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Huawei Honor V20 facade is established: featuring in-display punch hole cutout screen

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-21 3016

Although there is no exact news when the Honor V20 will be released, it is confirmed that the Honor V20 will adopt in-display punch hole cutout design. A few days ago, a group of pictures about in-display punch hole cutout was exposed on the web. Although, the specific brand was not leaked, some netizens claimed that it is indeed the Huawei’s in-display punch hole cutout screen. This means that the upcoming Honor V20 front design is what we're seeing from the picture below, the in-display punch hole in the top middle of the screen houses the front camera. And it has a very high screen to body ratio.

     Huawei Honor V20

The mysterious display assembly that was exposed on the Internet is no different from the suspected V20 display set we've seen earlier.  It also digs holes in the center of the top of the display to install the front lens, but the back looks like a water drop screen or a Pearl screen. The rim of the hole doesn't show anything else, so there's still some difference with Samsung's infinity o display.

More importantly, not long ago, according to the information disclosed by netizens in the post bar, the display panel assembly out of Huawei was like this. He was warned by Huawei so that he had to delete the spy photo after its last exposure. So, if the revelations are true, then combined with previous news, it means that the upcoming Honor V20 looks like the one we saw.

the front of  Honor V20  

Not only that, although the leaked display assembly obscured the components under the screen, but from the layout of the design, the Honor V20 should have no off-screen fingerprint technology, it should be equipped with the LCD abnormal screen and the use of post-fingerprint design. However, because of the holes under the front panel design, the actual screen ratio should be much higher than the bang-screen design of the Honor 8X model.

According to digital blogger @ digital chat station, the Honor V20 has a 6.4-inch FHD display, which is essentially the same as Samsung's A8s. So when it comes out that Samsung's new jaw is only around the 3-4mm, it also bodes well for the Honor V20, which could also use a flagship COF package with a fairly narrow jaw.

As for the other specifications of the Honor V20, the new Kirin 980 processor will be available on the phone without any suspense. As for the camera, it will adopt a triple cameras combination of the 16MP + 24MP + 16MP, which is the same as the Huawei Honor Magic 2. In addition, it is also rumored that the Honor V20 will add waterproof features, confirming that it will support 22.5w fast charging technology and pre-install EMUI 9.0 systems. As for storage portfolio, it will be 6 + 64GB storage, the collocation of a maximum of 8+ 128GB, followed by possible 8 +256GB version.

It is reported that Honor V20 development code name is "Princeton (princeton)", and according to the past Huawei phone model naming rules. The PCT-AL10 and PCT-TL10, which were approved for radio transmission on September 29, should be the high profile version of the full netcom and mobile versions of the Honor V20. As for the timing of the release, the news is likely to start warming up at the end of this month, with a formal meeting with us as soon as possible or mid-next month, but the authenticity of the news has yet to be confirmed.


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