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HUAWEI Honor Band 5 Hands-on Review: Is Still One of the Most Anticipated Smart Bands.

ByJoe Horner 2019-08-06 3044

On July 23, HUAWEI Honor held a press conference in Xi'an China, which brought us the Honor 9X Series with Kirin 810 chip, Honor Magicbook Pro and the protagonist we are going to introduce today - Honor band 5.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

The Honor band 5 is an intelligent wearable product that honors the lifestyle of healthy sports. While retaining the advantages of previous Honor band 4, Honor band 5 has achieved a number of improvements and innovations, with more intelligent health management, more professional sports guidance, more colorful screen and more diverse intelligent functions. Officials call Honor band 5: a "Phantom Screen Health Exercise Bracelet" for young people who care about health and exercise.

Honor band 5 appearance

The Honor band 5 continues the fourth generation of style design, with a 0.95in AMOLED touch color screen, 240x120 high resolution,PPI up to 282, the visual experience is excellent.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

Honor has also adapted the phantom screen to a new gradient UI, that looks more detailed and clear, whether it's icons or text.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different people, Honor band 5 also joined forces with PP Pig, not annoyed Rabbit and other IP to cooperate to create a trendy dial.

In addition, users can also replace the dial on the mobile phone APP, in the dial market, users only need to download the dial on the APP side, according to the prompt, you can directly switch and update the dial, which is very convenient.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

Honor band 5 wristband is made of skin-friendly silicone material, very comfortable to wear, both sides of the strap are detachable, wristband is the use of clasp design, the advantage of this design is that the smart bracelet is not easy to lose.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

Here is another small detail, the Honor band 5 watchband is hollowed out design, this advantage is to wear more comfortable and breathable, this detail handling is much better than a Mi band 4. In addition, the bracelet also supports raising the wrist light screen.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

Honor band 5 charging

Several sensors and charged metal contacts can be seen on the back of the smart band. Honor band 5 in charging, is also more convenient, do not need to remove the bracelet from the watch band, as long as the bracelet on the supporting charging base can be very convenient.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

Unfortunately, the charging base interface or Micro USB interface, does not support wireless charging. But given the price of less than $40, no wireless charging is acceptable.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

In terms of battery life, officials say the theoretical duration can be up to 14 days, but due to time constraints, we do not have a detailed test, but the battery life of the smart and has not been too much to worry about.

Honor band 5 health features

Honor band 5’s biggest bright spot is the addition of blood oxygen detection function. This is the first time that the blood oxygen saturation detection function has appeared on the glorious intelligent wear, and it is also the first manufacturer in China to integrate the blood oxygen function on the bracelet products.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

There may be some friends who don't know much about oxygen saturation. As an important vital sign, it will directly affect the normal operation of our body's skills. In daily life, as long as the blood oxygen saturation is less than 90%, it is easy to cause fatigue, panic, lack of energy and other symptoms, long-term this will damage our health. It is necessary for people with high-intensity exercise and high-intensity mental exercise to pay close attention to their blood oxygen saturation at all times.

It is learned that the Honor band 5 carries out signal extraction and signal enhancement through deep optimization of hardware optical paths and algorithms, multi-light source fusion, and different characteristics of specific reflection absorption rates of oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

Algorithm training and other measures, the pulse oxygen saturation was measured. At present, only a single measurement can be achieved, and real-time monitoring is not supported, but it is believed that such a technology will be gradually overcome in the future. The measured results will be displayed on the bracelet and uploaded to the phone's app. We can also keep abreast of our physical changes on the phone's app and pay close attention to our health.

The Honor band 5 also features Huawei's TruSeen3.5 heart rate technology, which has a professional customized device that provides users with more accurate heart rate monitoring through self-developed algorithms, and adopts an innovative PPG module design. Good signal quality, high sensitivity and low power consumption.

Honor band 5 also provides support for 301 hospital to launch the heart health research program. The combination of Honor band 5 high-performance heart rate sensor and heart health research APP can capture arrhythmias at any time. The accuracy of atrial fibrillation screening was 97.8%.

At present, more than 300000 users have joined the project study, a total of 640 + high-risk users of atrial fibrillation have been screened, and 340 + users have been returned and diagnosed.

The user can also adjust the heart rate detection of the App opponent ring of the mobile phone, and the heart rate detection data can be seen in the APP.

Honor band 5 sports features

The sports mode is also the key function of the Honor band 5. The band is divided into 10 modes, which are outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor riding, indoor cycling, free training, swimming pool swimming, indoor walking, elliptical machine and rowing machine. At present, there are seven versions on use, and you can experience the new rowing machine and elliptical machine by upgrading in early August.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 

Honor band 5 subdivides a variety of sports modes, but also all kinds of sports do the most accurate monitoring, at the same time, each sport can also start exercise directly from the device, avoid the trouble of users operating and carrying mobile phones on the mobile phone, and present a number of data in real time.

Honor band 5 daily features

In addition to the above, Honor band 5 also acts as a little assistant to life, it can achieve a lot of portable functions. For example, message alerts include WeChat, qq, and so on.

Honor band 5 also supports the current popular offline payment function, users only need to bind Alipay to pay quickly through the QR code on the bracelet. For example, sometimes when you go out for sports without your cell phone, you can pay with the QR code on your smart band.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5 


Smart band have been updated from generation to generation, from initial message reminders to simple heart rate and sleep monitoring.

Up to now, the health areas that are constantly subdivided in Honor band 5, as well as more professional oxygen saturation monitoring, sleep monitoring, exercise monitoring, and so on, can be seen that the development of intelligent bracelets in the field of health is getting deeper and deeper. And for a bracelet, perhaps the health function will become the standard item of the bracelet in the future.

The Honor band 5 has made a comprehensive upgrade to the previous generation. In health management, has once again set the benchmark for the industry. For the first time, cross-border fusion of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep these three health elements for scientific monitoring, such a collection of fashion trends, exercise, healthy bracelet. For users, is more practical significance.

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