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HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S Bluetooth earphones review: Enjoy audiophile music quality in style

ByWouter Wargerink 2018-12-03 6076

The HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S certainly are among the most stylish and best-performing headphones in its price range. With their sleek and stylish design, binaural sound technology, and touch-pad interface, these wireless headphones treat you to an audio experience like no other earphones on the market.

Personally, I love listening to music. No matter where I go, I always want to listen to my favorite tracks. What annoys me about listening to music on the go, however, are wired headphones that get me all tangled up. I have been searching for a pair of wireless headphones for several weeks now and I was very excited when I came across the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S.

For the past couple of days, I have been using the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S Bluetooth headphones and have so far been very pleased with the user experience. The in-ear earphones feature a stylish design, are comfortable to wear, and offer amazing audio. Simply put, they deliver everything you can expect from a pair of wireless headphones in this price range. Below, I'll slowly walk you through the features of these earphones that I personally like the most.

the design of HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S bluetooth earphones 

HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S Bluetooth earphones: specs

First, let's take a quick look at the specs of Honor FlyPods.


Product name
HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S Wireless Binaural Bluetooth Earphones
Answering phone,Bluetooth,microphone,noise cancelling,song switching,volume control,waterproof
Wearing type
Charging time
1 hour
Compatible with
iPhone,Mobile phone
Frequency response
Music time
Sound channel
Two-channel (stereo)
Standby time
Talk time
Working voltage
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth distance
W/O obstacles ≤10m
Battery capacity(mAh)
Product size (L x W x H)
4.30 x 4.86 x 1.65 cm / 1.69 x 1.91 x 0.65 inches
Product weight
0.0040 kg
Package contents
1 x pair of earphones, 1 x 420mAh charging dock, 1 x Chinese user manual, 1 x type-C cable


HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S Bluetooth Earphones Touch Control Earbuds - WHITE

HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S Bluetooth Earphones Touch Control Earbuds - WHITE


Price & Design

First things first, let's have a look at the price and design of the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S headphones. With a price tag of $149.73, these wireless earphones may seem relatively pricey at first sight. Once we have a closer look at what the headphones have to offer, however, you'll notice that this price tag is all worth it. But more about that later!

With respect to its design, the first thing you'll most likely notice is how similar they look to the Apple AirPods. It's not a secret that in today's tech industry many big players are "inspired" by the successful designs of others, and when we look at these earphones from HUAWEI, it's quite clear they got their inspiration from Apple. Although they are similar, there naturally are differences in shape and general appearance. The biggest difference is perhaps the fact that the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S headphones are available in three different colors: white, coral blue, and red. Whereas every color has its own charm, I personally truly love the coral blue version. It stands out because it's different and has, in my opinion, a classy and elite touch to it.

three different colors of HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S bluetooth earphones 

No matter what color you choose, the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S wireless headphones are sure to impress with their sleek design. With their slim and stylish appearance, you can match these Bluetooth earphones with any type of outfit. They are furthermore dust- and waterproof, meaning you can wear them outside in any weather condition.

What really sets these wireless headphones apart from the rest is its touch control interface. By simply tapping your earphones with your fingers, you'll be able to adjust the volume, wake up phone's voice assistant, or even answer incoming calls. This feature really impressed me and has made my music listening experience more comfortable and convenient than ever before.

the touch control interface of HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S bluetooth earphones 

Easy and smooth pairing through Bluetooth 5.0

It goes without saying that, as a pair of wireless headphones, the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S first need to be paired with your smartphone. For me, the pairing process was very simple and went without encountering any trouble. Simply download the dedicated mobile APP, take your earphones out of the charging box, hold the pairing button for 2 seconds, and let the devices synchronize. Normally, the pairing process between your phone and earphones take around 30 seconds. Once this is done, you'll be ready to start listening to your favorite songs.

the pairing process of HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S bluetooth earphones 

What I love about the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S headphones is the fact that when you place them inside the charging case, the Bluetooth connection with your phone is automatically cut. This prevents both batteries from draining. When you open the case again and take out the wireless headphones, the Bluetooth connection between both devices will be automatically established again. Thanks to this, you can simply take your headphones out of the charging case at any time, plug them into your ears, and start listening to your songs right away.

the automatically charging mode of HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S bluetooth earphones 

The HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S wireless headphones support Bluetooth 5.0. Thanks to this, you'll always undergo a smooth and lag-free audio experience. Besides offering ultra-smooth audio transfer, Bluetooth 5.0 furthermore consumes minimum amounts of power when in use. As a result, you'll be able to take the absolute most of out your audio experience while listening to all your favorite songs when you're on the move.

Wireless charging on the go

With a built-in 25mAh battery, the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S wireless headphones deliver 3 hours of continuous usage time. If, however, you're like me and wish to listen to your songs all throughout the day, there is no reason to be worried just yet! As most premium wireless earphones, these beauties come with their own wireless charging case.

The wireless charging case packs a large 420mAh battery that delivers a total of 20 hours of play time. The case itself features a USB-C interface that allows you to easily charge it via your laptop. Whenever your earphones are running low on juice, you can simply slide them into the charging box and they will be recharged in the blink of an eye. The case itself features a pocket-size design, making it easy to carry along no matter where you go. With these wireless headphones at your side, you'll be able to listen to your songs throughout the day without ever needing to worry about running out of juice again.

the battery life of HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S wireless headphones  

Audiophile music quality

Naturally, one of the most important aspects of any headphones is their sound quality. I am pleased to say that, with the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S wireless headphones, my audio experience has been nothing but positive!

These stylish wireless headphones feature binaural stereo technology that delivers natural and smooth audio at all times. When listening to songs and radio, it truly feels as if you were watching your favorite bands play live. The noise reduction technology furthermore blocks incoming sounds from the outside. This allows you to truly enjoy your music without being distracted. Personally, I was really impressed by the clear sound quality of these HUAWEI headphones. I use them for listening to music and watching movies and couldn't be more satisfied with the audio experience they deliver.

The noise reduction technology of HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S wireless headphones 

The verdict

After using the HUAWEI Honor FlyPods CM - H2S wireless headphones for several days, I am fairly impressed by their overall performance. The sleek and wireless design is absolutely stunning without a doubt. Bluetooth 5.0 offers ultra-smooth and fast audio transfers and, along with the latest audio technology, you'll truly be treated to an audiophile music experience. Along with the compact charging case, worrying about an empty battery is an issue of the past. If you're looking for a pair of high-end wireless earphones that both look great and offer premium audio quality, these beauties from HUAWEI certainly are worth your consideration! 


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