Huawei Mate 20X has become the fastest 5G mobile phone in the world, iPhone should catch up

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In the first quarter of this year, Huawei’s mobile phone sales once again surpassed Apple and became the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer. So, in the face of the 5G era that will be widely used commercially , who’s technical strength is better?

Huawei 5g version of Mate 20X is the most noteworthy is the internal 5G baseband chip , which is Huawei's first 5G baseband chip Baron 5000 .

Huawei?5G?version of?Mate 20X

Judging from the previously announced 5G mobile phones, almost all mobile phones are currently using Qualcomm's first baseband chip Snapdragon X50 , and only Huawei Mate 20X 5g version, equipped with its own Baron 5000 , this 5G baseband chip The performance is far more than the Xiaolong X50 . In the 5G mobile phone network speed performance test, Mate 20X has become the fastest 5G mobile phone in the world with the measured speed of 1.5Gbps .

On the other side of the Apple, because the partner Intel is not strong, facing the embarrassing situation that no 5G baseband chips are available, they can only choose to pay about $ 4.5 billion in settlement funds to reach a settlement.

In fact, in order to stop being used by the 5G baseband chip technology , Apple has also set up a 5G baseband chip R&D team in a low-key manner , and even digs engineers from high-paying chip companies such as Qualcomm and Intel.

However, the development progress of Apple's 5G baseband chip is not smooth. According to the report of the foreign media The Information, Apple may not be able to produce 5G baseband chip chips before 2025 , which is much later than the expected 2021. It can also be said that Apple's 5G There has been a temporary failure in the development of baseband chips.

5G smartphone

So as the world's most profitable technology company, Apple is not bad money, why not develop 5G baseband chips? This has a lot to do with the high complexity and difficulty of the development of 5G baseband chips, and the performance and stability of the products also need time iteration .

In addition, there is a very important reason for the problem of the flow of the Apple 5G baseband R&D team. Following a number of senior engineers leave, the end of April, iPhone 5G baseband chip, head of Ruben Caballero also announced his resignation, to leave this to develop key points, also sparked a lot of speculation, also shows the plight of Apple 5G baseband research and development.

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