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Huawei Honor V20 highlights and features you must know before buying

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-28 3209

Huawei Honor V20 gives a perfect end of Honor’s mobile phone this year. Every year Honor will surprise you at the end of the year. That is the Honor View series, which is referred to as the "V" series. The Honor V10 itself is a high-performance, cost-effective mobile phone. This year's Honor V20 has more attractions, because it no longer stacks configurations, but starts stacking technology. Many of the technologies of Honor V20 were not emphasized on the conference, but they all have a lot of selling points. What are the selling points of Honor V20 on earth?

Honor V20 conference 


There are several breakthroughs for this year's Honor V Series phones. First of all, the appearance. The former Honor V Series always pays attention to cost-effectiveness and connotation, but it does not pay attention to its appearance. This year's Honor V20 has a very eye-catching appearance design, and it also uses a new design language, which is different from the previous Honor this year. It abandons the elements of vertical arrangement. Instead, the two cameras on the back are arranged horizontally, and a lens is combined with an LED lamp. The location of the fingerprint has not changed significantly, but the logo position of "Honor" has changed to the lower-middle position, where it used to be. The design language on the back is different from other Honor mobile phones this year, which may be the family design for Honor’s mobile phones next year.

Appearance of Honor V20 

The back side is still the effect of the surface. There is no gradient process, I guess it may take into account that you are tired of gradient, but the mirror effect is still retained, and the texture is "V" pattern. The front of mobile phone is its main selling point this year. It is also a changing trend of Honor mobile phone and even the whole industry in the future. Honor calls it "glamorous full-screen". It has a blind hole structure. Its aperture is only 4.5mm, which has little damage to the front of the smartphone body and slightly wider jaw than the other three sides. But it does not affect the overall sense of view, and the sliding cover overall screen ratio, although there is a "black mole", it does not damage the structure of the smartphone body. I feel better about the new design than the sliding cover.


This Honor V20 uses the Kirin 980 processor. Its GPU has always been an advantage, and Honor will add various technologies to it, such as this year's hottest "GPU Turbo". What other technologies are there in this Honor V20?

GPU Cloud

GPU Cloud's cloud GPU enables Honor V20 to have stronger processing power. After connecting with cloud, V20 has stronger computing power. Connecting computer can make V20 instantly become a graphics workstation and mobile business notebook.

GPU Turbo2.0

Maybe you know GPU Turbo, but you don't necessarily know GPU Turbo 2.0. In fact, the touch of its game has a higher reaction speed. And it has adapted several large-scale games, such as NBA 2K, Yinyang Division and other games.

Honor V20 GPU Turbo2.0 

Lens section

Lens section includes principal perturbation and TOF Deep Sense Lens.

Principal perturbation

The main camera is IMX586, the sensor that was vigorously promoted at the previous Noa4 conference. It is also the largest sensor known at present besides IMX 600. It has a size of 1/2 inch and a maximum pixel of 48 million pixels. It has the same technology as IMX 600. In 48 million pixels mode, its unit pixel size is 0.8 um, but in 12 million pixel, the size of a single pixel can reach 1.6 um, although all of them are IMX586. Because Honor V20 has a processor of Kirin 980, its image processing speed and image throughput are much faster than Nova 4, which also benefits from Kirin 980's dual NPU and the newly introduced dual ISP.

the cameras of Honor V20 

TOF Deep Sense Lens

Vice-camera is not an imaging lens, but a deep-feeling lens. It can detect the depth of field of human body and even track the movement of bones. This year, there are many mobile phones using TOF deep-feeling lens. At present, Honor V20 should be the third one. It has not many bright spots, but it is different when combined with Kirin 980 because of its AR application; because it can track human skeletal movements, plus Kirin 98. The AI power of YOYO can be projected into the screen of the mobile phone to perform actions with people.

TOF Deep Sense Lens 

YOYO imitates your actions and appears on the same screen with you. Does it feel a little low before the 3D modeling? Secondly, they can play sensory games. If you connect it to the TV, the action of the characters in the game is to imitate your action, which can not be separated from Kirin 980 and TOF lens.

Other features

Other features are mainly dual band GPS,the NINE Heat Dissipation and Link Turbo.

Dual band GPS

Kirin 980 has a Soc called Hi1103, so the mobile phones with Kirin 980 processors all support dual-band GPS, and finally keep up with Qualcomm 845. Honor V20 has finally applied dual-frequency GPS. The conference said its AI star selection function, also known as the industry's highest accuracy level.

The NINE Heat Dissipation

In fact, this is not a technology. It is to place a heat conducting copper tube in the "heat disaster area" of mobile phone. The first one to adopt this method is Samsung S9, but it was not announced at the press conference. It was not until NOTE 9 that it said that it used this heat dissipation method. The NINE heat dissipation of NOTE 10 is similar to that of NOTE 10, while Honor V20 continues to join in. This copper heat sink is about 90 mm in length. It has two twists and turns. The way is Sensor, Soc and charging module, which are the "heat disaster areas". The heat is exported to reduce the heat in these places and prevent the screen brightness or CPU frequency from automatically decreasing when playing games. In fact, this kind of heat sink is not useful for liquid cooling, but the effect is still there.

Honor V20 NINE Heat Dissipation 

Link Turbo

This is also one of the most critical functions of this mobile phone. It allows you to connect mobile data and WLAN at the same time. Two applications can connect two kinds of networks. While watching Baidu News on 4G network, while downloading App with WIFI, you can use data to hang Wechat while brushing videos with WIIF. This application scenario is best when you watch videos while downloading things, or downloading when playing games. The two networks do not interfere, neither affect the download speed, nor affect the fluency of your game or video watching.

Honor V20 Link Turbo 

There is also automatic switching, WIFI signal difference. When the network environment is not good, it will automatically change the data in seconds, so that you can save manual steps. It feels very intimate.

At the end of the year, Honor V20 is very cost-effective and functional. The focus is on its heat. After all, Honor V20 is a V-series mobile phone with its own technological aura, especially its GPU Cloud, which has been mentioned before. Maybe its current heat is no worse than Huawei Nova 4.


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