Huawei Mate 30 Lite (Maimang 8) review

ByLinky Johnson 2019-06-07 346

As a mobile phone product with deep cultivation of young users, Maimangg series has been committed to bring outstanding core functions and unique innovative experience to users.Before the launch of "Huawei's first front and rear dual-shot four lens product", Maimang series was also the first product to land in the eye-protection mode function, which demonstrated the innovation strength of Maimang series on the basis of Huawei's solid quality.

And what unique experience will the Maimang new Maimang 8 bring to us? Now let's take a look at its stunning performance.

Maimang 8 sold for 6GB 128GB 1899 Yuan, June 12 officially open for sale, June 5 pre-sale stage.

This Maimang 8 has changed very much in appearance and photography compared to the previous generation of Maimang 7 (¥1399). Among them, Liu Hai into the water droplet screen design, bringing the gaoping effect; and Maimang 8 introduced a three-camera design in photography, not only with excellent analytical force, but also with a unique perspective brought about by the ultra-wide angle, allowing users to have more composition space.

6.21-inch hd pearl screen with wider viewing range

This time what we get hand is gem blue match colors, integral fuselage blue advocate fundamental key leans deep.On the back, Maimang 8 adopts the left vertical three-shot design, with a rear fingerprint identification sensor distributed in the middle, and the lower part is Maimang brand logo.

In terms of interface, Maimang 8 retains the 3.5mm headphone interface, the charging interface is Micro USB, lateral is the speaker opening.

On the front, the Maimang 8 is equipped with a 6.21-inch HD pearl screen with a resolution of 2340x1080. Thanks to the small pearl screen design, the Maimang 8-screen share reaches 89%, and in everyday use, you can clearly feel the broader visual effects and immersive operating experience.

In addition to having a higher screen share, the Maimang 8 screen also passes the Rhine low Blu-ray certification, which effectively reduces blue light and thus relieves people's eye fatigue. Coupled with the built-in eye care mode, the Maimang 8 delivers lower brightness in a darker environment, providing you with a more comfortable night-time machine experience.

In the current comprehensive screen trend, Maimang 8 has a pearl screen design, for daily immersion use to bring a more cutting-edge experience. Not only that, it has been optimized on the screen eye to improve people's machine experience from a more intimate perspective.

24 million ultra wide Angle triple view a machine with panoramic views

After opening the AI color mixing style, the shooting style of Maimang 8 is more vivid, which can make the picture show a high saturation and high contrast effect, so as to attract users more visually. Judging from the daytime samples, the 824-megapixel lens of Maimang has maintained a good standard in the same price range, and can restore the details of the object itself, making the picture more realistic.

In addition, it has a large aperture mode that can be manually adjusted to enhance the depth of field. In the picture, we can use this function to separate the main body from the background, highlight the main effect and enhance the sense of layers in the picture.

Thanks to Huawei's AI algorithm, the night view mode of the Maimang 8 can be combined with multiple frames to improve the overall picture, especially the dark details.

In order to ensure the details of the high-light area of the indicator, we tend to point the measuring point at the indicator itself, but then the overall picture will tend to be dark.Dark light makes details invisible.

At this time, we only need to turn on the night view mode, and Maimang 8 can synthesize multiple photos with different exposure, so as to give attention to highlights and dark details, and output a photo with more balanced senses.When it comes to shooting photos with similar-priced phones, the phone usually wins with algorithms, and the night view mode of the Maimang 8 makes it competent for more night scenes.

The super wide Angle lens mounted by Maimang 8 can achieve a viewing Angle of 117°, which can obtain a larger photographic scene.

You can see from the sample Jiuju Maimang 8 has a more open view, the overall effect is also very shocking. The Maimang 8, which is equipped with ultra-wide-angle lenses, is not only a sharp tool used to shoot landscapes during excursions, but also a small helper for dinner. If you have too many dinners, the average phone is often unable to shoot the whole. If you have Maimang 8, it has a super wide-angle lens that can be photographed without leaking everyone, recording the good memories of full reunion.

The Maimang 8 is equipped with a front 8 million megapixel lens to support multi-gear beauty effects. If you like to take a selfie, you can choose the right beauty level to enhance the photo effect.

3400mAh battery plus 10W charging faster

The Maimang 8 is equipped with a 3400mAh high-capacity battery, accompanied by 10W charging. In our 5-hour heavy-use life test, Maimang 8 ended up with 46% of the remaining charge, and for users with mild needs in general, it was able to do it one day at a charge.

On the charging specification, the 10W charge Maimang 8 is just right for it to be said to fit in itself. In a 30-minute charging test, the Maimang 8 charge is 28%, and for short-term users, Maimang 8 of the fragmented charge speed still allows you to use it for a period of time.

EMUI 9.0 open up Smart life-AI recognition

We just need to turn on the phone camera and click on the icon on the left to use a number of AI features, such as AI knowledge, AI recognition shopping, AI translation and other features.

In life, come across something you don't know, or a brand you're not familiar with? It doesn't matter, you just need to pick up the Maimang 8 easy sweep, it immediately can be through the Baidu map to tell the details. If you want to learn more, you can also search again by using the app quickly.

I come across something I like in the street, but sometimes we can't call the name of the object, and I believe there are a lot of people who should press down on the idea of shopping for this reason. With Maimang 8, we just need a sweep to identify the shopping options directly and make it easy for you to pick and choose.

By identifying the results, you can jump directly to the Taobao page, which not only makes it easy for us to find the items we like, but also saves the time to search for clicks.

For younger users, translation functions have always been more high-frequency applications. In the past, our practice was to copy and paste the search, but in real life, this trick may not have a way for the signage. And Maimang 8 AI translation can automatically help us transform translation, easy to read information.

In a number of negative one-screen services, EMUI has been more focused on deep service and simple operation. Not only can we learn different information through a negative screen, but we can also customize the addition of multiple service shortcuts. For example, Alipay ant Forest and Ant Manor, you can go through the quick Operation point to collect energy, fast one step.

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