days
Charging time
About 2 hours
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth 4.1
Alarm clock,Bluetooth dialing,call reminder,calories burned measuring,distance recording,find your phone,incoming calls show,measurement of heart rate,message management,pedometer,sleep management

Alarm clock,Bluetooth dialing,call reminder,distance recording,incoming calls show,measurement of heart rate,message management,sedentary reminder,sleep management,time

Product weight
0.0230 kg
0.0170 kg
Product size (L x W x H)
24.30 x 1.72 x 1.15 cm / 9.57 x 0.68 x 0.45 inches
24.70 x 1.79 x 1.20 cm / 9.72 x 0.7 x 0.47 inches

Huawei Honor Band 4 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 3: sporty designs

Both smart bands are clearly sports oriented in design — they come with rectangular displays and are secured on your wrist with silicone straps. The Mi Band 3's display features rounded edges but the Honor band 4 is more about straight lines and clear cut corners. The Honor band 4 sports a classic strap lock that will probably be a stronger option for intensive workouts and a lot of movement while the strap on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has been reported to occasionally unlock.

Huawei Honor Band 4 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 3: 

With the Mi Band 3, on the other hand, you get a nice selection of interchangeable straps from simple rubber bands to metallic and leather bracelets.

The Mi Band 3 is very similar to the Mi Band 2 — but comes with a bigger display and that display is also a touchscreen. The 0.78 inch OLED display comes with the resolution of 128 x 80 pixels.

The dispaly of  Mi Band 3  

The Honor Band 4 sports a larger display — a 0.95 inch AMOLED touch screen with 2.5D glass on top. Plus, unlike with the black and white display on the Mi Band 3, you get a color display on the Honor Band 4. Having a color display is a definite plus as it makes the watch's small screen more "alive" and interactive.

the color display of Honor Band 4  

Huawei Honor Band 4 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 3: wellness features

Both smart fitness bands come with your standard selection of sports tracking features but we feel like the Honor Band 4 is taking things a bit further with its TruSeen™3.0 real time heart rate monitor and TruSleep sleep monitoring.

heart rate monitor of Honor Band 4  

The TruSeen™3.0 uses AI enhanced heart rate monitoring technology to measure your heart rate in real time with 94.3% accuracy, which gives it an edge over the Mi Band 3.

Another special feature on the Honor Band 4 is TruSleep certified by the Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (DBIOM) and developed together with Harvard Medical School. The sleep tracker is capable of identifying common sleep ailments and will even provide advice on how to tackle these issues.

the TruSleep of Honor Band 4 

As for the other tracking features, the two bands have a lot in common: both can calculate distance, steps and calories and more. When paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.1 for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Bluetooth 4.0 for the Honor Band 4), both bands will be able to remind you of incoming calls and messages, work as remote camera triggers, help you locate phone in case you misplace it.

the reminders of incoming calls and messages of Mi Band 3  

Both fit bands are waterproof and can be taken to a depth of up to 50 metres — this means that you can not only swim with either the Mi Band 3 or the Honor Band 4 but also take them underwater. With that, while both bracelets support multiple work out modes, the Honor Band 4 is also capable of recognizing swimming and adjusts its speed tracking when necessary.

the waterproof of Mi Band 3 

Battery life is an important factor to consider in a sports watch — and here, the Mi Band 3 comes out stronger than its competitor with its 110mAh battery allowing for 20 days on standby and 10 days of use with heart rate monitoring on. With the Honor Band 4, you get a bit less of usage time (the price to pay for the color display): 14 days on standby and 6 days with the heart rate monitor working.

Huawei Honor Band 4 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 3: price and verdict

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is available on GearBest for $31.99 and the Honor Band 4 will cost you a little more at $35.99. The two fitness bands are not that different when it comes to overall performance — and you will be able to get comprehensive activity tracking and easy communication with your phone on both devices. The Honor Band 4 is more high-end than the Mi Band 3 with its color display, intelligent heart rate tracker and advanced sleep monitoring. The Mi Band 3, on the other hand, is a bit simpler with its smaller black and white display — but it does last longer without a recharge.

Thus, we would say that, in this case, it's a matter of preference. If you are looking for a versatile bracelet with more battery life, go with the Mi Band 3. If you are excited about the color display and enjoy swimming, the Honor Band 4 would be a better fit.

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