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Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro: which one worth buying?

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-07-24 5688

In the Huawei Honor 9X new conference, Huawei Honor not only released the Huawei Honor 9X series, but also released a new notebook Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro. It is the world first 16.1 inch full screen light and thin laptop. As one of the most popular mobile phone manufacture - Xiaomi also has notebook series. Which is better? Let’s have a look.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

Keyboard hidden camera and narrow border promotion full screen

Compared to the traditional notebook, "Narrow borders" notebook is not only more attractive, more visual impact, and the body is light and thin. Xiaomi notebook Pro's screen is a 15.6 -inch 1080P, the frame is narrow to 6.52mm , and the screen ratio is as high as 81.5% .

However, Huawei Honor no continued its aggressiveness on the mobile phone to the PC , and the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro adopted the "four-sided micro-border full-screen design" pioneered in the 16.1 -inch notebook device .

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

By pressing the keyboard hidden camera innovation, the 16.1 inch large screen is used on the 15.6 -inch body . The upper left and right borders are only 4.9 mm , and the lower border is only 11.6 mm . It has successfully broken the bottleneck of the " four-sided micro-frame " industry. The proportion is as high as 90% .

 Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro

We can see the comparison of the pictures. The borders of the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro are much narrower than the Xiaomi notebook Pro . The big screen will have a better experience in making PPT , PS design, chase and game. In addition, the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is also equipped with 100% sRGB high-definition horizon and anti-glare eye-protection screen, not only the effect is vivid, but also can reflect the light diffuse, no glare in any environment. Of course, the Huawei Honor classic eye protection mode is also indispensable, which can effectively filter blue light up to 30% .

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

Detail design meets the needs of multi-scenarios

A good product often starts with the details, as does the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro . Xiaomi notebook Pro adopts the square design, the whole side feels very thick, and it is very hand cut in the hand. What Xiaomi didn't take into account is that today users are not only using it on the desktop, but also using it on the sofa, which will test the comfort.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro join the mobile phone "grip" concept, futuristic hull shape, sleek lines of the wedge shape design, the whole body thickest at about 16.9mm, light about 1.7kg, take in The hand is very comfortable and any scene can be used more comfortably. To my surprise, although the two notebooks are made of aluminum alloy, the anti-fingerprint ability is completely different. After using it for a while, I found that the Xiaomi notebook Pro is full of traces left by my finger touch, and Honor MagicBook Pro is very clean.

Two speakers, Dolby Atoms

Xiaomi notebook Pro still does not consider the use of multiple scenes, all the speakers are concentrated in the bottom of the fuselage, if placed on the tiled seat certainly has no effect, but if placed on the sofa or legs, it will directly The speaker is blocked.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro not only has a speaker on the D side, but also two speakers on the C side. This avoids the situation that the speaker will block when it is used. No matter what scene you are in, the sound distribution can be evenly distributed.

Not only that, the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro's audio is also equipped with Dolby Atmos , through the headphones, so that the sound seems to linger around, especially watching movie blockbusters, as if in the "mobile theater" , feel the most immersive entertainment audio and video experience .

Sunken keyboard protect the screen

Xiaomi notebook Pro adopts the flat design used in general notebooks. After a long time, some scratch marks on the screen will appear. Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is more intimate on the notebook keyboard design. In order to reduce the screen wear scar caused by the keyboard friction, the notebook keyboard is designed to be sunken and effectively protect the screen.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro

In addition, for the sake of convenience and beauty , the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro combines fingerprint recognition and power button to avoid opening, and can be logged in with one button. Xiaomi notebook Pro puts the fingerprint on the touchpad, the contact area is a little small, and it affects the appearance. At the same time, the unlock speed of both notebooks is very block, but the Xiaomi notebook Pro has a higher probability of unlocking because the fingerprint module is too small.

Multi-device efficient linkage, one touch and mutual transmission

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro has created a new experience of multi-device smart connection. Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is equipped with the newly upgraded Magic-link 2.0 magical intercommunication, which is to establish a more efficient connection between the mobile phone and the notebook, subverting the traditional transmission method. When the mobile phone touches the PC, it can instantly transfer pictures, videos, and Microsoft office documents. At the same time, it can also realize the PC screen recording back to the mobile phone. At the same time, it also supports the clipboard sharing function, and the use is also extremely simple. (At present, only the NFC function is supported and the system is EMUI 9.1 or Magic UI 2.1 and above Honor mobile phone), you can start a touch-through experience.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

In addition, the PC can also complete the return of the mobile phone, the process is also extremely simple, only need to open the document or picture on the computer, the mobile phone is in the state of the desktop unlocked by the bright screen, the mobile phone touches the computer Magic-link 2.0 tag, and can be quickly After the transfer is completed, it is definitely more convenient for business people and students!

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

Magic-link 2.0 Magic Interchange also supports the "One Touch Screen" and " Share Clipboard " functions. The latest upgrade of the "one-touch recording screen" as the name suggests, the phone "Shake", touch notebook HONOR Magic-link 2.0 label, screen recording can be carried out within 60 seconds of the end of the notebook, without having to install additional screen recording software. " Shared Clipboard " is a tool for office. It can copy and paste text across devices to achieve space-to-space copying. For example, copy the text on the mobile phone and paste it directly on the PC . This function can be operated in both directions. You can also get the text on the PC .

Compared to the rich wisdom experience of the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro , Xiaomi notebook Pro can be said to be completely absent in this piece. If you have higher requirements in smart connected and convenient experience, then I recommend you choose the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro .

The same "configuration", different performance

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is equipped with the eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor, the performance is 40% higher than the seventh generation , supplemented by 2GG DDR5 independent graphics memory NVIDIA MX250 discrete graphics, and then with 8G dual channel DDR4 2400 MHz memory + 512GB PCIe SSD version, whether it is software running speed or game loading time is guaranteed.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

Compared with the Xiaomi notebook Pro , the Huawei Honor of the latest generation of Core processor is indeed a slight advantage, but the specific performance we still directly test the running points to see if there is any difference.


We first chose the best master Lu, the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro total score 236792 , Xiaomi notebook Pro total score 174092 , whether it is processor performance, graphics performance, memory performance, or disk performance are far lower than the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro .

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro 

Next, I chose the software 3DMARK 11P for measuring the performance of the graphics card, the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro total score P5317 , and the Xiaomi notebook Pro total score P4676,which is almost 600 points higher.

Then I used CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD MARK to test the reading speed and writing speed. The Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is far from the Xiaomi notebook Pro. In terms of heat dissipation, the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is equipped with a new version of the shark fin fan version 2.0 . Its unique shark-fin fan design can effectively increase the fan speed and speed up the heat dissipation. The game does not have a hot feeling for half an hour. It looks like Huawei Honor in the heat dissipation. The aspect is still a lot of work.

Interface and charge

On the interface, the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro is equipped with three USB3.0 interfaces, a full-featured USB-C interface, and the Xiaomi notebook Pro is equipped with two USB-A interfaces and two USB-C interfaces. Nowadays, USB-C has not been able to be widely used in the whole industry, and it still retains A. It really brings some convenience at this stage, especially the student group. 

 Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro vs Xiaomi notebook Pro

In addition, the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro and Xiaomi notebook Pro are equipped with 65W charger, which is 3 or 4 times smaller than traditional notebooks , charging very fast, and can support fast charging for multi-standard USB-C mobile phones.

Choose which one?

At present, Honor Magicbook Pro I7 version priced at 6199 ( I5 version  is priced at 5,499 ). Compared with the Xiaomi notebook Pro 6599 , it not only has the advantage in price, but also the Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro has fully utilized its unique advantages and used it as a mobile phone. To build a laptop, brought a lot of substantial breakthroughs.

Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro's four-sided micro-border full-screen design and magical mutual transmission can bring a lot of freshness, and realize the interoperability between Huawei Honor mobile phone and PC , and bring the distance between multiple platforms closer. some.

At the same time, this initiative also brings more convenience to students, business people and the media. I also believe that Huawei Honor will bring more innovations in the future, bringing disruptive changes and development to the PC industry!

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